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Scott Robson

23 July 2019

Fantastic group, the Shows they put on are brilliant and done my daughters confidence the world of good.


Sally Johnston

22 July 2019

My little girl loves coming here! So friendly and relaxed. Works on building confidence. Just been to see the older children doing Peter Pan which was fantastic. Would def recommend if anyone is looking for a theatre group! More...


Bob Evans

21 July 2019

Excellent show and great experience for the kids would highly recommend.


Hazel Calvert

16 July 2019

My 2 girls attend different sessions and have done for nearly 2 years now.The best thing I ever did. ⭐My youngest daughter was so shy and un confident and now with becoming part of Rocket Theatre she is happy confident and articulate in public and she amazes me with her professional talents in dancing , acting and singing.My second daughter was the opposite over confident and full of energy and Rocket has channelled these traits for the better to produce a girl who can excel in any task and focus on line learning, singing and dance choreography.It's very affordable with no hidden extras as budgeting is important in family life. For the fee they get expert singing, dancing and acting tuition. Also each child regardless of ability is treat the same and fairly. All individuals and equals here.The staff and assistants are just the best providing a proffesional set up but incorporating fun,care and support for each child. Extremely friendly and approachable.They go the extra mile and definately 100 percent dedication.The new in house theatre has been a fantastic bonus for their amazing shows to shine and for extra fun for rocket children holding fund raisers and after show parties.Rocket Theatre group is a second family for my girls.Best thing I did enrolling them and I burst with pride ♥️ More...


Carol Kennedy

16 July 2019

My daughter has been with Rocket Theatre Group since it opened and she loves it, she classes it as having a Rocket Family. The shows that are produced are always amazing and enjoyable to watch. The staff are so hard working and are so dedicated to produce fantastic shows.Well worth enrolling children of all ages xxx More...


Mark Allen

16 July 2019

An excellent theatre group. All of the children whilst having fun gain in confidence, get used to public speaking and produce memorable shows. Brilliant.


Lorna Learmount

16 July 2019

Fantastic group with wonderful staff. My granddaughter loves rocket and as grown so much in confidence under Wendy Jack and the team guidance. It's a lovely friendly group and the children look out for each other. Make lots of friends wonderful memories. They always pit on amazing shows. My granddaughter loves her rocket family . More...


Jaki Irving

16 July 2019

My daughter loves going to Rocket, all the staff are wonderful with them all and her confidence has grown incredibly.They have a fun approach to teaching dance, singing and acting and all children are treated equally and they ALL are included in the performances regardless of ability.


Connor Frederick Anthony Cooke

9 July 2019

I can and will only ever recommend Rocket Theatre Group as the number one youth theatre. This is not only down to the tremendous performances by children from such an early age all the way through to 18 years old, but the passion and dedication behind the scenes from the fabulous staff and teachers. I have recently just seen the Jrs and Inters performance of The Little Mermaid and I was absolutely blown away by the talent on that stage! I know how much work, rehearsal, dedication and planning goes into a performance like that and I can only describe it using one word at that is WOW! So if you are out there considering a place for your little one... then what are you waiting for? Rocket Theatre Group is the only place to be!!! More...


Jaki Irving

8 July 2019

What an amazing group. The dedication, commitment and support they give the children is incredible. My own childs confidence has grown since joining the group and she has discovered that hard work does really pay off as the shows are amazing. Not only that I am proud to be part of it, my daughter is proud aswell which is an amazing achievement More...


Kellie Harper

7 July 2019

Freyja has been at rocket about 6 months now. She has just done her first show with them and shes gained so much self confidence. Shes made some lovely friends and enjoyed every minute! We cant thank Wendy, Jack and Ryan enough!!! More...


Ally Harrison

7 July 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just watched the end of year show, Little Mermaid Jr, and thought it was absolutely incredible! My daughter is in the Juniors and my son is in the Inters and they both love going to Rocket so much. They’ve made so many friends, their confidence has skyrocketed since attending and most importantly their little faces beam when they talk about the group and what they’re doing. And they’re so proud of the show they’ve put on this weekend - as they should be. All the children were amazing and their hard work really shows. The staff are all amazing and are loved by the kids; they are incredibly passionate about what they do and make the group a great, fun, safe and encouraging environment for the children ❤️ More...


Dan Russell

7 July 2019

what a sweet and professional show. amazing singing and dancing from these kids!!! Well done rocket!


Catherine Tate

7 July 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The shows are fantastic but every week the children come out happy, excited and full of all they have been up to. The staff are amazing, they know and care about all the children as individuals yet manage to pull all ages and abilities to work together as a team. It is like a giant friendly family where each child is nurtured to achieve their best . They have their own on site theatre which is very versatile and I think the only independent group that has built their own! Amazing team who achieve amazing things! More...

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