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Resilient Life Therapy offers psychotherapy and counseling focused on helping individuals resolve problems at their roots in a brief intensive format.

We specialized in a trauma-informed approach that sees symptoms and problems as resulting from unresolved (stuck) experiences in the past.


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14 October 2019

Oh Jess, what a gem. She's thoughtful, kind, responsive, professional, thorough, encouraging – the kind of person we all deserve to have in our lives. I feel lucky to know her.

13 December 2018

I know Jesse very well and would trust her completely with my life matters. She is authentic, sincere and an extremely caring individual. Wayne Anthony Cullinan

27 August 2018

The Therapist and information about the Therapy

26 August 2018

If you click on "Learn More" it is a great resource to learn about EMDR, trauma, and recovery!

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It is a joy to help people resolve problems in a brief format and see them ready to live life more freely.

My parents are both entrepreneurs and so I think it’s in me to do something on my own. I have a unique approach and framework that I couldn’t find in a clinic setting so thought it would be best to start my own business so I can launch my specialized approach. Many mental health clinics rely on the third-party insurance system for reimbursement; my practice is private pay only. This is intentional as it provides more security and privacy for my clients and allows me to treat symptoms without having to diagnose clients officially.

I’m motivated to see people resolve problems without becoming dependent on therapy. When I meet a client one of my first questions to them is “what will need to be different for you to know you’re done with therapy?” The subsequent question I ask myself that consistently drives my approach is “what do I need to offer to get this individual to their goals and on their way out the door?”