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Rosati's Pizza

Fox Meadow, Illinois

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Rosati's Pizza

Fox Meadow, Illinois


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Whitneymarie T.

6 July 2019

We are visiting from Colorado and staying at a nearby hotel. This afternoon we ordered a pizza, a soda, and some wings which were delivered fairly promptly. The deep dish was incredible and incredibly large.. I couldn't even get through 1 piece  :) but our wings were boneless which is not what we ordered...as pleased as we were with the pizza and knowing they were coming up on a dinner rush we decided not to even bother them about it. Like 3 hours later, I had ran downstairs to grab some candy and while down there I saw a pizza being delivered to another room.. I went back to my room and a few moments later there was knock at the door..a little confused I opened the door to see the pizza delivery driver from downstairs. He said, "earlier we delivered you the wrong wings and we just wanted to make it right," etc. I believe that was thee best customer service we've ever had in our lives! Great job guys, You really went above and beyond. Appreciate it More...


Jeff B.

12 June 2019

The best Rosatis Chain I have ever been to. Nice atmosphere if you want to eat in. Great on delivery or pick up. There isn't anything bad on the menu. Love their pizza and wings.


Don K.

13 May 2019

Very busy restaurant and a decent menu variety.  Pasta dishes and sandwiches were very fresh, flavorful and filling.  Also a very extensive  beer selection, with daily specials.  Seems like a good place to meet and converse with your friends. More...


Evelyn V.

5 May 2019

We've had great customer service and delicious food every time we've ordered for delivery, pick-up and eating in.


Josie D.

4 April 2019

My husband travels for work so I drove to Aurora to join him for a couple days and we wanted a pizza delivery so we could just stay in and relax one night.  The front desk told us this was the best and I have to say the all meat pizza was wonderful!! Plenty of meat and not overwhelmed with sauce and cheese.  I would definitely go back for the pizza.  The menu the front desk gave us had a coupon for 10 free wings with a 16 inch or bigger pizza so we got them too.  Will pass on those next time.  They were frozen prebattered chicken nuggets.  We wanted to try their garlic Parmesan sauce and were told we could get it on the free wings.  We offered to pay but still couldn't have it.  So we settled for plain bbq.  It was nothing to write home about and we won't order them again.  But just to reaffirm the pizza was well worth the hour wait for delivery if a bit pricey (over $30). More...


Elizabeth J Romero

2 March 2019

Great food good prices good place


Amina Hussain Pinky

7 February 2019

Best Pizza , excellent food and service . I would always visit you whenever I visit again . Best place in town .


Macon P.

13 January 2019

Very good!!! Haven't been let down in 4 years. Best chain pizza around. Try this location on Cedarwood


James T.

29 December 2018

I have got food from this pizza spot since it's been open and have not been disappointed in all the years stop in for lunch for a slice or 2 of pizza once or twice a week plus what ever we order great food and service made sure you get your cards punch for your slices they add up


Gary D.

24 December 2018

Ordered online for a later delivery time and came right on time! Good pizza and wings.


Mike H.

28 October 2018

Ordered electronically through yelp - for a pickup 2.5 hours in advance !Ordering was easy with a point and click menu . The food was ready at the designated time and was hot and delicious !!GREAT JOB, will definitely order again. Keep up the great work !! More...


Phil J.

25 October 2018

Good coupons and awesome pizza !! Fast delivery always quick and in 45 minutes every time we order


Christa G.

12 September 2018

My kids love the wings & I love the meatball sandwich! Over all good and fast delivery!


James B.

8 September 2018

Tom D, I just read your review of Rosie's and I have to say I find it false.  The day you are speaking of would be Thursday half price pizza night and I was seated at the bar.  At no time did a child enter the establishment and have service refused to him, the owner wasn't present either.  Two servers were working at that time a young man and a women.  My pizza an service was great !! More...


Sean L.

5 September 2018

At friends over the weekend and they ordered Rosati's. I tried the thin crust with sausage and was pleasantly surprised. Very tasty. Sauce and the meat where very good. Others at the party really seemed to like the deep dish too More...


Gina del Sasso

9 August 2018

We just ordered the best pizza from Rosati's. It is a deep dish with italian beef, onions, and mushrooms. We ordered a side or gardinar and are eting it fork n knive stlye. It is soooo.....good! Thank you Rosati's. More...


Patrick Brennan

9 August 2018

Great food, delivery is always fast and the food is hot & fresh. I order here frequently and they are the best!!


Rick W.

30 July 2018

Love the pizza and italian beef. Did not know about 1/2 price pizza on monday. Thank you.


Natalie P.

