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Looking for an accountability driven training program that will keep you looking forward to the gym? Look no further than Rise Fitness Studio, where you will find the friendly, college-educated staff you deserve. At Rise, we will work with you by guiding a clear vision of health to your busy lifestyle.


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Anna Lane Maltby

16 August 2019

Awesome, supportive gym with great trainers who genuinely care about helping you improve.


Stacy Striks

30 May 2019

Happy to join Rise Fitness Studio today!! Had a kick butt workout and I always appreciate the help with form. I look forward to the next class:)


Seth Tuczynski

26 April 2019

Great atmosphere with an amazing trainer Shawn Reece! Highly recommend to anyone looking to equip themselves with more knowledge and skill in strength training while improving their athleticism and health all in a friendly environment with great training equipment!


Bahola Johnson

25 February 2019

5 stars!! great all around very educational and rewarding.


Joanna JoLee

25 July 2018

I attended a community workout today. Shawn kicked our butts while coaching us on form and encouraging us to do our best. It was a fantastic overall workout in a great facility. I encourage you to check it out! No matter your level of fitness, RISE is right for you. More...


Patti McIntosh Cain

25 July 2018

I have worked out with Shawn for the past several years and he is an amazing motivator! He is a true professional...taking time to learn about what is important to his clients. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to train with him and can't wait to come visit his new studio!!!!!!!!! More...


Joe Rouse

25 July 2018

RISE Fitnes Studio is THE place to be in Wilmington, NC.

Coach Shawn is a rockstar! Shawn's level of expertise is unmatched in the area. Shawn knows exactly how to communicate with each person, even in a group setting, to get the best out of them. He takes the time to get to know each one of his clients on a personal level and it shows in his training style.

The sessions are tough, but the atmosphere is so much fun and so supportive that you actually look forward to working out!

If you are looking to train in a group setting but get a personal touch, RISE is the place to go.

RISE is most definitely on the RISE in Wilmington!


Liam de Paor

25 July 2018

OK. The studio isn't open yet but I've been working out with Shawn for over a year at Breakaway Fitness and Performance in Hampstead. He told us of his new venture after this morning's workout. We're bummed to see him move on but also really excited to see RISE succeed. Shawn is a really awesome coach. He designs challenging workouts, makes sure you have good technique, makes modifications if you have any injuries, and is just a super around guy. Shawn - best of luck buddy. Wishing you every success. I know you will help many others RISE to their potential and feel great. More...


Amy Cooper Farrell

25 July 2018

I have been fortunate enough to have Shawn work with several of our children. He has been able to relate to each one and provides a supportive, educational environment for all of them. Shawn goes above and beyond to truly know his clients and motivates them to plan and achieve their goals. Most recently he has helped our college student adjust from teen athlete to an adult athlete. He helped her find adult classes near her college and motivated her to continue her sports activities. There are very few people I would trust with my children's health and wellness....Shawn is one of those people. More...


Dali Toro Hiltebeitel

25 July 2018

This week I found out that Rise Fitness Studio is opening up in 2 weeks. I am very excited for this, as I've had the pleasure of having Shawn Reece as my personal trainer for the last 3 years. He's super awesome and I think you will really enjoy working out with him. He is great at modifying your work out! For example, if you have a hurt/broken shoulder, foot, wrist etc (speaking from experience) He pushes you to do your best and gives you the confidence that you can do it :-) More...


Elise Norako

25 July 2018

Went to the community session and loved it!! First time to do a 2 minute hang!! Thanks Shawn! Anyone looking for a experienced and encouraging couch check out Rise!!!!!!!!!!! Is there an option to do more then 5 stars? More...

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