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My name is Katie Colgan and I am an intuitive healer and pain specialist that help people find and remove the underlying causes to their pain whether that be emotional, mental or physical. Energetic imbalances and subconscious beliefs are often the root cause of emotional and physical issues and once these imbalances are addressed, rapid healing can occur.


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Janet Susmann

1 October 2018

This is an AMAZING technique and a MIND BLOWING experience! In the last few years I have had 2 surgical procedures on my sinuses and a right knee replacement. I was informed recently by my ENT Doc that I needed another sinus surgery and by my orthopedic surgeon that I needed left knee meniscus repair surgery. I was experiencing a lot of sinus pain and infections and crippling knee and ankle pain. In the last month I've had several sessions with KT addressing these issues. I am thrilled and grateful to say that "I DON'T NEED SINUS OR KNEE SURGERY!...or pills, antibiotics or shots...this solution is not evasive! I've experienced instant relief with my sinus issues, ankle and knee pain and I feel that I am getting to the root cause of my health issues...not just using band aids! I am learning that decisions in the subconscious create reality and as I get rid of those decisions, I feel more empowered physically and mentally. I am experiencing a new level of peace and strength in my life. KT is easy to talk to, patient and caring. She gets just as excited as I do about my progress. This has changed and continues to change my life! I strongly recommend KT and her powerful techniques to everyone who really wants to get to the root causes of their health issues. More...


Shannon Daniel

15 September 2018

KT is great! She is so positive & supportive on your journey to discover your truths. In a short time, I have begun to eliminate trapped emotions causing me pain with KT's guidance.


It warms my heart so much to see someone overcome something they thought was impossible. I also love it when people no longer need my services because they overcame what they wanted.

Going through and overcoming so many years of health issues really inspired me to help others do the same.

I know what it's like both to have severe physical and emotional pain and I also have the skills to help people truly heal.