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Honesty, commitment and equality are the foundations of our company. Robertson Webb delivers straight-forward, clear and principled debt recovery solutions, working with your businesses to adapt our approach and meet your requirements.


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Lucia Haskett

16 August 2019

ery upset and disappointed with the service, I paid my funds up front to Stephen to resolve a few unpaid invoices for me. he made contact with the client initially but nothing was resolved, I was then informed that the escalation department would contact me and he then just stopped responding to me altogether!! I then searched the company on Companies House to find out that the company was created a few months ago March 2019 and has 1 employee assuming that's Stephen! I tried to contact via email and Facebook to no avail, essentially my money has been taken and no service received what so ever. the reason that I wrote this is that I wouldn't want anybody else to have the same experience as I have as a small business i signed up to ROBERTSON WEBB in good faith and have ended up in a worse position than when i started, I have now had to contact another company to resolve my unpaid invoices paying essentially twice. I will be reporting this situation to trading standards and will be pursuing Stephen to receive my funds back. More...



19 June 2019

I Spoke with one of their advisors and initially they were going to enforce high court writ or baliff which I paid upfront for. But I received a phone a couple of days later saying I could not do high court writ and cannot use their bailiff for removal of tenant , I can only use Norwich bailiff, so waiting for a refund of my monies More...

Dear Marie, we are sorry you did not have the best experience on this occasion, we aim to make our services as easy to understand and straight forward to help your recovery go smoothly. We have attempted to contact you on several occasions now to discuss this matter with you further and of course issue a refund if you are not satisfied with the service and wish to cease your recovery, however we have been unable to get hold of you, so please do feel free to contact us through official channels and we would love to help. We can make recoveries with the assistance of High Court Enforcement Officers, however, in particular cases such as yours where you obtained a judgement before instructing us, it is the clients responsibility to ensure you have leave (permission) from the County Court to do so. We hope this helps in response to your review and hope to hear from you soon!


Matthew Read

7 May 2019

I had so many questions before I decided to proceed with debt recovery but Robertson Webb helped us all the way, friendly team and professional service! Thank you again!


Robert Carpenter

7 May 2019

The team at Robertson Webb have been helping me collect unpaid invoices from my clients which has freed up my time which means I can really focus on generating new business!

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We love helping individuals and businesses of all backgrounds recover money that is rightfully owed to them. Our key principles for ethical debt recovery ensure we offer the highest standards and you will always have a dedicated account manager to help manage your needs. We understand time is of the essence and acting fast and efficiently can be the difference between success and failure. We strive for results and we are dedicated to getting your money back in a fair and ethical manner.

Finding the right guidance at an affordable cost can be difficult, we want to make it as easy as possible for you! Causing a disruption to the industry to make sure we offer a great and fair service not only to our clients but to debtors as well. We deal with our customers on an individual basis and make sure that your image is represented by us to the highest standards.

We offer a range of Debt Recovery solutions to suit the needs of your business including No Recovery, No Fee. We aren't pushy salespeople and offer free, no obligation advice as part of our service. We have a experience dealing with Private Individuals and International Corporations so you can feel confident that we can offer a solution that will meet your needs.



Outstanding invoices can cause serious problems, our recovery services can help ease the pressure so you can concerntrate on whats important - your business. Having unpaid invoices and overdue invoices can be hard on your business. You need to be paid for services or goods for liquidity purposes but you may wish to maintain a good business relationship with your customers and clients. If you have one or multiple unpaid invoices you have a number of options for debt collection. We have experience at recovering overdue invoices and have the strategies to ensure you can reclaim whats owed.

We work with businesses of all sizes to recover debts owed. We work with your clients to ensure affordable payment plans are in place to ensure a full recovery.

Are you owed money by a tradesman or maybe you've paid for goods or services that you have not received? Our Private Debt Recovery Team can help you! Our private debt recovery team are familiar with the challenge you face when trying to get your money back. Our experience allows us to quickly resolve any disputes and help you recover the debt owed. We always start by trying to recover the debt with pre-legal action but if that does not work we can pursue court action and once a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is obtained, we can legally enforce the debt. We can also help with issuing a Statutory Demand against your debtor. Statutory Demands can lead to bankruptcy proceedings against individuals or winding up proceedings against companies.

Parking charge notices are typically issued when a driver parks a vehicle in contravention of the terms and conditions. We can collect outstanding charges. Parking Terms can include: Parking in a disabled bay without clearly displaying a valid permit. Parking in a parent and child bay without a child. Parking in a private area without a valid permit. Failure to display a valid ticket. Overstaying permitted hours. Parking in an area restricted to customers and leaving the site. Parking in a hatched area. Parking on yellow lines. Parking outside a bay or not parked correctly within the bay lines.