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Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of serious accidents get the compensation they deserve. We have a proven track record of winning cases and have recovered over $100 million for our clients. Our practice area includes automobile accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and other injures caused by the negligence of another. Call us to schedule your free consultation.

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Christine Taylor

10 September 2019

they work hard to get you the best compensation


Lizzy Alvarado

6 September 2019

I received the help I was looking for.


Derrek N.

2 September 2019

This firm believed in my family and our gut instincts!  It was a lengthy process but they made everything went smoothly. Awesome over the top service!  Very professional and friendly! Especially our paralegal Sam.  I would certainly recommend going to Rosenbaum and Associates!  They honestly seem to care about your situation, and that's priceless!! More...


David V.

2 September 2019

My experience with Rosenbaum & Associates has been very great! I had a personal injury which resulted in a few minor injuries and a dislocated finger. I would definitely come back to this firm if I had another personal injury case. The paralegal, Sam Lee, was especially nice, caring and professional. More...


Thuan N.

2 September 2019

Thank you Rosenbaum and Associates for their professionalism! Sam Lee was very personable and understanding of my situation. The whole process was smooth and she answered every question I had. I would recommend everybody! More...


Farfalla Dig

24 January 2019

I was in a bad accident in 2017. Without knowing who to call or turn to my son recommended me to Rosenbaum and Associates. They were very efficient in returning my call and listening to my case .. since then it is still ongoing due to the fact of my injuries in which I sustained. Their Paralegal Gina, who I have also been in touch on a weekly basis always return my calls. She makes sure whatever has to be done gets done in a timely matter from faxing paperwork to making phones calls There is not one bad thing I can say about this Law Office or their Paralegal Gina ..I would definitely recommend this Law firm to anyone who is seriously injured in any accident .. LF More...


Marissa V.

27 September 2018

My experience with Rosenbaum & associates was tremendous! If you have a personal injury case they are the people to go to. This firm represented me for a slip and fall incident. I was very impressed with the professionalism and service More...


Mary K.

27 September 2018

This past year I was hit by a car and was having on going medical issues that I didn't think I'd recover from. In the midst of trying to get better, I was simultaneously going through legal issues with the driver. Rosenbaum's office was so helpful through the legal process and provided me with a stress free experience. More...


Paul Caracciolo

23 July 2018

My experience was excellent from my initial contact with Elizabeth Gray, through working together with Chris Durso, whom Elizabeth personally selected for his specialized knowledge in my type of case. One of the benefits of working with Rosenbaum & Associates was that they had several lawyers that were a good fit for my case, one of which was an outstanding fit. Chris Durso had worked for the opposition, and so was familiar with their practices and policies (how much money they could provide, what the procedure was to procure money beyond a certain point, and how best to get there). Not only that, he is well liked in his profession and has various positive connections in the field, making the settlement table feel much more friendly than the adversarial atmosphere I was expecting. Chris put together a solid case that was clearly well researched. He was smart and creative when met with obstacles from the defense. And while all the aforementioned are certainly important, I feel his tact and social awareness were prominent in securing our settlement. Chris always answered my calls, returning them within 24 hours if he was in court when I reached out. I always felt in the loop, and was always aware of the timeline of the case. I genuinely do not feel a better outcome was possible, and I attribute that to Chris's expertise and talent for what he does. If you go to Rosenbaum, ask for Chris! More...


Michael Justin

23 May 2017

Was very pleased with the counsel I received from Rosenbaum and Associates. From start to finish I always felt supported and well-advised and would not hesitate to refer them to a friend or family member in need of legal services.


Wddfgfggf G.

7 February 2017

Thank you Mr.Rosenbuam, and Associates for settling my case. The instant call backs help me feel very secure during the enitre proccess. I'm very satisfied wih my settlement,Sincerely,Estelle More...


Andrew Lipschutz

6 February 2017

Anyone I have ever dealt with at Rosenbaum & Associates has been extremely friendly and easy to talk with. Always responsive to any issues I might have.


Thomas McMonagle

30 January 2017

I Had a wonderful experience with Rosenbaum & associates John Hannahan was a pleasure to work with. always got back to me on time. Elizabeth Grey was such a pleasure to talk with and so Friendly.I would definitely recommend to friends and family More...


