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Rose Street Mental Health

Wichita Falls, Texas


Rose Street Mental Health

Wichita Falls, Texas


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Rebecca Brusseau

4 December 2018

Thank gosh for Dr's like him.


Darrell Loafman

4 September 2018

I've had the same Dr. for 40 years so I'd say they're doing something right and good!


Megan Perez

4 June 2018

Love Doctor Martin , he is a great listener and he really cares about how your doing even when your not just there sitting in his office. The girls at front are really sweet too. More...


Ali M.

22 April 2015

Mrs. Amy was my lifeline for a few years. She helped me so much and I can thank her for many years now because I am a happy healthy adult and I couldn't ask for more. Rose street is the go to place for counseling. Also who doesn't love historical houses? More...


Ellen A.

12 December 2012

I started seeing Dr. Wieck 7 years ago when I was put in inpatient care at Rose Street Hospital. After I started having issues with my local doctor in Lawton Oklahoma he quickly accepted me as a regular patient. Even though I now live in the Fort Worth area I still make the 2+ hour drive up to Wichita Falls every other month. Dr. Wieck is very accommodating and helpful and I'm currently on a great combination of medications and my mental heath has definitely improved since I started seeing him! More...