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We are a full service CPA firm with over 25 years of experience in working with small businesses and individuals. We offer quality work at reasonable rates.

Importantly our clients find us trustworthy and reliable. We respond in a timely manner to any questions or inquires that clients might ask of us.

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29 March 2019

We have our 1st visit and he is very profesional and kind. We believe we are going to work together very well.



19 December 2017

I have used Robert Vilinsky for my tax returns for quite a few years and find him to be friendly and very personable. He has always responded quickly and clearly to all questions and inquires. I have also found that he's very knowledgeable about tax law and how it can be used to my benefit. When the return is done its sent to me in a attractive folder with a cover sheet that details out comparison figures from previous returns and the percentage of income paid in taxes overall. These are the reasons that I would highly recommend Mr. Vilinsky for all your tax and accounting needs! More...


Beth D.

19 December 2017

I have been using Robert Vilinsky for the past several years to handle both my business and personal taxes. He is always on top of all deadlines and getting my business taxes filed as prescribed by law. I appreciate how patient he is with my scant knowledge in the area of taxes...always returning my calls in a timely fashion. Competent CPA who is a pleasure to deal with. More...


Denise S.

12 December 2017

Robert has been my accountant for several years and have always been pleased with his work. He is knowledgeable and available if I have questions.


Peter Curley

6 February 2016

A consummate professional, Mr. Westbrook handled my taxes and questions promptly and with honesty. I look forward to Mr. Westbrook handling my taxes for the next 30 years. I've used H&R Block, but never will again. His knowledge of tax law help me navigate through my return with ease, while walking me through the process. I feel way more comfortable placing my taxes in his care than any "tenporary hire" at the strip mall tax centers. Continue the good work Sir. More...


Patricia Vaillancourt

7 October 2015

We have used Bill for more than 10 years. He handles multiple companies for us as well as our personal taxes. I think our longevity with his firm speaks volumes as to our confidence in his abilities, he is always willing to answer my questions and point me in the proper direction when I get stuck on how to code something properly. Thanks Bill for always being there for us. I have him on speed dial...you should to :) More...


Patrick Kittell

6 October 2015

Our family has used William Kent Westbrook, CPA, PA as our tax advisor and preparation firm for several years. We have never been disappointed with his work. He is always extremely quick and thorough at the same time. We also truly appreciate his availability to consult us when issues or unplanned questions arise. We are extremely pleased with William Kent Westbrook, and we plan to continue using him in the future. We highly recommend his services. More...


Josephine Denmark

3 February 2015

We have been with Bill for about eight years and I would recommend him to anyone needing accounting/tax support. He has always been thorough, professional, knowledgeable and honest. In addition to all of this, he is really a nice guy. More...

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As a CPA firm we offer our clients the following services:

Tax planning strategy that takes place all year round. This helps you to not only know what to expect when preparing your taxes but forward thinking strategies to help keep you tax burden as low as possible.

Accounting & Bookkeeping - We prepare your book and records so that you can spend your time more productively running your business.

Tax return preparation - We prepare your business and personal tax returns with an emphasis on saving you tax dollars.

An accountant is somebody who you trust with your financial matters and who will keep you on the right track as far as government compliance is concerned.
You should be able to discuss any issues or concerns you have to your accountant and get a knowledgeable and timely response.

I know that my current clients are happy with my services and how they can trust me to do the right thing for them. I am easy to talk to and I find this leads to a friendly and fluid relationship that lasts over the years. Why wouldn't you want that for yourself?