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I am committed to helping you realize your company’s growth potential through marketing materials and establishing a comprehensive presence within your target market.

I am a forward thinking graphic designer with years of experience in providing a wide range of design expertise in areas such as: Logo development and design, Branding, Print design, as well as, Product and Marketing collateral.



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I like to gather all the information I can form the client, review their ideas information. Sit down with a sketch pad and do thumb-nailing (very quick drawings to get ideas “out”) this helps to only bring the best ideas to the client. I have done 100’s of thumbnail drawings for logos in 5 to 10 minutes.

Who is your target market?
Do you have a design style you like?
What colors do you like?
What would you say is the look and feel you are looking for?
What is your timeline?

Yep, the same questions I have when starting a new project.

Being creative and solving design/ marketing problems creatively. Seeing that “WOW” factor from the clients when they see their completed project.

A bit of background. I worked in the corporate world of design for a long time. One day our department was shut down. The software programmers and marketing group for that department needed to find a new home. After years of contract work and other unsatisfactory working environments, I decided that working for myself and helping other companies with their design needs was what I needed to do, so here I am.

I’ve worked with over 30 other companies to fulfil their graphic design needs. Make a stronger marketing impact. I have the ideas, let’s work together!