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Who am I?
I’m Paul. An accredited Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor providing a proven and successful blend of modern and traditional talking therapy for adults, children, couples and families.

What is Emotional Therapeutic Counselling?


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Don Fidler

4 September 2018

Found Paul to be amazingly insightful and a great lifestyle coach as well. Thanks for all your help and wisdom.


Joanna Meredith

10 August 2018

I was not sure what to expect but I had a really good time and did not feel anxious or wrong. In fact I feel so relaxed afterwards that it is difficult getting on with household chores as I just want to sit quietly with happy thoughts. I hope to be able to continue with the course as I could learn and understand how to take control with the aid of Paul's courses. Thank you for the opportunity. More...


Olivia Neill

27 July 2018

I cannot recommend Paul enough, highly professional and honest. A genuine life changing experience

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I describe my job as "paying attention to people for a living". Naturally I need to listen, hear, and pay attention to what they say, but its also how they say it, the uniqueness of their emphasis and bias which can help provide a gotcha moment for the client. Helping the client to pinpoint a significance in something for me is hugely important and inevitably very rewarding.

In August 2006 I met a chap called Bill (a counsellor) and my life changed in just 10 minutes. No exaggeration. I had a problem, Bill pinpointed it and simply asked me a question about my problem and my problem went away! At that time I was happily engaged in a great job in commercial society and never even contemplated counselling. However my path took a variety of odd turns and here I am, a counsellor. So my inspiration was Bill and someone else called Jean. Between them lies my inspiration.

I'm a friendly affable Yorkshireman. I've a huge amount of life and counselling experience and although no two people are the same I do feel my extensive experience helps me to get good outcomes for people. I offer a very comfortable environment and welcoming environment and pride myself on making sure the client is listened to, heard, understood and never ever judged. I absolutely always believe we all do the best we can with the resources we have available.