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I'm a simple gal with an infatuation for all things beautiful. With an eye for aesthetics, details and color, I love doing what I do! I believe that everyone deserves to have their memories or brand artistically captured and documented.



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The secret is to wait for the perfect moment. As a photographer, I believe in quality over quantity. I always have my ears and eyes open waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect angle to tell a story, rather than

In order to do my job to the best of my abilities, I would love to know as much as possible. I would love to know the following: occasion/event, date, location, time, timeline of the event, how many photos are needed, what you are most excited about, etc.

I love the people! I love meeting new people and I take my jobs to heart. I feel honored to be a part of something - whether it's your big day or headshot.

By nature, I am a creative with an eye and absolute love for aesthetics. What inspired me hit the ground running with my own photography business was really the demand for my services. I hadn't initially planned on anything concrete as I was just doing what I love - being helpful, useful and creative while using my camera. I am lucky to say that those around including my family have been my inspiration to go for it!

I have just recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue my passion - photography. I was laid off from my corporate job this year, and I took a chance to move to Los Angeles to be surrounded by other creatives and hustle. I am hungry, passionate and determined to get the job done as I take it to heart.