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Leicester, City of Leicester, Leicestershire

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Respect Fitness

Leicester, City of Leicester, Leicestershire



Looking to improve firming and tone? Do you want to lose weight? Are you interested in building up muscle? or maybe you're here to learn self-defense? Whatever your goals, our team will be here to support you through your journey.

We offer one-to-one personal training, small group sessions if you want to train just with friends/family and we have regular group classes that you can join should you wish to supplement your fitness regime.


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Hummy El

17 August 2018

Love this gym. The instructors are friendly and respectful towards everyone.


Arran Singh Atwal

17 August 2018

Best place about. B is an excellent trainer who pushes you hard. Very welcoming for beginners


Sweta Takhar

17 August 2018

My daughter and hubby love it! Whenever we I pay visit get made to feel like family. My daughters confidence has grown and its doing wonders for both their health. Iv always been offered great advice when iv needed any tips around general health and fitness!!! RESPECT!! More...


Bal Sandhu

17 August 2018

I signed up for the 6 kick boxing classes not knowing what to expect and imagined leaving as the next chun li! When I got there, i felt anxious and overwhelmed that I looked like the unfittest person there and the work out further solidified my belief. Barinder was calm and ran the class at a pace that was comfortable and flexible to work at my own pace. Lisa and reena were also very supportive and patient. The classes are well structured and take well being into consideration. I am going to leave my last class next week with a skill set that I look forward to developing and a renewed passion to get fit again. Thanks to all of you and my friend sukhy who presented the opportunity to go for your patience, support and the incentive to get back into shape. I would recommend these classes to anyone!!! More...


Sanj Singh

17 August 2018

If your wanting to loose a few pounds or just improve your fitness this is the place!!


Saj Hussain

18 March 2017

Excellent with kids great support for little ones


Suzanne Houlihan

28 May 2014

Loved the first session in the beginners course! Looking forward to next week already!!! Xx


Del Garcha

14 February 2014

Really good views about this place


Samantha Blaxill

11 December 2013



Jasjeet Dhillon

5 September 2013

I am feeling the burn today but I really enjoyed my first session yesterday! Thank you! X

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To help clients achieve their fitness ambitions it's important to help them set goals or objectives. Having a goal means clients are more likely to be successful and less likely to lose focus and motivation and go back to bad ways.

I make sure the goals are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited. If they’re done well, goals can be a great way to keep clients motivated. Even when things get difficult, the goal is still at the front of their mind. Success doesn’t seem too far away, so they’re more likely to stay on track.

The problems can come in the actual setting of the goals. When it comes to losing weight, for example, many clients want overnight success.
It’s important to explain that slow, consistent weight loss through healthy eating and exercise is much better than losing weight quickly by going on drastic diets.

If a client would like to improve their eating habits I can also set nutritional goals. I show them how they can include more of the right types of food in their diet.

When helping clients to set goals, I encourage them to think about their achievements. What they are proud of. What they struggle with. What they could do differently.

I ask them to write down all their health and fitness ambitions and then to prioritise the list. For some people, the goals may be so big they are overwhelming, in which case, we break the goals down into achievable smaller goals. Once they start achieving things, clients feel much more positive that the main goal is achievable. They feel confident and have the momentum to keep going.

I make sure the goals are specific and encourage clients to focus on a particular aspect of their fitness. Each SMART goal has a deadline and is measurable, so that we can monitor progress throughout the process and I encourage them to celebrate their success. Then we focus on the next goal. It helps them to keep striving and creates a culture of success.

There is no secret to getting the body of your dreams but it does take time, dedication, a healthy diet and regular exercise and that's where we come in. This might sound like hard work and I won't lie, if you've not exercised for a while, you will ache initially but don't let that put you off, as once you start to feel the benefits, you will never look back. We help to keep you motivated, we support you every step of the way and you are much more likely to succeed with a dedicated team of experienced professionals by your side.

Diet is the quickest way to lose weight, with regular exercise coming in a close second but together they are the perfect combination for success. The body of your dreams will be unique to you but whether you want to look like a body builder or just lose a few pounds, we offer an individual fitness plan to meet your needs.

The body of your dreams might not be motivated by physical appearance but by health issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression or anxiety. Exercise helps to reduce levels of the body's stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol and stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body's natural painkillers and mood elevators. We don't just help you to look good, we help you to feel good too.

The thing I love most about my job is being able to show people that anything is possible and that whatever they want is achievable.

I joined Respect Fitness to get kids off the street, give them a sense of purpose and to help others to achieve what I have achieved. The gym's ethos is all about respect, for each other, our families, our friends and the community. The key to good mental health is good physical health. I know this through personal experience. Fitness is not just something I do, it is a key part of my health and well being and I am determined to show others the benefits it can bring to their life too.

We are friendly and have a lot of experience in different categories of fitness and health. You will be looked after and we are always available to help. Our rates are highly competitive, with the option to pay-as-you-go or discounted for bulk purchases.