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Rich Joseph is a certified personal trainer and a sports performance coach. Holding a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, Rich’s training began in 2011 at a local community gym, where he became floor manager, educating members on how to use the gym for optimal results.


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Lori Hoepner

28 April 2019

Rich is awesome! I’ve definitely lucked out with finding such a personable trainer who challenges to push myself me without being a drill sergeant. Ever since our first session 8 months ago, I’ve been walking around with his voice in my head regarding exercises, stretches, and lifestyle/diet. Rich tailors each session not only to increase challenge but also to listen to my body - sometimes I need extra stretching, sometimes I need to go easy due to an injury or pull. No matter what - Rich has his clients’ backs! More...


Antoine Grant

28 April 2019

Rich has been my trainer for about half a year, pushing me hard during our one-on-one sessions. He also thoughtfully prepares and tracks my inidividual workout plans and nutrition schedules so that I maximize the results. He’s both professional and accommodating, perfect for corporate types trying to keep it together while balancing their demanding work and life commitments. More...


Akeem Callender

27 February 2019

Rich is a great PT. Patient, meets you where you’re at and still pushes you. Always consistent in his approach and great personality to work with.


Michelle Connor

27 February 2019

Rich is by far the best trainer I have had! He is consistent in his approach and motivating. When I first started to go to Rich I was struggling with my weight due to health issues. I tried on my own several times and when I wasn't seeing progress on the scale I would give up. When I went to Rich I explained my background and the struggles I was having. He used several types of measurements to show progress, not just weight. During the first few weeks I was able to see large losses in my Body Fat percentage which was a new measurement for me to follow and it helped keep me motivated to continue. He is a genuine person who cares about his clients. He works to educate and alter lifestyle's, and not simply implement a crash diet. His work outs are always different and FUN! I even brought a few of my girlfriends in for a girls night boot camp class. We never laughed so hard and sweat so much! I know he is there to answer questions I have and truly looks to make informed decisions on ways to reach my goals! We remind each other Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter! I can't thank him enough for the work he puts in. More...


Michael Connor

27 February 2019

Rich Joseph brings a lot to the party: knowledge, reliability, expectations that are realistic and ambitious, and more than a touch of good humor. He tailors our thrice weekly sessions to my needs, eccentricities and goals, and I am stronger, more flexible and smarter about my physical being because of Rich. He is a fine professional, who I will rate 10 stars as soon as I game Google. More...


Plant Base LLC

27 February 2019

Not only is Richard a tremendous help with getting you stronger physical. He outlines ways to get the most out of the training program.Personally, Richard helped me become more flexible while I was able to build on my strength. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape. More...


C. Kronley

27 February 2019

Rich is far and away the best trainer I’ve worked with. Over the past year, he has helped me build strength and make real progress on post-pregnancy fitness goals. He’s an expert at what he does and keeps things challenging; no workout is ever the same. Most importantly to me, he is also a genuinely kind and interesting person who I know is invested in my overall health and well-being. More...


Aaron Edwards

29 November 2018

Rich is an incredible personal trainer, and I would recommend him 1,000 times over to people of any fitness level. As someone who hasn't worked out consistently in a very long time, I feel like every session is tailored and specific to my goals of overall strength, endurance, and making exercise a more consistent part of my weekly routine.Something I worried about when I decided to get a trainer was that I'd end up with someone who is overly intense. My first session with Rich put all that concern to rest. He's always encouraging, kind, and never in a patronizing way. He gradually increases the intensity of our workouts as my overall fitness improves, and makes sure I feel comfortable and challenged every step of the way. Our sessions are also never boring. We talk about movies, writing, politics, and music we both enjoy (he always plays great stuff). Exercise is just one component, too. Rich has also been helpful with diet recommendations and making sure I stay active on our off-days or when I'm traveling for work. You should absolutely consider working with him! More...


R. benjamin

28 May 2018

Very patient, understanding and professional. What I like most about RJ fitness is that he doesn't waste your time. He gets you to where you wanna be and teaches you how to maintain it.


Jay Joseph

28 May 2018

Rich is a Phenomenal personal trainer, he has a great personally, keeps me motivated, and best of all he knows his stuff! All this while maintaining a high level of professionalism. A++

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First and foremost I assess my clients every month to keep us both accountable for the goals he/she set. Then I use motivation, good program design and nutrition advice to help my clients achieve their goals.

The number one secret to getting the body of your dreams is consistency!!!

What I love most about my job is the ability to connect with people and create a lifestyle change. Getting clients to adapt a healthy lifestyle is the most rewarding feeling.

Dealing with bureaucracy and the relentless sales aspect of the corporate gym made me decide to start a business where we put people over numbers not the other way around.

I have been training for over 5 years and helped everyone from age 7 to 75. I have tons of experience and I'm extremely dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals!