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Janet Roberts Kinsey

31 March 2018

If you want a challenge for yourself or your athlete... this is the place! Both of my sons are blessed with full scholarships to play Football and Richard’s Wellness and Fitness helped them reach that goal! If you are contemplating getting started because of the cost, maybe this will help... the price of my sons’ college, per year, would be $51,000 EACH! That’s over $100,000 a year for FOUR years!!! You really CAN’T afford NOT to start now! No matter what level of college... D1, D2, D3, NAIA... if a coach wants your Athlete, the scholarship money will be found! Help your son or daughter be competitive and get their education paid... join TODAY! More...


Lisa McClure

31 March 2018

I am a client, of Richards in Dahlonega!!! I am so thankful and truly BLESSED to have My trainer Carey, and Richards as a part of my life. The accountability is something I have to have. A lifetime of terrible eating habits, and no exercise was affecting my health. Because of Richards, I have been able to get my weight and eating under control. Exercise, and healthier eating is now a daily habit!!! More...


Leatha Johnson

30 March 2018

Richards fitness is absolutely the most awesome place for your kids or even young adults, they have wonderful trainers. The atmosphere is great. What you are being taught is many levels. Richard is very caring about your kids wellbeing and there growth. I love that Ethan is going there and he has grown so much all around in his short time being there. I can't thank Richard and his staff enough! More...

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