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Reiki Massage Center

Northridge, California


Reiki Massage Center

Northridge, California


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Melissa M.

6 October 2019

I love this place! Ty ty and Clyde are amazing. The only thing I would change is if the traffic wasn't so loud. But I enjoy what I am feeling so much I almost don't notice the sounds. I highly recommend this place!!!!


Ben Pacheco

4 May 2019

Great, relaxing, already got another appointment to come back!


Tiffany K.

27 April 2019

It was amazing! Clyde does have strong intuition and said a few things that resonated very deeply with me.  If you're looking for a fancy place w/lots of hu-hah this is not the place for you.  If you're looking for an organic healing massage experience then I highly recommend Clyde.  I'm so happy I took my friends advice and drove nearly an hour (to & fro) it was well worth it.  Thank you Clyde! ‍ More...


Yesenia G.

10 February 2019

This place was great. Clyde was able to attend me and he really was able to get the knots and pain that I had. The place didn't look the best but the customer service was amazing! It was very relaxing. I will definitely be coming back again. More...


Katherine F.

20 December 2018

Such a fantastic experience! Clyde was very welcoming! I had a shiatsu and Swedish combination that was HEAVENLY.Then I had a reiki session done that was so fantastic. Very calming and I could feel the energy lifting.I will be returning very soon! More...


Mary J.

18 October 2018

Great treatment today for neck and shoulder pain - Clyde worked on Carol who is bone on bone in hip and knee. Thanks for the care and attention you and your other therapist gave us today


Aliza M.

20 September 2018

Clyde is so lit!!!!! He was extremely adaptive and gave special attention to the parts of my back and neck that were most tense. The deep tissue hot stone massage really reset me and was exactly what I needed. More...


Danielle H.

9 August 2018

Clyde is an amazing masseuse!!!!! I had so much pain in my shoulders and he got rid of it so quick! The intensity of the massage really relaxed my muscles and he knows where to target most! He is so relaxed and calm and inviting. I recommend him!!! And the massage is a great price, so worth it. This is a MUST! He's a sweet talented and skilled man! More...


Mayte Luna

4 June 2018

What an amazing experience. Hands down one of the most rewarding, spiritual, and healing experiences I've ever had. If you're local and looking for a place that offers Reiki or the number of services they offer, definitely check this place out. A friend and I had talked about trying acupuncture but we decided looking for somewehere that offered Reiki. I looked for a good while and found Reiki Massage Center (amoung a few others in La and West Hollywood) I definitely made the right decision. We will most definitely be coming back. The environment is peaceful, they are professional, and they are FOR REAL. Thank you so much Clyde!!! I felt my start to an inner peace, I never thought possible. More...


Josephine Ong

4 June 2018

Very nice experience. Fern was really good!


Manisha B.

17 May 2018

Got a reiki massage today from Clyde. He was very knowledgeable and caring. Felt better afterwards emotionally and physically.


A S.

4 September 2017

I have to say that Clyde really goes to work and is very knowledgeable about different ailments. If you're sensitive to environment, this might not be the place for you, but the massage is great and really works out the problems. He busts out crystals, essential oils, bowls, you name it. More...


Andi McCaffrey

4 June 2017

Elaine, at Reiki Massage, is a miracle worker! Great energy & skill! I will definitely be a regular of hers now!!!


Sunny C.

25 April 2017

I had a massage with Clyde today. It was amazing!!! He was very connected. It released so much negative energy and helped my body heal. I can't wait for the reiki treatment I have coming up next week!!! I feel so relaxed More...


Thao N.

18 March 2017

I was turned off with the place, it looked very unprofessional. However, the yelp reviews were so high that I stayed and I'm glad I did! I asked for a swedish massage but Clyde did his magic and figured that I needed to loosen my muscles. I will definitely come back!! More...


Jason W.

3 February 2017

Swedish Massage for my girlfriend through Groupon, upgraded to a deep-tissue massage. Professional, Personable, and incredibly knowledgeable. Don't be put off by the location. Clyde is flexible, identifies specific issues and problem points, and combines a variety of experiences, training, and healing philosophies to holistically address aches and pain. Great stuff. More...


Hana A.

20 October 2016

The place's physical location leaves a LOT to be desired.  It's definitely not the typical serene spa atmosphere.  Still, the massages are PHENOMENAL.  Yes, they're a bit painful, but no one has been able to work out my knots nearly as well as this place! Plus, their prices are totally reasonable.  You walk out feeling like a completely new person.  I would highly recommend. More...


Heather M.

13 October 2016

Clyde, you are my hero! My back hasn't felt this good in YEARS! You have a friend and client for life!


Ashley P.

8 October 2016

Clyde is wonderful and super knowledgeable and passionate about healing. The other negative reviews are plain silly. One session with Clyde and you'll know why he's a well liked healer. This isn't a fancy spa but a true healing center. Be open minded and have a session with Clyde. You'll thank me More...


Roxanne B.

6 August 2016

Took another Yelpers advice and booked a Swedish massage and Reiki with Tata. Amazing experience!  She was so genuine ..and while I realize everyone's experience is a deeply personal journey, I have never felt so  peacefull, so light, so at one with the world as after this experience.  Truly amazing...nothing like it. I would recommend that you look past the physical things that may not aesthetically please you, breath deep and be present... More...


