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I am able to do scanning, logging and archiving. I can organise paperwork. Use a wide range of computer software including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Am able to follow instructions to the letter or if unsure I am confident in asking for help

My skill as a shelf filler was enhanced as I am naturally organized so this was simple enough for me to do. I had to remove damaged or out-of-date merchandise from the shelves and replace them with new merchandise with a longer sell by date. For me to refill the shelves, I had to Go into the stock room which meant being one of the many people to be trusted with the access code.

I do not have much experience in Customer Service but I do know how I should react or behave whilst being around customers. In relation to this, I have worked within a company called Boots The Chemist and I had the pleasure of being a shelf filler and I am more than willing to learn new skills if necessary.

My communication skills are exceptional. When I speak, I use a ploite and calm tone of voice. I have never had to raise my voice for any reason.

My typing skills are reasonable as i can sometimes type without looking and I am quite fast as well. This is due to the fact that I have been using computers for a few years now so I have been able to build upon this skill as much as possible.

I am a singer, flautist and I know how to play a bit of piano but not a major deal of it. I have just completed a music course at Lewisham College where I have performed in bands and I am also in an acoustic band with another student from the college. We have performed once as we are newly formed.