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Sandy Schussel

10 April 2019

Happy to have found Mark. He promises results and sticks with you until you get them, putting everything he has into the effort. And he has a lot.


Barry Clarke

30 November 2018

I was an interested observer, having retired 10 years ago from 40 years of owning businesses. But HOW I would have loved to have been a beneficiary of his most recent webinar back in the day! Mark discusses what on the face of it are basic premises of what you need to think about and do (and not do) as a business owner, yet remarkably most of us overlook this process and rush headlong into our businesses and create an "unnecessary" overload of work for ourselves. Mark demonstrates how to avoid or extricate oneself from this pitfall. And ultimately make more money. Well worth the time (will save you HOURS in the long run) to watch this webinar, to write notes, and to reflect, and then take some simple actions that will transform your business...and you! I truly believe a life-changer. More...


Ken Sher

3 July 2018

I found the webinar to be very informative and useful. Mark and Jaimie are very knowledgeable and they presented the information in a very practical, can-do way. If given the opportunity, I would recommend the webinar to anyone looking for good, general information and I will be contacting them for more individualized coaching as well. More...


Mark Halpert

29 June 2018

Your webinar on How to Leverage your Reputation to Explode your Business will be a game changer for our business. Recognizing the value of reputation marketing and video marketing is helpful -- how to leverage both is priceless


Jeannine Pringle

13 June 2018

Experience with Mark and his partner has been interesting and informative. Wish them continued success with thier business


Jaimie Skultety

9 May 2018

Mark is extremely knowledgeable about the best ways to engage with your market. He's the 'real deal,' very generous with ideas, implementation strategies, and client care. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mark and his team. More...


Wayne Coakley

11 March 2018

I have consulted with Mark on several internet marketing strategies and collaborated on data and product research as well. He is very professional and has great knowledgeable about systems and streamlining processes to improve on business infrastructure. The great thing is that he really enjoys sharing his expertise and knowledge of digital marketing. I highly recommend Mark and his services. More...

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