Lynn Friedman

24 January 2017

I was in need of an attorney to help me with my law suit. I chose Rosenbaum and Associates after speaking to Mr. Rosenbaum. He seemed truly concerned about me and my health above everything else. I felt confident in my choice right from the beginning, from the receptionist, para legals, and the attorney, Mr. Durso who worked on my case with me.. I was kept in the loop as to the progress of my case constantly. I would strongly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of an attorney. More...


Emily Goodman

9 January 2017

The lawyers and staff at Rosenbaum & Associates are knowledgable, respectful and helpful. I would trust them to handle any case in a professional and expert manner. If you need a lawyer don't hesitate to contact them. More...


Latresa Wharton Irby

8 January 2017

Wow! What an awesome experience. My first experience dealing with attorneys was with this team of professionals. They helped me understand the process and kept me updated. They went above and beyond and results of greatness showed up. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU ALL DID !! More...


Donna Mozzillo Heard

4 December 2016

I am very inexperience with using a lawyer and being involved in a law suite. The people at Rosenbaum and associates have been wonderful, they have made this experience less stressful.


Brenda B.

14 January 2016

Rosenbaum & Associates by far exceeded my expectations. Everyone I spoke to exemplified superior professionalism. Their customer/client relationship is on point. I truly recommend their expertise without a doubt to anyone who's in need of bonifide Legal representation. More...


Stacy Taggart

25 September 2015

Rosenbaum & Associates have some great lawyers and workers, they will call and check on their clients. Thanks for serving me and being there when I have questions about the process of the case and how to get through the pain of not working because of my injuries. I want to say thanks for showing me love and helping me recover from my accidents. More...


Wddfgfggf G.

23 June 2015

Thank you Rosenbaum, and Asssociates for settling my case. When I couldnt decide which firm to trust to help mein my time of need, this firm was the right choice. I'm very happy with my settlement Sincerely.Estelle More...


Cindy O.

31 March 2015

I am extremely satisfied with my decision choosing Rosenbaum & Associates and I recommend them to everyone. The customer service here is phenomenal. I was always able to stay in contact with Mr. Rosenbaum to keep me updated on the status of my claim without any problems whatsoever. Mr. Rosenbaum is kind, caring and very professional. He will fight for you! If it ever comes down to it again, I will definitely be returning. More...


Estelle J.

2 March 2015

A couple years ago when I got into an accident and I didn't know what lawyer resort too. I decided to pick up yellow pages and called a few lawyers and choose Rosenbaum and Associates. They have been very dedicated and helpful when I was not sure of my situation. Mr. Rosenbaum actually set aside time out of his schedule to personally call and insure me that I was in good hands. Overall they have done a very great job , and the associates have done an excellent job as well , with every phone call I've made they gave me honest and direct answers each time. If your looking for hard working ,and successful attorneys. Make sure this your first call! More...


Geoffrey S.

3 February 2015

I am very satisfied with their service. To bad it took an accident for me to use them, but I'm glad that they are here for me now. And would gladly use them in the future. Shout out to Ms. Gail Gross she's the best lol! More...


Josephine L.

2 February 2015

To whom it may concernI truely appreciate the hardworking staff & dedication that Rosenbaum& Associates as done for me thus far! And first& foremost they are very professional with handling you as a client & dealing with your case! Thank You!Sincerely Josephine Lanham More...


Nafisa R.

2 February 2015

I would like to thank Rosenbaum & Associates for their hard work. A group of hard working individuals who works as a whole. The care and concern you receive is very genuine and I thank you all for your continuous support. Thenya R. More...


Jae S.

20 January 2015

I Like To Take This Time To Thank Rosenbaum & Associates For Being There For Me. Their Team Is Very Very RELIABLE & PROFESSIONAL ! They Know Exactly What They're Doing At All Times And I Would Recommend This Law Firm Anyone ! Thank You So Much ! Yours Truly S.C More...


Hazel D.

22 December 2014

Rosenbaum and Associates is truly a professional group of attorneys who are dedicated to making sure their clients are protected. I was involved in a car accident and had many questions about how my medical bills would be paid. Certainly, being in a car accident is stressful,, and the last thing one needs to worry about is whether or not their medical expenses will be covered. After consulting with John Hanahan, one of Rosembaum's excellent attorneys, I was able to put my mind at ease. Thanks to John I was able to concentrate on the most important thing,my health. Rosenbaum and Associates are an amazing group of caring professionals who care about the unique needs of each client. More...


