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5 March 2019

I went to Rock Gardens Studio to see David Paul-Martin, whom I highly recommend looking up on YouTube, but the experience was amazing! From the set up to the lighting to the sound, everything was set up nicely and the sound was mixed well. I never once thought it was getting too loud or quiet, or the bass was too loud, it was well balanced. I highly recommend going to a rock garden studio concert at least once, you won't regret it! More...

3 February 2019

Wow, what a groovy studio ! Marc was very easy to work with and made everyone feel comfortable. Glad to have finally gotten a chance to make some music at rock garden.

4 January 2019

Touring the studio and scheduling studio time for recording. I am looking forward to my experience at Rock Garden Studio in 2019. Thanks Marc. Wayne

4 January 2019

We had a great time watching Jimmy Crimmons and Friends at the studio. Excellent place.

4 January 2019

Great experience listening to Jimmy Crimins. Mark has an awesome story about the recording console. An added bonus is the ability to watch the session on TV.

5 December 2018

Great Venue to see bands up close and personal!

6 October 2018

A Musical Eve had by All. Great Folks, Studio, and Laid back.

3 June 2018

Fabulous recording studio! You get a chance about once a month to be part of the audience at the live taping for Marc Gold's Rock Garden Live show on CW14. Pretty cool!

3 June 2018

Great music recording studio that does amazing work with video and audio production Marc
is a great guy and an amazing technician.

11 April 2018

If you need any type of recording whether it be for a band or video production Marc is your man.

27 August 2017

Greatest Production & Directing in a Studio.... Marc Golde is a TRUE WIZARD!

3 June 2017

One of the finest recording studios in the Midwest. A great creative space and the best vintage and modern gear. Just look at who has recorded here and research the history of the vintage console. It's amazing.