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Riserooted - Tracey Hill Counselling Services

Redruth, Cornwall, Cornwall


Riserooted - Tracey Hill Counselling Services

Redruth, Cornwall, Cornwall



I would like to thank you for taking the first step to getting some help and support with the challenges you are facing at the moment. Life can be hard sometimes and seeking the support we need when we need it takes courage and strength.


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26 March 2019

Someone close to me had her first session with Tracey today and it has done her the power of good already. Tracey is the most wonderful warm and open person who inspires trust and will unfailingly hold a space in which to share one's troubles and lighten the load. My previously- reluctant loved one came home bright, buoyant , and eagerly anticipating her next session, which is going to be outdoors, in the woods ..... I couldn't be happier . Thank you Tracey, for doing what you do xxx More...

6 March 2019

Tracey is committed to understanding the human condition and what it takes to find our feet in a world that often does not seem to give us the grounding we need. She allows her own vulnerability to inform her sensitivity towards the fortunate people who find their way to her door. More...


I feel incredibly honoured to hold space for those who are curious about their emotional process and who takes the steps to becoming their real authentic self. It can be a challenging journey of self discovery and one which takes courage and determination.

Please see https://www.riserooted.org for more information
and visit my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/riserooted

Tracey Hill
Training and Qualifications

Diploma Counselling Certificate (Person Centred Counselling)
Ongoing training in Non Violent Communication (NVC), working to support people in developing their own compassionate communication with themselves and others.
Counsellor with Penhaligon Counselling Agency (adults)
Counsellor with CRASAC (male and female survivors of sexual abuse)
Womens Aid Domestic Abuse Training.
ASSIST suicide first aid training.
Social Services - working alongside young people and their families when facing emotional and practical difficulties.
I have experience of working with people who have mental health issues.
Big Brown Horse - Equine Assisted Learning. Working with young people who have been excluded from mainstream school. A place where empathy and compassion are the key to supporting vulnerable young people.
Ongoing Shamanic Practitioner training