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At Relight, we don't just make videos.

We craft stores that are creatively and strategically designed to maximize your marketing dollars; stories that can infuse life and vibrancy to your online presence, and transform the way people see and interact with your product, service or brand.


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Dr. Sabra C.

11 July 2019

Carlos Malache is the utmost professional at what he does. He took the time to find out more about who I am and what I do at Renew Chiropractic, so that he could produce videos that capture exactly what matters. Carlos figured out the best way to portray my practice and what I do, so that I can reach more people who may need my chiropractic services in the future. What stood out to me about Carlos is that he is so personable and easy to work with. He is extremely talented at what he does. At the same time, he is humble and really cares about the videos that he is producing for others. Carlos will always be the #1 person I recommend to anyone when it comes to video production/marketing. Dr. Sabra Coop D.C. - Owner of Renew Chiropractic LLC More...


The thing that I love most about my job and what I am incredibly grateful for is that I have the opportunity to tell stories in a way that can have impact—in a way that can make people feel something. Essentially, teleporting what's in my head out onto the screen and into someone else's. Solving this constantly moving puzzle for my clients is the privilege that I call work.

I founded Relight with the mission to help businesses develop their brand, grow their audience, and foster engagement with their customers through results-focused video content and marketing strategies.

I'm an award-winning cinematographer, former television producer/director, agency producer and production manager. I'm passionate about not only creating effective video content, but a product that continues to serve my clients long after we work together.


Broadcast quality. Script-to-screen and everything in between.

Hire a film crew for the day. Typically not a creative type of job.

Need some ideas but not the production? Glad to help with that, too.

Targeted video marketing services to ensure your video is seen by the right people.