28 July 2018

Ordered a pizza from here for movie night with the kids, and it was gone in a flash. Too me it was just a little bit on the salty side, but over all it had a good taste. The dough was cooked nicely just the way I like my crust and the sauce had a nice flavor I was sure it was just the cheese that was salty but still good.  I'm not a big fan of peperoni like my kids but I tasted one slice and it was pretty good. thumbs up!  I always order no corn meal no matter where we order pizza and they cooked it perfectly usually other places under cook but they got it right. And they chose the best guy to deliver the pizza he was funny and very nice. We will be ordering from here again in the future. More...


Tony Z.

14 May 2018

Rosatis aren't the same everywhere. Some are just plain bad. Ordered a calzone at the Palatine location and it was terrible. As was the service. I order from here all the time though and I've  never been disappointed. I've tried most things on their menu and they're all good. The service has always been friendly in store and delivery is fast for the quality of food. They dropped off just dessert for me once. I felt bad just ordering a cake and a cannoli so I tipped large. But they weren't rude and it was only like 7 or 8 dollars for the order. They told me there isn't a minimum. My neighbor told me to order their jalapeno poppers and for a week or two I almost deleloped a problem. Not health wise but addictive wise. Mmm going through withdrawals. More...


Rick T.

27 April 2018

This is one of the best Rosati's in the southeast suburbs. More importantly the food is always fresh and delivered on time. The owners are always there working and that is a commendable trait. I love a working owner and I love this pizza. Definitely a go-to More...


Yvette R.

8 April 2018

Pizza has a really great flavor. Easy to order and delivers on time. I have tried the calzone and they are delicious!


Mike G.

24 January 2018

I absolutely loved this place. I was hesitant to try it because I am loyal to my other pizza restaurants but this one took the cake. They had the one of the best wings I've had at a pizza place too. Definitely try it out! More...


Sylvia M.

15 January 2018

I love Rosati's. The drivers are super punctual and I haven't met a staff member I haven't liked. There are some cuties who work here, let me tell you. And everyone is super friendly. The food is amazing. It's really great and always consistently good no matter what time of day or whether we get it delivery or eat there. This is one of my favorite zas to get in Chicagoland. Dare I say it's better than Giordano's or the big box deep dish around town. Yeah, I said it. Throw down. Also, I have eaten a lot of meat sauces in my time, and Rosati's does not taste like dog food. I've never eaten dog food, so I can't say for certain, but I eat at Michelin-starred restaurants all the time. You can trust me. ROSATIS FOREVER! More...


Katherine H.

22 December 2017

Amazing pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza!! Added regular sauce instead of BBQ and delivery was not a long wait! Definitely will order from here again


Tim T.

16 November 2017

Solid solid choice. I usually dont do delivery. Ive never had an issue with pickup time or with quality. The staff here is always polite and kind when I pick up. I travel a bit farther to go here than I normally would, but totally worth it.Currently my go to place!  Nice crispy crust and fresh  toppings. Try it out! More...


Marie D.

11 November 2017

This is the BEST Rosaiti's around. The employees are always happy and friendly. Anytime we order we can count on our order being correct and hot every time. Their pizza and salads are the best. We even had a birthday party here one year and they did such an amazing job. Love their Monday night 40% off pizza special. More...


Vanitha V.

9 November 2017

We had a great pizza here last night. The sausage meat they use is really flavourful. We ordered a large for three people and had leftovers for breakfast this morning. I'm keen to go back and try the traditional Chicago style pizza with their butter crust. The decor is nice and kitschy with some fun murals on the walls. The staff was very friendly. The More...


Ashley M.

11 September 2017

Lasagna is great and staff was friendly. Deep dish pizza takes a minute but it's worth the wait!


Tom S.

13 July 2017

Hands down the most consistent pizza in a wide area.Very very nice thin crust.This is my go to place when I don't make my own.Which by the way they will sell you ingredients to make your own .Great staff and owner top notch. More...


Phil P.

2 July 2017

I had the best experience from this restaurant when I had them cater a party for me. The owner, Tony, delivered the order personally and ahead of schedule. I had 60 guests and by the end of the night they were all raving about the food. The antipasto platter had a huge variety of Italian meats and cheeses and fresh vegetables. I ordered the chicken vesuvio, lemon chicken, sausage and peppers, baked mostaccioli and meatballs. Every dish was excellent. I would highly recommend them for any catering or dinner event. More...


Ann C.

23 June 2017

I have always been a fan of Rosati's, and have used another location for years. Tried this one out and it did not disappoint. This location has a good sized eat-in area, just FYI. Pizza was correct and hot when I ordered it. Had mac and cheese bites which were great as well! Staff friendly and welcoming at the restaurant-this was a takeout order. Would order from again, absolutely! More...


Amber S.

5 May 2017

I got the deep dish my first time it was delicious and hot when they delivered. I even think their breaded cauliflower is delicious. My second time I got the cheef beef it blew my mind but the breaded mushrooms had too much breading. I do recommend this awesome place. More...


