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Rebecca Bujnoch

20 July 2019

Robin exceeded my expectations for our new home construction design/decor. I was hesitant to hire a professional to assist us with our dreamhome, due to budget constraints, and the ability for someone to come up with a customized plan to fit our needs and lifestyle requirements.
Robin is courteous, friendly, creative, and incredibly talented. He helped create exactly what we needed..... plus! If you have a budget, yet want beautiful, million-dollar results- Robin is the only person you should talk to!!!


Janel Steubing

5 March 2019

Robin is awesome!! He helped me remodel my bedroom and master bath by going and picking our tile and paint and putting it all together and advising me on purchasing nightstands and other accessories. He also helped me pick out the stain for my bathroom cabinets so it would coordinate and compliment the tile. He is very talented and I would recommend him to ANYONE with a large or small project. Thanks Robin, because I couldn't have done it without you. More...


Nate Meier

4 December 2018

Robin was such an absolute pleasure to work with and a gem of a find!

My wife and I had decided to replace the furniture in our living room that was beginning to wear out. It was from early on in our marriage and it was time to upgrade, but while both of us watch a little HGTV, neither of us were feeling all that confident about trying to pull an entire room together and make it look better than what we had while also being more comfortable to sit on (both of us are starting to get sore back issues from the current furniture).

After talking about going shopping with friends to DIY it and dreading the scheduling (both of us work a lot of hours) as well as the eventual results being more of the same, I suggested working with a designer, but both of us were concerned that we wouldn't be able to afford it on top of the new furniture. Then we happened upon Robin's number! We had been picturing paying marked up prices on everything and tacking 20% or more onto our total budget, but he doesn't work that way at all!

One of the first things he told us when we talked was that one of his goals is to make working with an interior designer more accessible to everyone, and everything about his process definitely feels centered around that principle. Instead of charging us markup on the items for our room, he charged us a flat service charge based on the space we were working in. He offers three tiers, the first is just a simple one-hour on-site consult to talk over ideas, the second includes the on-site consult but adds his full design with buy lists, fabric and color choice specifics, installation instructions, and mood boards with pictures of the items to help you visualize and finalize the design, and the third tier adds a full 3d visualization of the space onto the tier 2 offering. We went with tier 2 and for our space that worked out to ~$450 total, which was an absolute bargain for the design we ended up with (and all the extra advice Robin shared with us)!

The entire process was tremendously FUN for my wife and me, because Robin is so much fun to work with! He started us with a questionnaire to get an idea of what we had in mind (which was not a lot, truthfully, because we had no idea what to do), where our budget was at, and what our personal style was. He also had us send him a few photos of designs we liked or elements we liked. Robin took all the intimidation out of the process for us and reassured us just to communicate any ideas we had. Neither one of us knew what we were doing, but we found some modern style and lots of Art Deco stuff that we liked and just hoped that he could make something out of it.

By the time the day of our on-site consult came, we were both excited, but nervous about how to help him get the info he needed to pull something together that would feel like us and meet all of our needs. It turned out to be an absolute blast, with Robin giving us much needed direction to get down to exactly who we were, what our house and lifestyle was about, how we entertained friends and family, what our needs were (including for our sore backs), and so many cool, interesting design ideas that I was sure hardly half of them were going to fit in our small space and our overall budget. Then about a week later he sent us the first draft of our mood board and we were both floored! Every major style element we had talked about was there in the items and the whole thing was pulled together so elegantly and tastefully that neither of us could believe it. We talked it through with Robin, made changed out one or two items, and Robin worked us through it until it was just right, all the while giving us tips on how to catch items on sale and what to expect for delivery times as well as what to make sure and ask for when talking to the furniture suppliers.

In the end, within just three weeks, we got all the benefits of Robin's knowledge and experience in the design and retail furniture business, a fantastic design he custom tailored to tastes we didn't even realize we had, and at a fraction of the cost of what we expected for a completely designed room! We will absolutely be working with Robin again, and we would (and already have) wholeheartedly recommended him to anyone else interested in interior design services.


Cristine Klussmann

4 December 2018

Robin helped me transform a large front room into 2 more usable spaces. He gave great advice based on some panoramic pictures and some telephone calls; which was very easy for my busy schedule. Robin recommended sizes of furniture, but let me play with what furniture I decided to buy. He was very patient and understood the needs of a busy family. He is honest and understands design and spacesI would use him again if I am ever lucky enough to move! More...

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