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Harlow, Hertfordshire

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Harlow, Hertfordshire


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3 December 2018

All of my sessions with Rob are fun, if ridiculously tiring. He's always super encouraging and always takes time to explain everything I'm doing and tailors each session for my needs. The best bit is going through all of the PB's I've smashed at the end of each hour using his snazzy app. I don't think there's been a single week that I haven't improved! More...

2 December 2018

After years of bad choices my doctor advised me to get some exercise. Having joined a gym but not knowing what I should be doing, I lost my motivation running on the treadmill,so stopped going. A friend recommended IPT, so I booked a session. Not knowing what to expect, Rob’s easygoing friendly approach soon put me to ease and I was shown how to do a few exercises on the free weights. The hour flew by and I felt like I’ve achieved something. I’ve booked a few more sessions since then and have been shown how to use more of the gym. The app is a great addition, I can see my progress It’s early days still, but I’ve got my motivation back. More...

2 December 2018

Rob is very client focused, determined and encouraging. He keeps me positive I would highly recommend him

25 November 2018

I first joined a gym last year, after seeing a photo of myself and thinking OMG! Am I really that big?...lol I worked out hard, ate better and with alot of work, managed to shed just over 5st in 15 months. I was extremely pleased, and proud of my achievement. Thats when I hit that "wall," No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to loose any more weight. I knew I needed to ask for some help. I was sceptical about using a personal trainer to begin with, but after a session with Robert, I had new ideas for working out, so after thinking about it, I booked up for more sessions, guidance and a nutrition plan with Robert. With his help and motivation, and only after 4 weeks. I can already see physical changes in my body, so far I've lost 2 inches off my shoulders, 3 inches off my waistline, 1 inch off my calfs and gained 1.5 inches on my thighs. I'm feeling great all round! If anyone is thinking about using a trainer for anything, whether it be weight loss, toning up or even building muscle, I would recommend Robert at IPT. More...

19 August 2018

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We will begin with a free induction - See below what this involves;

- Firstly we will set you up on my smartphone personal training application, where I will schedule you exercises straight to your smartphone, on the days you are unable to train with myself.

- Analyze your posture and figure out the best exercises that will assist in transforming your physique.

- Record your body statistics & figure the exact amount of calories/macros your body requires to ensure you hit your goals.

- We will also discuss any queries you may have.

Hard work - Work harder than everyone else in the room.

Eat Enough Good Food! (This applies to fat loss also)

Consistency - Don't give up, even if the scales decide to tell you you're 3lbs heavier!

Helping people fully understand nutrition/weight loss & transform the way they live their lives.

I like to think I'm a unique individual - Extremely easy to talk to, and highly understandable in all situations.
I have a lot of experience in training various clients with a multitude of different backgrounds, so I am able to pinpoint exactly what my clients need to do to reach their goal.