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Offering one to one behavioural and basic training and social skills training for all breeds of dogs and puppies.

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Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Mandy
3 01/01/2019 Mandy

We are getting the man soon as we needed him after Christmas,
I’m waiting on a lady I got the dog off to go half with me,

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Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Carol goodacre
5 29/09/2018 Carol goodacre

Excellent advice given and am still working on it. Rocco is getting better all the time.

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Rehabilitation and Training replied:
That’s great news Carol. Keep up the good work!
Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Carol
5 12/09/2018 Carol

Steve came to see my son and I today about his rescue dog. He showed us how to walk him without him pulling on his lead and also to show him who is in charge. Very useful visit and a really nice man. Would thoroughly recommend Steve.

Rehabilitation and Training replied:
Thank you Carol and good luck with the training. Remember if you have any further questions then give me a call. Regards, Steve
Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Frances
5 25/08/2018 Frances

Fantastic! Friendly, informative and very helpful would highly recommend Steve!

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Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by vera palmer
5 27/11/2016 vera palmer

Very helpful and I hope to use this help in the future until my puppy gets the hang of things .

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Rehabilitation and Training replied:
Many thanks Vera. Good luck with the training and hope to see you again soon. Steve
Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Michelle
5 24/03/2016 Michelle

Steve was very patient with me and helped my understanding of what I can do to help diesel

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Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Sheila Nessling
5 11/02/2016 Sheila Nessling

Steve Hutley came out to us several weeks ago as we were having real behavioural problems with our dog Gus.
We rescued Gus from an animal shelter 7 months ago, for the first 5 months we had no trouble with him whatsoever he then started to bark and show threatening behaviour to certain people who came into the house.
Some people he had known since day 1 & other people that were strangers.
We were told about Steve Hutley and called him for a visit.
Luckily enough he went for Steve so at least he saw him in action.
What both my husband & I had been doing unknowingly was letting Gus be leader of the pack and he was protecting us both.
Gus had a really rough time before we got him & looking back now, we did spoil him to compensate.
Steve walked in and saw the problems straight away, he certainly knows his stuff with dogs & sorted Gus out.
It was hard work for a few days, but we did everything that Steve asked us to do & now it's just an everyday thing.
Gus is no longer leader of the pack, he knows his place & he is a happy obedient dog.
We would recommend Steve highly to anyone who needs help with their dog, he was here for over 5 hours & he taught Gus & us so much during that time.
Steve has a lovely nature & treats you with the utmost respect.
What he doesn't know about dogs is not worth knowing & we are so grateful for what he taught both our dog & us

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Ryan Parsonson
5 Ryan Parsonson

Steve came round to teach us how to correctly teach and discipline our 1yr old pup. He was here 6 hours and within that time Harley (our dog) made incredible progress! Steve made the training easy to understand and explained why and what we’re doing is necessary. We now understand the dogs psychology more and how to train and discipline him properly and even over night has made amazing progress! What a difference a day makes!!

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Hacer Heart
5 Hacer Heart

Thanks Steve, you have shown us how to be the owners a dog deserves. In such a short time you covered every concern we had and demonstrated methods that worked straight away. You genuinly care about each dog you meet and put the work in 110%
You have let us understand zero and we couldnt have asked for more.

Definitely recommend for any dog owners that have any problems. Steves methods are effective straight away. You will see results and so will your pets :-)

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Abbie Louise Clarke
5 Abbie Louise Clarke

We have a 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier who is very loving, but mischievous. We were finding him really hard work but since Steve came and worked with us, he has changed so much for the better! I am beginning to be able to really enjoy my dog and walking him on a lead :) Steve is so friendly and by the time he left, I felt confident that things were going to change for the better and we were going to have the dog we always wanted in Stanley! I 100% recommend Steve, he is really enthusiastic and you can really tell he loves what he does :) My dog loved him straight away :)

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Julie Reynolds
5 Julie Reynolds

Thankyou so much for working with us a family with millie and gemma. It was really enjoyable to understand what the dogs are thinking and why they behave in such a way. You had patience with me when i kept getting it wrong.

Ive put your training in place straight away last night with successful walk to heal around the roads stopping at every road crossing. Then went over woods this morning early, so they can assess there environment and again successfully avoided other confrontation from other dogs. Recall was brilliant and fun.

Millie hasnt been on sofa since!

Thankyou so much and highly recommended your services xxx

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Lyndsay Killick
5 Lyndsay Killick

Today i spent 5 odd hours rolling my eyes, tutting alot and saying "oh my god yes & I'M so stupid"..... Today I was trained.... I can not express enough how thankful i am to Steve. He truly knows his 'stuff' and he has guided me and given me back my faith in my ability to train my 8mnth old german shepherd who has been pushing his boundaries. Most of what i was taught today is common sense from the dogs point of view. I can not wait to put into practice all i have learnt. (id start straight away but Ace is soundo haha). Many many thanks Steve. I truly and highly recommend anyone who needs training (yes you not the dog �) to give Steve a call.

