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Saint Louis, MO, North county

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Rochellez Photography

Saint Louis, MO, North county


Welcome to Rochellez Photography,
my name is Rochelle Douglass McEthron,

I believe a picture is more than ink and paper. I think a picture is a memory, it's something we look at that instantly transports us back to a specific moment in time, they help us remember a day we spent with our loved ones, or can flood us with memories of an entire year.



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1st. LOVE! The photographer has to love being a photographer and has to LOVE people in general.
2nd. KNOWLEDGE. Without knowing how to use the camera in every different situation, the photographer will come out with a sub-par photograph.
3rd. UNDERSTANDING. The photographer must have the ability to understand how the individual wants the final images to look.

1st. I ask WHY? What is the reason for the photo-shoot?
2nd. I ask WHEN? I want to be sure I can accommodate the event.
3rd. I ask about BUDGET? I do my best to work with every customer according to their photographic and financial needs.

I love having the ability to create images that capture a moment in time. A moment that can be cherished, saved, and passed down from generation to generation. I'm only able to do this by connecting with my subject, building a relaxed atmosphere, and gently guiding the individual. I love being able to offer a service that is fun, professional, and affordable.

For many years I photographed friends and family as a hobby, while also working as a photographer in the photography field. During this time I became somewhat disgruntled with the way mainstream photography was being run. So I decided to start my own at home business, I use what I learned that I felt was good and through out the parts I didn't agree with. And Rochellez Photography was born!

My desire and goal is to create a more of a family atmosphere, I want your experience to be a happy one from start to finish! This is how I create repeat clientele and a word of mouth following. You should be sooo happy with your photo-shoot experience and your final images, that you can't wait to tell your friends n family about your fun day with Rochellez Photography.