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Refresh Organizers & Designers are professional organizers and designers who come to your home or office with the solutions you need to turn your personal space into a place where you (and your family) can relax and recharge. We are experts in creating personalized solutions to fit your lifestyle.


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Janelle R.

26 March 2019

Gary and Juliette helped us move into a flat in a senior living facility. It looked like an easy job at first because we were only moving to another flat in the same building--and a larger one at that. But it turned out that the careful planning we had done to move into the first one meant that not everything fit well in the new place. They helped us strategize to get the most from the space in the new place and from our old things, designed a new walk-in closet for us, and took the stress out of the move. They were professional, honest, and accurate. When moving day came, they managed it well and saved us stress. We were very very pleased. More...


G H.

21 June 2018

A great husband and wife team that gets the job done!You can trust them to organize,get rid of clutter and have your home beautiful again.


Peggy K.

5 November 2017

Having just moved into a new home after thirty one years I needed help organizing my belongings into a significantly  smaller space and hanging an extensive art collection.  Gary was brilliant at both: he was able to sort and put things in the perfect place.  Gary is a pleasure to work with-- friendly, easy going collaborative and very willing to share his vast knowledge of interior design and art.  I had a wonderful afternoon and my home is beautiful! More...


David R.

27 April 2017

Refresh Personal Organizers offer a variety of services.  I recently had the pleasure of using their Staging services for my business, David Reno - Alain Pinel Realtors.  Juliette and Gary came to my Seller's home to review the property, make suggestions for preparations (e.g., painting, minor repairs, what can stay, etc.) and discuss the style of staging that would suit the home.After that, I gave them the keys and didn't have to worry about anything again.They arranged the move-in of the furnishings, provided custom artwork from local artists, arranged to have fresh flowers delivered for the Open Homes, kept the place clean and as the close of escrow approached, they seamlessly removed everything.Refresh was professional, reliable and definitely helped sell the home, as most people that came through commented on how nicely staged it was.I look forward to using Refresh again and hope to have an opportunity soon to refer them to my clients for their Organizational and Design services. More...


Tonya J.

9 April 2017

The best!! Gary and Juliette were amazing - could not have been successful without them. We did a huge makeover on my garage and office closet. They had great ideas that we executed - but were also completely ok with my overrides. They created a great team atmosphere. I appreciated their energy and expertise - and stuff really moved quickly!The bigger job was going through my moms house - who recently and suddenly passed away. It was a very tough situation but they are both so kind and supportive in the midst of getting things done that it worked really well. Gary helped get old photos digitized as well as took pictures of a bunch of art I was not able to keep. I truly appreciate their work and could not recommend them more!!! More...


Kathy K.

1 December 2016

I have been living in a very cluttered apartment, and was facing the monumental task of packing my stuff up for a move. I had no place to work due to the clutter. I wanted to start in my bedroom since that was the most cluttered room. My spirits had gotten so low because I couldn't seem to find a way to even begin!Gary and Juliette tackled my bedroom - it was a storage throw-all. I was hoping they could make significant inroads into the clutter. I had things strewn all over the floor, boxes of things that had tipped over, endless paper, books, cds and knickknacks everywhere. This was 6+ years of accumulated mess. Not only did they make inroads - the room is completely cleared! I explained that my big push was to de-clutter and down-size because I'm going to be moving soon.Gary and Juliette separated items into: keep, donate, trash and "box for moving." They did all the hard leg work that I just am not up to doing. They kept very organized and helped me be productive too, bringing items for me to sort through during the process.They also made a much bigger pathway through my livingroom, and relocated items to other rooms where appropriate. What a nice bonus!Gary and Juliette were respectful, friendly and professional. They turned a day that I had been dreading into a happy, super-productive day. They listened to everything I was hoping to accomplish and kept focused on doing just that. I didn't want to throw "perfectly good" items into the garbage, and they were willing to do the legwork necessary to donate these items for me. I feel so motivated now to continue boxing for my move. And now I have the space to do it!Thank you SO MUCH, Gary and Juliette! You've made my move possible. More...


Melissa P.

