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We are the largest independent roof renovation company in the south and east of England, with vast experience of working on properties just like yours, covering Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Berkshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwickshire, Hampshire and Sussex.


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28 May 2018

This company has been oustanding . The salesman Tony was polite and concise with his explanation of the work that would be carried out. Once booked the roofers came and cleaned the roof which was filthy then once done they cleaned up the mess. 2 days later they came again to seal the roof with the chosen colour and it looks amazing . Thank you all for a great job done . More...

23 November 2017

I received advertising material from this company and arranged for their representative to carry out survey.
He arrived on time and after explaining the roof shield system, he wanted to me to sign up for the special offer. I reminded him that I wanted a "No obligation" quote as advertised by RoofShield Solutions .At this point he measured up my roof quickly and left saying I would receive a quote in the post. The quote never arrived.
I called the head office in Stevenage and spoke to a member of their sales team who promised to call and get a quote in the post. No call, no quote!

I have made further enquiries with Roofshield Solutions Stevenage but they could not provide me with details of any houses they have treated in my area. (County of Kent)

Buyer beware! Carefully check any company. More importantly customer reviews. Not customer reviews on a company's own website!!

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Your home is probably your largest investment, so keeping your roof, which is the single largest exposed surface area, in good condition is imperative. The cost of a completely new roof can be very high. We at Roofshield Solutions offer roof coating as a long lasting protection for your roof, coming with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. Our professional roof coating service is a far cheaper alternative to re-roofing. Roof Coating is for you if your roof suffers from any of the following; Moss, Algae or Lichen growth Loose mortar on ridges & verges Chipped, cracked or broken tiles Poor appearance Or simply if your roof is over 20 years old

Sooner or later conventional flat roofs will leak, due to lack of flexibility, weathering and failing joints. Our Firestone EPDM roofing, installed in one piece, will never split, are unaffected by weathering, and have NO JOINTS! Firestone EPDM flat roofing installed by Roofshield is guaranteed against leakage for 20 years, in addition, as a result of proven product reliability, our work is underwritten by an insurance company for ten years.

Stonebond is designed for driveways, patios and paths and can also be installed in conservatories, entrance lobbies and on steps. The Stonebond system is a unique combination of natural stone chippings and specialised resins, bonded together to create a solid surface which results in is highly decorative driveways, as well as being extremely tough and durable. Stonebond is quickly and easily installed with minimum disruption. As this is an overlay system, no major groundwork is required. Stonebond is not just for driveways, and can also be used around hot tubs and pools to give a great new look. Borders and inlaid patterns are available.

Expert installation is vital in order to protect your home against damp. With RoofShield you don’t need to worry, because unlike some installers, we take extra care to remove the old fascia boards & will complete all the finishing touches to protect your home from the elements. Our extra care fascias & soffits installation includes replacing rotten rafter feet, renewing cement on gable end edges & replacing rotten felt up to the first tiling batten. A hidden ventilation facility allows timber to breathe & therefore prevents damp getting through as it allows the circulation of air without the use of unsightly vents. We have a fantastic range to suit every home Our uPVC fascias and soffits can be tailored to meet your requirements and are available in a wide variety of colours. Arrange an appointment today for full information of our RoofShield services and receive your free no obligation 1 year quotation from one of our consultants.

Protect the walls of your home with our range of exterior wall coating. The application of our coatings provide a protective membrane, shielding your masonry from the elements and preventing damp whilst enabling your walls to breathe. If you are tired of painting your walls, then our expert wall coating service is for you. All wall coating is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Wall coating is for you if your walls suffer from any of the following; Cracked render Penetrating damp Flaking and blistering Spalling brickwork Mould and algae Blown render or pebbledash Eroding mortar or painting Constant maintenance of discoloured paint