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​Effective public relations is about more than impressions and reach. A long-lasting impact starts with identifying your target audience, determining the best channels to reach them and then engaging them with informative and persuasive messaging.


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15 April 2019

Best PR agency I have ever worked with! Nicole and team are smart, strategic, well-connected and deliver results.



4 April 2019

Nicole is a pleasure to work with and knows her stuff! Highly recommend.



26 March 2019

-Need to connect with other people or businesses REIN has more contacts with more people, making it less work on you.
-If you need a damage control expert, they are your go-to. Companies like Starbucks and Papa Johns got back on their feet because of professionals like Nicole and her staff.
-If you need advice on marketing or PR trends, CALL THEM!! Post Super Bowl commercial time is the best!
-With Nicole being a former journalist, she understands the news industry and what an interview needs to leave a lasting impression. As a morning news anchor Nicole had every bullet point ready to go, supported with pictures and video to make the segment smooth and impactful!


catherine williams

21 March 2019

Nicole is great to work with and great at what she does!

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I love the opportunity to dig in with clients, listen to what makes them unique and find creative ways to tell their story in the most compelling way. I am one of those people who is truly fortunate be doing what they are passionate about, whether that is strategic planning, media relations or content development. Having spent over 17 years cultivating numerous PR skills and continuously seeing my clients businesses grow continues to give me a great sense of excitement and joy.