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Natalie King
5 Natalie King

Steve came recommended. I took my dog Ozzy on as a rescue and he had some behavioural issues when on the lead and meeting other dogs. He's a big dog so I was also anxious about keeping him under control when out for walks and meeting other dogs.

Steve spent a good 5 hours explaining ways in which to change his behaviour, both at home and when out. Steve has a reassuring and professional manner that you feel you can trust. He came on a walk to observe Ozzy and a dog came running up while we were out and Ozzy didn't react. It was that quick of a change. Steve explained that I need to also change my reaction to these situations to try to keep everything calm.
It's been over 3 weeks since our consultation and Ozzy is making great progress. He will walk really well on the lead and is so much calmer when meeting other dogs and rarely reacts, I also feel a lot more confident. This has made walking him so much less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Thanks so much.

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Matt Walker
5 Matt Walker

We recently got a Romanian street dog from a local rescue centre and as first time dog owners, we were struggling with her for the first few days and were thinking of taking her back.
She was never aggressive but kept nipping, we couldn't eat food in peace as she'd jump at us, the walks consisted of us being dragged round the streets, having to have a wrestling match with her for me to leave the front door for work in the mornings and it got to stage where my partner had to sit on my lap in a single seat whilst the dog had the three seater sofa to herself cause she was such a pain if we tried sitting on it. Then we decided to call Steve and we're so glad we did.
He's obviously very knowledgeable and with teaching us and her clear instructions and showing us how we should be more dominant, it's made such a difference already. We know we still have a lot of work to do but after just three days she now sits, stays, pretty much won't go on the sofa unless invited and the walks are much better. We love her to bits and so glad we kept her. Thank you Steve!

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Daniel Davis
5 Daniel Davis

We have two German shepherds, one pure bred bitch and one cross male. Both have had various issues that we hadn't been training out of them effectively. Steve came on recommendation from another client of his who only had wonderful things to say about his work. We contacted Steve and very quickly received a response and call with a booking not long after. Steve has visited us today and spent 5 hours going through training and positive behavioural training that have dramatically changed the way we and our dogs bond. Issues Steve dealt with included, Walking on the lead pulling, obsession over sticks, barking at the door, recall, and other issues which we found a problem in our day to day lives. Steve is a complete professional that is very passionate about his work and the dogs he trains. We couldn't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Steve. We have some things to keep working with now, but the tools you have given us should stand us in good stead. ��

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Heidi Black
5 Heidi Black

Steve came to help me deal with several issues with my two Rescue dogs, Biscuit and Crumb. From excessive barking, to lead pulling and nipping.

I couldn't believe what a positive influence he had on Biscuit and she seemed to visibly relax in his company. Steve has shown me how to help Crumb who is deaf and how I can adapt hand signals so he understands what I need him to do.

He clearly has a brilliant understanding of dogs and what makes them tick. Steve has given me the tools transform my delinquent pair, so now it is down to me to work with them. We covered so many aspects of dog behavior today and I simply can't thank him enough. I can't recommend Steve enough, a really decent bloke and a brilliant service.

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by William Mark
5 William Mark

Steve spent the day with myself and hercules and worked wonders in a short amount of time. Looking forward to getting him back for a few hours in a month or so.. big reccomendation!!!

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Natasha Horne
5 Natasha Horne

Steve has been such a great help with our big pup! Very approachable and great with the dogs! Would recommend to all

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Christine Ellis
5 Christine Ellis

Steve came over yesterday spent most of the day accessing and going though techniques with me. I have a white GSD with anxiety issues and is extremely nervous of almost everything outside, walking her is something else!! So today I have been putting into practice the advice Steve has recommended. Going ok, just come back from taking her for a walk! It is soooo hard what I need to do to break the cycle, however, me and Skara have got to come out the other side!!
I highly recommend Steve, he certainly knows his stuff especially with GSD. With hard work and determination we’ll be rewarded with one happy hound

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Kathy Haywood-rand
5 Kathy Haywood-rand

Steve visited us today to work with our Rough Collie, Sylvie, who was rescued from Romania 18 months ago. We have been experiencing a variety of unusual issues which all come down to a lack of confidence. She has been refusing to leave the sofa unless asked, won't drink in front of us, sometimes won't eat, and is terrified when she is anywhere in the house, except "her" sofa. We have had 4 collies before and have never experienced anything like this, and after 16 months of working with her, and having advice from other trainers, we were at the point of giving up and, literally, letting sleeping dogs lie! Steve was recommended by a friend, and I have to say, was a breath of fresh air. He came with no preconceptions, and was not judgemental in any way. He had to totally reverse the advice he usually gives to people, and I felt that he worked not only with Sylvie, but also with me as an individual. He was with us for 6 hours, and took time to assess what he saw on the day, as well as taking into account my opinion. By half way through the appointment, Sylvie was happily lying in the kitchen, in her dog bed, a place where she had never before ventured without scuttling through the room in a panic, despite bribery with treats of cheese. We now have a plan firmly in place in order to make her comfortable in different rooms in the house, one at a time, and I'm pleased to say that she is sleeping next to me in the kitchen, despite all doors being open - she has chosen to be with me. Thank you Steve - from me and Sylvie. X