30 November 2016

Juliette and Gary are superb at what they do. They bring a ton of life experience to help make organizing decisions, do the work, and get it done! I'm an artist and trainer so appreciated the artistic sensibility each of them has:  Juliette has an architectural and teaching background, and Gary a photographic and real estate background. They applied those artistic and practical skills to help me purge a huge garage full of stuff and organize a completely messed up office/guest room. The first thing I liked was the free estimate. It was helpful to know their pricing and breakdown, and I liked them right away. When they came to work, they showed up on time and we got right to work. Their energy is boundless! I was the one suggesting a tea break here and a lunch break there. I liked that both of them had ideas and still respected my requests and preferences. It can be scary to delve into boxes and make decisions; they were both sensitive and patient with my process--and never stopped moving, creating or labeling boxes while I sorted and purged. We got the garage done (except stuff I need to do myself) in 1/2 the estimated time. Then Juliette and I worked on the office, while Gary worked on two other problem areas on his own, with my checklist in hand.They are fine hauling and lifting and in each case, they went above and beyond, cleaning up at the end of the day and driving donations to the thrift store, so I had a nice space after all the work. I still walk into the office in amazement when I see how clean it is!Thanks Gary and Juliette! More...


len n.

15 August 2016

If you're looking for an organizer with great skills and a truly artistic eye - look no further. Gary and Juliette are so good at what they do, and are such nice, reliable, and trustworthy people as well. Who knew they could change my work area into such an efficient space!But what I really wanted help with was a huge stack of old photos, slides, and family memorabilia. Gary being the terrific photographer that he is (ask him to show you some of his photographs) made him the perfect choice for this project. He took our old slides and tattered B&W and color photos, and transformed them into wonderful albums, both on paper and online. With our extended family, now spread out across the country, we couldn't have asked for more.Plus, then Juliette gave us a few great ideas on our living room that really made sense. We heartily recommend them! More...


Bindi P.

8 August 2016

Refresh Personal Organizers is absolutely wonderful! Working with Juliette has been beyond excellent! She is very personable, insightful, thorough, organized, and has a great attention to detail. She takes the time to understand the individual's needs and expectations as she assists with the process. Her work has been incredibly helpful in keeping me on track in many ways: She has helped with finances, household, personal, work, and lifestyle organization. She has been a delight to work with because, as a person, she has a lovely, serene, and thoughtful disposition. I highly recommend working with her and Gary and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know! More...


Karen B.

31 July 2016

Juliette and Gary are a pleasure to work with. Juliette has helped me with light bookkeeping, organizing and completion of those nagging items that always seem to get put on the back burner. Importantly, they have helped with grocery shopping, and they have cooked delicious, healthy meals for my family for several months. It has been a lifesaver as I juggle feeding hungry teens and a huge workload. I'm grateful for their care, creativity and the ease with which they work. More...


Marla F.

29 July 2016

Just spent some time with Juliette and Gary on a major project reorganizing my 90-year-old mom's bedroom, living room, and bathroom to better meet current needs, given her reduced mobility and safety considerations. What a talented and highly effective duo! My mom wasn't thrilled with the prospect of needing to make so many changes to her cherished space, but Juliette and Gary were respectful, compassionate, and patient throughout the process. In the end, we are all thrilled with the results, especially my mom who loves her apartment's improved organization and flow. I appreciated their ability to creatively repurpose what she already had on hand as much as possible and their willingness to work within our budget. We are planning to have Juliette and Gary back soon to help with another round. Next up: the closets and kitchen! More...

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We offer in house or online complementary consultations (for out of state clients) to initiate the design process. During the consultation we establish together, the scope of the design services and if we are the best fit for the client. We then provide a quote and the client can purchase the appropriate Design Package to start the design process. Our design work is divided into stages that are presented to the client for approval before we move to the next stage. We go as quick as our client makes decisions. Here are the main design stages/deliverables: Inspiration Board, Design Board, Product+Vendor List, Purchasing (Optional) and Set-Up Visit (Optional) or Set-Up Instructions.

We specialize in transitional and contemporary interior design. We have a "less is more" approach to interiors; that is to say that we value space above filling space with things without a clear functionality. Our main architect-interior designer has European and South American experience in architecture and interior design.

Creating beautiful spaces with excellent functionality and space flow.

The feeling we can help our busy clients to create a place to come home to and relax.

We make your home and/or office splendid and we are fun to work with :-)