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Kathleen Ellerie

My massage was exactly what I needed and I can't wait to book another one this week!


Katrina Davis

Terrible customer service/management. It's a real shame, but I would rather pay a little more and be respected as a customer. :)


MzDiva Johnson

I will definitely be back. You can't beat the affordable prices and services


Shelly Lewis Price

Lee is the best!!


Teresa Bybee

My first visit, but instantly a favorite! The staff are warm & friendly, & my 'student' massage could easily have been a professional!


Lacey Elaine Evans

Like walking into a zen paradise! Very professional staff and great massages!


Courtney Cher

I have had massages and chiropractic work done and I will not be going anywhere else. The school there is so much fun and the teachers are fantastic. I always look forward to class


Gregory Eftimie

I had a great time going to school here, great instructors and staff! I highly recommend KeKino to anyone who asks.


Katie Chisholm

I'm going for my second appointment tomorrow and I'm practically counting down the minutes! Ke Kino has a very peaceful atmosphere and I felt like a billion dollars when I left after my first appointment.


Kristy Pulcher

I just love KeKino! Friendly atmosphere and your choice of student massage or licensed massage therapist. Prices are the best in Plano! Thank you Karen, for another wonderful massage. <3 More...


Susan Cb

I've been going to Ke Kino for years, but the clinical massage with Lee changed my life. He has developed his own techniques and even worked on the muscles around my jaw. I've never had such an experience. He worked out all 1,000 knots I had. I'm hurting so good. I'll be back soon. Thank y'all. More...


Crystal Van Amburg

The staff was very professional and inviting. Chiti was amazing. Asking great questions to .ake sure she worked the correct areas. Will be back


Mb Seale

I have normally had a very good experience with Kekino, but unfortunately today was the exception to the rule. I arrived a few minutes before my scheduled 12 pm massage. after ignoring me for about 10 minutes, i was then advised by the receptionist that the student hadnt shown up yet but they were trying to get hold of her. i understand, things happen, but it was the rude receptionist that made it such an unpleasant experience. i sat down to fill out the usual form and she then informed me the student wouldnt arrive for about another 15 minutes and would i be willing to wait. i asked if there was any other alternative -which i thought was a reasonable question- and she rudely informed me that "if there was you would already be in there". well that didnt help how i was feeling. so i asked to clarify if she thought it would actually be 15 minutes or longer- and she then said it would probably be 20 minutes. well i realized at that point that who knew exactly how long i would have to wait and when the student finally arrived, she would be rushed and not do a great job. I decided i'd had enough of the receptionist at that point, so I left. i understand things happen, but when you've been rude to a customer, put them out by getting off schedule- no apology, no explanation, just are you willing to wait...........I'm sorry - but that is not a customer service attitude. Massage- didnt happen, in the scheme of things, not a big deal, but how kekino dealt with the problem- epic customer service failure. More...


Thomas Friel

KeKino is a great massage school with awesome instructors!

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