Kitty R.

2 July 2016

Had a Swedish Massage and Reiki session today which was divine.  I was greeted at the entrance by Clyde whose smile reflects his soul and in turn his staff who are so very talented.  I came with a goal in mind for rejuvenation of self; living in our world today and with our present heat in LA tends to wear one down; gratefully through the fine hands of two lovely ladies my goal was met!Thank you so very much. More...


Delores G.

1 June 2016

My daughter and I visited the Reiki Massage center last weekend.  My daughter had Reiki with Clyde and I had a massage.  We were very pleased with the service.  Definitely will use the service again. More...


Afrika P.

28 February 2016

I tell everyone this place is a hidden treasure. Clyde you are a blessing, you always get me back on track. I have never met anyone who knows the body like you.I leave with a sense of physical and emotional/energy healing. Will always recommend. More...


Maria F.

11 February 2015

I've been to many massage places looking for satisfaction on what I pay. This place is the best massage I ever had.  My therapist knew exactly what I need and the points to focus on. I even had an extra 30 minutes for free just to work on all the body parts that need attention.  I will definitely go back. I recommend this to anyone who have back issues, neck issues or just for relaxation. The experienced I had is so amazing. More...


Leah R.

12 October 2014

I've been coming here for years!!!  Cylde is beyond a miracle worker - I referrer to it as a "medical massage".  Tata is also very good and so sweet and gracious.  Be sure to call in advance for an appointment as they are busy because they are so good! More...


Denise W.

16 September 2014

If you are looking for a serious massage, this is the place!!! It is not fancy, it is not a spa, it's a down to earth massage center. I get Thai massages from Tata...yes, that is her name. She is AMAZING!!! She is so professional and fixes my aches and pains and has me moving like a ballerina when I leave! I'm addicted!!!If you are looking for a serious massage. This is your place. Check it out. More...


Eliran L.

18 July 2014

Clyde is amazing! His massage is deep, strong and better than chiropractic work. You have to get a treatment in this place, seriously !!


Gloria P.

12 September 2013

I've had Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Thai, acupressure, acupuncture...oh I can't remember the rest. This place tops them all. Clyde and his crew give you detail massages to where you want them to work on you. I was checking out Groupon and I found this deal, 1hr massage for $29. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. He found all the spots that hurt me and explained to how they are connected to the other parts. He verbally showed me a road map of how my pains are caused.  He's right. No other doctor "general practitioner" that I have been to in the past 15 years could figure it out. It all clicked at once. He worked on all my problem spots with exactly what they needed. It's amazing how I feel tonight after that! What a relief to find a therapist that is willing to work at the crux of the problem instead of around it, to make you have to go back. It's not huge or fancy, but it's definitely comfortable. The place is clean, good parking access, plenty of aromas, beautiful music...I'm going back. :) Clyde is a genius! More...


Laura M.

17 May 2013

The energy here is so pure and positive. They are very mindful about being present with you during the entire time. I loved my experience here and have been going back at least once a month. Enjoy everyone.


Kelly L.

23 October 2012

I found the Ki-Ssage Wellness Center through a deal I received from groupon for a 60 minute reiki session.  I'm so grateful that I found this place, because Clyde (the owner) is amazing.  He is so knowledgeable and friendly, and creates such a warm and calm environment.  I felt immensely better after my session with him (and still do).  I could feel his energy, and for the very first time saw my third eye through his work of opening my chakras.  It was amazing!!!I recommend his reiki to all, and really want to go through his classes to become certified.  I haven't yet had the massage, but will.  I currently have a membership through a massage company (that is quite good) that I am going to cancel so that I can get massages and reiki from the Ki-Ssage Wellness Center. More...



28 September 2012

wow !! finally someone that know what he is doing,and does what he say... that can help us people with sciatic ,or any muscle pain and similar issues ,             I hope Clyde's  stays busy because he deserve it,I had a combo deep tissue massage Presurepoint,but I had him work on my stress out back,boy he can work the muscle's deep enough to recovery very fast !


Natalie K.

22 June 2011

The massages are AMAZING! I suffer  from scoliosis and go to this wellness center once a week to heal my spinal pain. Klyde the owner is very knowledgable with the body and helps me relieve my pain without feeling horrible sore the next day. I highly recommend this place to anyone with back or spinal pain. More...


Sri P.

19 January 2011

I have been dreading this day for about 6 months now, the day I would share the best massage therapist I have ever had and the Yelp effect leaves him unavailable for my weekly massages. But then I thought why am I being so selfish? Yelp has given me so much in terms of amazing places, I might as well return the favor. I have a neuro-muscular skeletal condition as well as a few slightly herniated discs from a bad car accident last year. Needless to say my body is a tight rubberband and after a massage from Clyde I feel like a new man. Every person I have gifted a Clyde massage to has come back hugging me. This dude seriously knows what he is doing and none of that pussy shit I am going to gently touch you, he does a serious deep tissue massage that leaves your knots crying in pain, but the good pain. I have had massages all over the world and NOTHING beats Clyde's very reasonable $70 an hour rate. BEST MASSAGE EVER! More...