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Rooted Landscape Design Inc.

Elizabeth Gardens


Rooted Landscape Design Inc.

Elizabeth Gardens


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Christine Lewis

1 August 2018

We contacted Janine with Rooted Landscape to help develop a design for our long neglected and poorly irrigated back garden. During our initial meeting, we spent several hours discussing how my family wished to use the garden, what look and feel we wanted and shareda variety of on-line and hard copy images of gardens, plants, vignettes that appealed. Janine impressed immediately not after not by how quickly she grasped what we wanted, readily sharing ideals and concepts but also with her and incredible knowledge base on plants that could thrive in our shaded rare garden. After several weeks, she presented a design for our reR garden that hit the proverbial nail on the head. It’s flow, feel and plant suggestions and layout were outstanding. With her detailed CAD design, I could immediately envisage her concept further assisted by the inspiration images and those of the suggested planting’s. She also included a lighting scheme to further enhance the garden in the evening, suggesting a soft lighting that would highlight the mature trees on my property but also the key suggested specimens. Sufficient it to say, her high level of professionalism, knowledge and sensibility impressed. The potential cost proposal for the planting and lighting materials was sensible. While I had never given her a budget, her sensibility of making more of an investment on staple planting’s ( evergreens and specimen plants) while investing in smaller, less mature perennials made it clear that she is savvy that instant garden isn’t necessarily a desire for everyone and fiscal prudence is always a good bet.
With this confidence in her her work, fiscal prudence and professionalism, we elected to work with her and her landscaping and irrigation contractors for installation. Generally speaking, the groups she partners with were highly professional, exceptionally skilled at their craft and equally fiscally prudent. All these being rare characteristics for Oakville area contractors. While communications with some f the contractors could have been crisper, I would highly recommend working with Janine and her key partners for installation.

Generally, speaking, Janine is a very talented, sensible and clever landscape designer. She quickly grasped what we were looking for and created a design that required very minima tweaking. In working with her on installation, her trade partners were equally skilled and sensible, being keen to provide a quality service with sensible affordability. I should add that Janine was heavily involved with the installation and management of the project, which was both helpful and impressive. She is clearly no stranger to hard work and getting dirty...which could explain why she is a natural at landscape design.


Diane Daniels

20 October 2017

Great experience working with Janine. She provided a detailed landscape design including plant materials, arranged for contractors and managed the project. My property held many challenges. However, Janine successfully met them all. She listened to my requests and worked within my budget. Her knowledge of plant selection, hardscaping, and design transformed my property, giving me a result I could not be more happy with. Highly recommended! More...


Karen Gaudun

18 October 2017

Thanks to Janine and Rooted Landscape Design Inc. our backyard is a functional, beautiful place where we look forward to spending time. Janine helped us realize our vision of a casual, woodland retreat by listening to our goals and working with us to select materials, plants ,etc. that would give us the look and feel we wanted. She is a consummate professional who goes above and beyond. We went back and forth a few times to get the design we wanted but Janine was always willing to work with us. Even though we did a lot of the work ourselves, Janine was here to check over the plants after they were delivered to make sure they were the right ones and up to the quality she demanded. She supported us every step of the way!! More...


Kelly S

22 February 2017

Janine's work at my Hamilton property, from initial ideation to design and installation, was of impeccable quality. Starting from some initial directions and images, Janine selected a gorgeous assortment of perfectly appropriate plantings and developed a couple of different layout ideas that precisely captured the look and feel I had in mind. She worked tirelessly all the way through installation and was flawless in her communication and reliability. I brought Janine in again for a much bigger backyard project the following spring, this time with grading, hardscaping and building as well as planting. Once again, her knowledge and design ability produced a stunning result. Could not be happier with Janine as a designer, gardener and reliable professional and I would HIGHLY recommend her services to a project of any scale! More...



10 February 2017

Firstly, I do not have a "green thumb". I tend to kill any plant that comes into my house. I had moved into a new house with a garden that needed some "love". I met Janine through my husbands work colleague and she came with high recommendations. She came to my house and chatted with me about my vision and the biggest part of it being low maintenance. After a great consultation, she promptly came back with a beautiful rendered mock-up of exactly what I was wishing for. I was so impressed by the amount of effort she had put into this. I was not expected anything like that. She had attached photos of all the plants she had planned on planting so I knew what it was going to look like. We set a date and off we went. I had agreed to help since I needed to learn what I was about to be caring for. Janine was so great to work with she gave me lots of tips on maintenance as well as chose the right plants for me. I have a huge project for my backyard and I will be definitely be calling Rooted Landscape when that time comes. More...


Jinny Yun-Wong

1 February 2017

Janine was amazing to work with. Not only is she a nice person but very talented at what she does. She was able to create my backyard to utilize all the different levels and keep it simple the way I wanted.