Wrigley F.

2 May 2017

Over the past several years, this location has improved! Glad to see, because its nice to see a local owner succeed!


Craig H.

7 January 2017

The food is great and they have the best pizza around but, what keeps my family go back is the service. The restaurant has employed some of the nicest and truly fun people. They welcome you as soon as you walk in the door. Always a great experience. More...


Matt L.

5 November 2016

Ordered for my daughters birthday for 30 people and everyone loved it. The fried chicken, Italian Beef and Pasta was delicious. The service was great and they gave us tons of extra sides to compliment the food. We will do this again for each birthday. More...


Carrie W.

1 November 2016

This is the best Rosati's around! The food is great. I have tried several locations & the food sometimes varies from each location. The pizza is very good here. I just wish the prices weren't so high or that there were more coupons. More...


Jennie P.

24 August 2016

I work in restaurants and bars and all too often people only leave feedback on negative experiences. So I just wanted to say, my boyfriend and I ordered a pizza last night through Grubhub and it was awesome! We ordered a thin crust with tomato, spinach, ricotta, and bacon which can be kind of a strange request but it was spot on! Good amount of toppings, quality ingredients, the bacon was perfectly cooked and so was the pizza as a whole. Flavors were balanced and it was here fast and piping hot. The delivery guy was super pleasant and we both loved the pizza. No complaints. Thank you. Great job! More...


Gris Z.

5 August 2016

Ordered catering last week and it was hit. Everyone enjoyed the fried chicken & beef.  The mostaccioli was a hit with the kids and Salad was gone by the end of the night. Very Friendly staff and food was delivered just on time..will definitely be ordering from Rosatis  for our next event. More...


Kathy M.

4 July 2016

So happy my usual pizza place was closed today for the July 4th holiday....I forgot about this Rosati's location and great day to try it. Great personal service and delicious pizza, yummy poppers, just hit the spot after a long weekend. Will definitely be back, so close to home!! More...


Jon F.

22 May 2016

The only place I get pizza at in Shorewood.  Good pizza, especially for a chain. I had their catering and the fried chicken is even better than the pizza. Not a big fan of food franchises, but this rosatis is much better than any other one I have had. More...


Shawn M.

18 March 2016

Ok last time was bad I had wrote a review giving only one star.However the manager Greg on rt 59 in Plainfield made sure to take care of us and stuck to his word and comped our pizza on the next delivery.Great job to this place and management for customer service. More...


Bubba B.

16 March 2016

I have been going here for almost 20 years.  I almost always pickup.  I have had hundreds of pizzas over that time.  They have always been very good.  I get what I ask for and it's always hot and fresh.  They have good coupons.  The owner is always very nice. More...


Alex L.

14 March 2016

Eat here regularly and must say, the staff is super friendly. They also make amazing wings and serve great burgers.


Junior S.

2 February 2016

Among my favorite pizza places in the area. Always satisfies with the food. People working there are always loud in the back and at times, a little too loud based on their topic. Have to give it a 5 because the competition in the area aren't close. More...


Seanny B.

24 January 2016

I love Rosatis Pizza. When I first moved to Joliet I didn't know any good pizza places  I tried Rosati's in Shorewood and have been hooked ever since  Very polite staff,  the delivery drivers are always fast,  and very nice.


Ruth G.

26 October 2015

Fabulous. I requested extra cheese and sauce on  a double dough crust and the pizza weighed 4 pounds! We really did weight it. Delicious! Quality and consistent products from this restaurant. Great beef sandwiches. Nice people More...


NoName N.

21 September 2015

This is only the second Rosati's I have actually eaten at. Usually get deliveries. When I walked in I was surprised. Open, spacious and CLEAN. They serve tap beers and have some gaming machines off in a side room. Probably a good thing for this area because there is not much around the succeeds. Soda machine station was clean and well stocked. Dinning room was clean. Bathrooms were clean and stocked.Ordering. Did not look at the menu much because I knew what I wanted. The 3 meat slice of pizza. There was a little confusion with who was going to take my order and who was going to be able to ring it up. All while one was taking a phone order while the other was yelling back to the kitchen asking "how much longer for more specials?" Not a big deal as it only slightly delayed my ordering process. Will say that the gentleman that was helping at the counter seemed visibly stressed. Not a smile or a thank you. More of I am busy so hurry up and make it easy.Pizza was right on track with other Rosati's I have eaten with. Bacon was a tad bit burned but not that big a deal. When you are considering single slice ordering, you are not always getting fresh out of the oven. As far as eating experience the only thing I found odd was that only had 1 bottle of Tobasco and 1 bottle of Cholula to be accessible to the dining in eaters. Put a couple more bottles out as hot sauces are all the rage. Bottom line, exactly what I expected for food quality. Exceeded my expectations on dining room.Only reason the loss of a star was the sour male employee who was the direct face of the store by being on register. Note, your customers deal with crunch-time pressure from 8-12 and from 1-5. Your customer based crunch time is on our off the clock time. Pick it up and own it. Your product is great but I don't want to see someone I am giving money be annoyed with us. More...