David R.

16 December 2014

I didn't know where to turn, found Rosenbaum and associates in the yellow pages ...since they took my case they have been extremely helpful and kind and when i have a question they get back to me quickly and with the correct answer...i hate being in the dark and with jeff Rosenbaum and his fine associates im informed and happy :-) More...


Bernard P.

18 November 2014

I was hurt from a slip and fall. I Rsenbaum & Associates from day one the firm treat me as a family member not just as a client. The firm fight for all the rights you have within your lawsuit. I recommend Rosenbaum & Associates to my friends and family members as well use the law firm in the future. More...


Muniyr M.

12 November 2014

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Rosenbaum and Associates for their exceptional Customer Service, their caring nature, and their follow-through in getting my case resolved. They've come to be my new Friends for the past 3 years, and hopefully my new Business Colleagues. My story: I experienced a Personal Injury, a slip & fall in 1 of the Major Supermarket Chains in the East Coast. My younger brother suggested I get an Attorney right away. At that exact moment, an ad on TV came on for a Network of Injury Attornys. I called the 800# and left a message explaining my situation and requested an Attorney to call me back. Rosenbaum and Associates responded right away and took my case, and have helped me get through this from start to finish. Granted there challenges along the way but they have a Client FOR LIFE. I'd like to send  a personal THANK YOU TO:1. Louise, a very sweet and all about her business woman. She's the 1st person you speak with when you call their office, and I consider her to be a beacon of light when you 1st walk into the office. She's been so kind and patient with me everytime I've called the office from the time my case started 2/10/2011, when I lived in PA, till the time I moved to AZ to care for my sick mother a few years later.2. Wayne, I call him the "Hype Man" because of his High energy when he came to my home to do an evaluation on my condition. He's definately passionate about what he does.3. The young ladies, who've handled my case in the beginning of this Journey.4. Mr. Rosenbaugh, Himself, when he felt the need to step in to take care of some challenges I faced during the case.5. The young ladies who conducted the Video Conference Call across the country when I moved.6. To 1 of my New Friends and 1 of the most proficient, kind hearted, determined young woman, by the name of Samantha Lee, who was very diligent in staying in contact with me, the medical staff, the insurance company, and ensured that I received not only my settlement check, but Good Service in a timely manner. She, along with alot of the other staff members and this next Young Man I am about to mention, are a Great Asset to the Firm. 7. And now to my other New Friend and a Good Man, Prinston B., who has 1 of the most important role within the company, following up with clients to see how their overall service with the firm went. He's approachable over the phone, great customer service and is really good at what he does. Now granted there were many challenges that we faced on both sides, the Attorneys and Myself, to get this resolved, and I've expressed this to him & Mr. Rosenbaum. However, I can honestly say this, The end results far out weighed the challenges. Luckily the slip & Fall wasn't as severe as it could have been, and that's a Blessing in itself. I was and am impressed with my experience with them. Whether a settlement check is $100K or $1K, they really showed me that they really cared through their actions. I haven't met such a GREAT group of people working in an Attorneys office who cared so much about my well being, before a paycheck. Well, other than my family members in AZ who are Attorneys, and my Legal Shield  Coverage I now have in AZ.  Let me know when you're down in AZ. And 1 last thing, being in the "People2People Networking" Business, I've come across a lot of people, shook hands with a lot of people, and have met a lot of different types of character within people, but this Firm stood out and again, has a new Friend and Client for Life. Thank you ALL and keep helping people.Remember, "Don't let anyone take your shine away, including yourself." - Muniyr (Moon-is-Near) M. More...


Jasmine H.

27 October 2014

I joined rosenbaum's law firm 2 years ago and it was the best move ever. He wasted no time taking care of my case. He and his staff made me feel like family, not just another client. I would recommend others to him without hesitation. More...


Ronald W.

22 August 2013

I had a car accident and they did a really good job for me. Really nice.


Rich H.

20 August 2013

most caring attorney our family spoke with. Thanks David.

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