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Marsha Evans

22 August 2019

I have been seeing Dr. Marji for nearly a year now and she has helped me through several difficult situations. She provided useful tools and strategies to help my relationships. She is professional and compassionate during our sessions. I would recommend her for effective therapy. Thank you Dr. Marji. More...


Melissa Chaney

28 January 2019

So glad I did not judge Dr Marji based on some of the negative reviews I’ve seen on google. She has changed my life for the better. She helped me cope with all walks of life. Going to therapy was not easy for me she helped me heal so many painful situations I thought were impossible to change. I feel so much more peace and feel empowered to deal with any stressful issues that come my way. Thank you Dr. Marji, you’re the best! More...


Jennifer Trevizo

29 December 2018

Dr.Margie is great when I thought I had lost all hope in my relationionship she was there to manage to save it. I can’t thank her enough for the progress and opportunity to save my relationship.please don’t let me forget precious halo( Theraputic doggie ) I love how she always greets us at the door and is always there to consule us. More...


James Reader

29 December 2018

Dr. Marjie is excellent. She is very personable and experienced, and her office space is very comfortable, not clinical. Highly recommended!


Minecraft uj

29 December 2018

Dr. Marji is a wonderful person to talk to. She has helped my marriage and home life tremendously! She has used hypnosis to help relieve anxiety due to a traumatic experience. I enjoy the beautiful environment and lovely calming music. More...


Krista Sisneros

29 December 2018

My husband and I came to see Marge 3 months ago when we were having problems in our marriage and were on the brink of divorce. She gave us some excellent advice. She never once took sides and calmly listened to what we both had to say. I made the decision to save my 16 year marriage and keep my family together, it was the best decision I've made, I am more in love with my husband now than ever! We are so grateful for Dr. Marge, she taught us some excellent methods for communicating better. I would highly recommend her to anyone having issues in their marriage or just life in general. More...


Bill Saubert

29 December 2018

Dr Prefontaine actually saved my life. I'm eternally grateful for her insightful help. I was married to a lying, cheating, sexy, beautiful narcist who was trying to destroy me and Dr Prefontaine helped me see and understand that for what it was.


midnight łeo

30 September 2018

I've never had a therapist actually dig through the layers of my problem and find out the source of what caused my mental illness. I've been to three other therapists, and they only gave me solutions instead of actually understanding my problem. I'm very grateful to have chosen her. More...


Tim Rhodes

27 July 2018

Dr. Margi has demonstrated her caring and real sincerity in the approach to our conversations. She asks deep penetrating questions to get at the root of things that trouble me.

When analyzing my responses, she gives clear & concise feedback, that hits at the heart of what the issues really are.

So if having a coach that can develop strategy & an operating plan to get forward movement is what seems important to you - then develop your own dialogue with Dr. Prefontaine on a confidential level.


Roberta Yurcic

2 July 2018

Dr. Marji is intelligent and intuitive. The therapeutic process takes time, consistency, and commitment. Therapy probably isn’t the right process for those looking for an easy fix to life’s issues and superficial validation. For those who are willing to take an honest look at his/her own issues and accept constructive feedback from a professional, I highly recommend Dr. Marji. More...


DC Gutierrez

28 May 2018

Dr. Marji has been instrumental in raising my awareness in so many areas that require improvement. I have seen substantial growth professionally and more importantly on a personal level. I highly recommend her expertise and am grateful for her positive impact. More...


Richard McLellan

27 February 2018

Dr. Margie is a wonderful therapist. She has helped our family a lot. She is one of the most qualified and trained therapists in state. Make and keep your appointments.


heather elliott

18 August 2017

I've been seeing Dr. Marji for over 6 months now.. her approach is one of the best I've experienced when it comes to bringing couples together as one. She will get to know each of you as individuals before she brings you together. I appreciated that because my partner and I did try other therapist and all it ever turned into was a blaming game. They never too the time out to get to know us as individuals first. She has a great way of helping you open up and effective ways to communicate with each other. I'm a mother of 3 amazing kiddos and without her help my kiddos would be going between houses... she was able to bring us together and make us see we are a team and has helped us reconnect. She's very prompt and will get back to you. I've never had an issue where she's not answered or gotten back to me when I've reached out to her.. she's an angel that was sent to my family and saved us. You just have to be willing to put in the effort to use the tools she gives you to make your relationship what you want it to be.. Its her job to help us to be able to communicate and deal with our issues as a team and she takes it very seriously.. she's invested in making relationships work. she's never been negative towards my spouse or judgemental in anyway with our background. If you are on the last chance give it you're all, I recommend to reach out to Dr. Marji she's worth every penny. I never ever do any reviews but anyone that's come to me since seeing her with any relationship issues I refer them to her she's that AMAZING! More...

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