Mike L.

24 May 2015

Excellent pizza and their beef and combo sandwiches are great if they screw up which it only happened once on a carryout order they insisted on delivering a new pizza with a coupon for the hassle.


Kim C.

14 May 2015

Ordering online was easy.  The delivery was early and deep dish pizza was piping hot. The delivery man was very polite and thanked me for the tip.   Hopefully this services continues because I will be ordering more often. More...


Leticia F.

17 April 2015

Always Friendly Owner, He is always patient, and I have worked at a Rosaiti's before and They take pride in there sauce and I really like there Pizza, We have been going all around Aurora trying all pizza joints and there are some that I have missed but this one will always be my favorite, The Pizza GOOD always, THe owner Nice ALways.


Erica S.

17 October 2014

This is our local pizza go to. We are always happy with the consistency and flavor. But what prompted me to write a review was recently we hosted a children's pizza party and Rosati's of Shorewood did spectacular! They delivered on time and everything looked and tasted great! Also, the manager worked with us to find the best price for large order! More...


Joe P.

21 July 2014

Nicely decorated inside, food is always great (especially with modified orders), clean, and friendly. Their hot wings are outstanding.


Joel H.

9 May 2014

Gotten pizza here a few times,  it's always been really  good. From the other reviews,  it seems they suck at delivering.  But I've had no problems with pizza that we pick up.  Also the 2 slices for 5 at lunch is good- try the Italian beef pizza! More...


Vice A.

22 March 2014

Great Pizza. Lots of choices in the Joliet \ Shorewood and Plainfield area this one is one of the best pizza joints around. We used their catering for a family party. The Italian Beef was very good and the Chicken was excellent.  The staff is friendly and double checks your order. I would do it again. More...


Tony P.

8 January 2014

Great food, quick service, video gaming and a nice place to grab a beer and watch a game, have some AMAZING PIZZA! Delivery is quick. Half price pizza on Monday is a steal. The Ribs are excellent!!!  This place knows how to make their customers happy! I truly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for good eats and good times. More...


Brian V.

10 July 2012

The best pizza in the area. Authentic Chicago style Italian joint. Great beef sandwich and fries. Fast delivery and a new clean dining room. We also us them to cater parties.


Steven R.

18 May 2012

When we moved to the Plainfield area 10 years ago, the first pizza we had here was from Rosati's (the Route 59 location).  10 years later, it's still one of our favorites.One unique thing about Rosati's is that both their thin crust and their pan pizzas are very good.  Most pizza places specialize in one or the other. More...


Paulina D.

21 June 2011

I love this Rosatis! They have half price pizza on Monday that is absolutely worth every penny.They load the ingredients on as if you're paying full price. Have not had a bad pizza from there. There was one issue I had when I got buffalo wings and they put them into an aluminum lined plastic to go box and didn't cover the top of the wings with anything. Needless to say by the time I got them to my destination to be consumed, the top plastic cover had melted on top of and into the wings. Very disseminated with that one experience. Other than that the pizza is definitely worth it especially on Monday for Half off! Highly recommend! More...


Ricki L.

21 May 2011

Mamma Mia, what a pie we got.  18" of great chewy double crust, tasty tomato sauce and gooey cheese.  Pepperoni too and lots of it.  Took only 15 minutes from ordering to walking out the door.  What's not to like? More...


Corin W.

3 May 2011

OK--My significant other brought me home some bacon sausage and peperoni pizza, So I didn't actually go into the place, but it was truly awesome. From what I understand they have a dining room and home made Alfredo sauce. Of course I will stomp on over and update you as the lusciousness progresses. Still: what I had was enough to put them on my best pizza list. Awesomesauce, guys! More...


Deana S.

3 May 2011

OMG We stopped in today and got four slices of Pizza to go. The slices had pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. It was like a meat lovers dream. I am now one of their biggest fans:) Yummy...just so you know I am doing a little happy dance as I am writing this:) More...



11 March 2011

Prices rising and portions decreasing seems to be a constant at this restaurant. The food is usually good though. Pizza rather than pasta is recommended.


Dickery Dock

28 January 2009

Good Pizza/ Bad Service. It's a weird combo to have good pizza a bad service, but that's what Rosati's of Woodridge is. Every time I have encountered them, except once, they were tirds. I finally have had enough and will either find different pizza all together or another location. The feeling I am left with is as if they were begrudgingly doing me a favor. Im over Rosati's of Woodrige and don't recommend it to anyone. I even spoke to the manager and he could have cared less. More...

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