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Full service social media marketing... from content strategy to graphics & logos... to finding the right “voice” for your company. 20+ years in the news business, so I work well with deadlines and even an ever-changing set of objectives.


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I first get a feel for the client themselves... then dive in to a product or service they’re marketing. Often, they’re selling themselves just as much as the product, so i want parts of the client to shine through

The company name, picture of the product and what they feel their target demographic is. if the client needs a logo, that’s where I start. The strategy comes later.

It sounds cliche but I love seeing results for my clients! That’s one of the great things about social media marketing... the analytics are there, 24/7, so you can see what’s working in real time.

I absolutely love what I do! Honestly, I was designing graphics in my free time for fun. One day, my best friend had a client who needed some help establishing her social media presence. So I took the research I was already doing for my job as a member of the media and put it to use. Instant success!

If they choose me for their Social Media Strategy, they’ll get personal attention, tailor-made advice from a seasoned journalist... along with a guarantee that if they’re not happy with it, I’ll work as hard as I can to make sure they are. I get results, plain and simple.