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Pauline Watts
5 Pauline Watts

Steve visited us and Eli today to help us work on a few ‘bad habits’ (ours more than Eli’s!) and we are all still processing the learning. He provides a steady and calm influence on both humans & dogs and we think he’s given us the strength and knowledge to improve our life with our beautiful GSD. Thanks Steve...we’ll keep you updated

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Lynn Thurston
5 Lynn Thurston

Understands the problems that you have and works hard to ensure that you know exactly what to do. Nothing is too much trouble explains in simple terms with demonstrations with you dog . Easy to talk to and discuss problems with , with an approachable manner many thanks to steve for his time and effort with our German shepherd

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Heather Julia Dean
5 Heather Julia Dean

I had Steve round to see angle as she was pulling on the lead & jumping up when people come in to the home I can truly say that in that day angel had got the message know more pulling & jumping up I will say if eny one has a problems with the dogs please give Steve Hurley a ring on 07859879559 and I know he will help you.. Heather ..

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Nina Carr
5 Nina Carr

Steve's calm, clear approach made it easy for us to understand where we had been going wrong. It made perfect sense when he said Millie was not happy feeling that she was 'pack leader's. As soon as we started implementing his simple training techniques she relaxed and willingly gave up control. I can't thank Steve enough.

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Natasha Dyson
5 Natasha Dyson

Steve had the difficult job of coming to help my family with our 3 dogs. He was very friendly and extremely helpful with all of our issues and has an amazing follow up protocol. We have previously seen a dog behaviourist who was not as thorough or as understanding of our situation as Steve. He spent a very long time going over all of our concerns and explained in detail why we should use the techniques he taught us as well as showing each of us the correct way to pull them off. He was amazing with all of the dogs and the whole family which made things easier too. after he left we had a long email (pretty much a book) to ensure we had something to refresh our memories when needed. Thank you so much! Dyson family

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Gemma Fox-Murray
5 Gemma Fox-Murray

Steve came round to help with our 2 Dachshunds who love to bark and pull on the lead and one scared of strangers and other dogs so gets very defensive.
As he comes to your house and out for a walk with you it’s so much more effective then going to a class as your dog is in its own environment & space so he can really see and tackle any issues on a one to one basis!
Steve showed us all the techniques to use and got us to try them whilst he was there and I was so surprised what a difference it made in just that one day. Simple positive training but knowing what to say and do with all the family using the same techniques. Genius.
My husband wasn’t bothered about getting training for them but when Steve left he took it all back and said it’s worth every penny.
Looking forward to less stressful adventures with our happier pups. Thank you so much!

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Jessica Bell
5 Jessica Bell

We had Steve round today and what a difference a day makes or a different eye on the way we do things has had already , just understanding in a different way is amazing. Steve came to see our two 8 year old miniature schnauzers ( who have had no training at alll ) and 7 month old ridgeback cross mastiff , within an a couple of hours our dogs where acting much better , he spent a good 5.5 hours with us so we was happy and confident in what he had shown as well as taught us , it's amazing how he makes everything sound much more understanding then if we was to just read up on it , we are looking forward to putting all his advice into practice and the fact that he on end of phone or will come help if we struggle is a big reassurance . Thankyou Steve ��

Review of Rehabilitation and Training  by Nicholas Allsopp
5 Nicholas Allsopp

Brilliant information, understandable, clever and patient!
All those things I/the family didn’t have now have and continue to use those techniques to improve the behaviour of our 16 month old GSD thanks to Steve the trainer!
I it amazing how quickly things can turn around over simple little techniques and if you have this as your trainer you will 100% not be disappointed especially for the money, I know a lot of dog trainers don’t offer the full amount for the price they ask for! However Steve will give you more than the asking price which is the extra bonus so you will 100% get your monies worth!
Again great trainer and would highly recommend to anyone!

Rehabilitation and Training

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Rehabilitation and Training  Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

To work with dogs every day is the ultimate job. If you get paid for doing your hobby, then it doesn't get better than that!
When owners are at their wits end due to not knowing what to do with their dog, there is no finer thing than to see the joy and relief when I get them to change their dogs behaviour for the better!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having worked as a Police Dog Handler for 19 years, I wanted to continue with my hobby once I had retired. To work for yourself doing your hobby is great satisfaction.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have a broad experience working with all types of dogs, big or small, from puppies to problem rescue dogs.
I use proven positive reward training methods and pride myself in this, as the dogs welfare always comes first.

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