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Deirdre Beakhurst

28 June 2019

Great gym..Great coaches..BRILLIANT workout ️‍♀️


Lesleyann Mooney

29 May 2019

first day back in a good few weeks and have to say felt straight at home and had a brilliant session thanks a mill xxx


Emma Richards

8 May 2019

What an amazing gym , all women's gym and women trainers , I love it here the results that you get from the programme Mary does up is unreal. She has your name on your own sheets and logs your progress and will always push you to where she know you can go 5stars from me all the trainers push you and are brilliant always a great laugh too. More...


megan ainscough

8 May 2019

Mary and all the girls who are the trainers are just amazing make you feel so comfortable and so helpful. Love the classes very cheap and mix of cardio and weights. We always have a laugh and the trainers make the workout fun too. Its also an all women's gym. Can't recommend this gym enough. More...


Liz dixon

8 May 2019

Great workout best gym iv ever joined, all very friendly, would highly recommend to all age groups


Bernadette Finegan

11 February 2019

The best place to get fitter, stronger and have a laugh all in one surrounded by the most supportive and encouraging women. Mary and the girls help bring the best out of you in every class. More...


Anna Marie Breen

25 January 2019

Another great class with Mandy this evening, Mandy is very knowledgeable and very engaging in the class, I only went back training last Saturday and I'm delighted I did..bring it on


Pamela Marie Greene Hogarty

7 December 2018

Excellent gym, coaches are so motivating n supportive totally recommend this gym ❤️


Sandra James

8 September 2018

Great place to train, Mary and Lisa go above and beyond to the most out your training session, really friendly place to train


Lynsey Cullen

8 September 2018

Started training in January and nearly 5 months later I am addicted! Love how my body is changing and feel fit and strong. The trainers Mary, Lisa and Noeleen keep you motivated and are full of encouragement. Its not at all intimidating as its a small group of 1 to 4 woman per session all there for the same reason, to train in a fun friendly relaxed atmosphere More...


Sharon Cormack

8 September 2018

I absolutely love going to Reform PT and would highly recommend it. Reform is a women's only gym with fitness class options and personal training sessions. The trainers are fantastic. They really get to know everyone and are so encouraging and supportive. The owner, Mary, has done an incredible job with the place. You won't find anywhere like it. More...


June Lally

8 September 2018

Love this gym girls are so friendly feel very comfortable small numbers which is great time goes quicker


Mary Grimes

8 September 2018

Great gym, great trainers, all lovely girls. Great results


Donna O Toole

8 September 2018

I have been using this gym for the past 2 years, and have tried other gyms in the past but have never stuck to them , Reform fitness offers classes and personal training sessions , I have done the weight training personal sessions with the trainers and have to say they are the best workouts I have ever done and the most effective that I achieved the results I wanted, these girls in this gym are second to none , I cannot recommend them enough


Suzanne Kelly

5 June 2018

Brilliant gym the girls are very professional. Classes fly by with a great atmosphere xxx


Sabaa Katib-khan

17 January 2018

Wow this place is amazing! Both Mary's and Lisa are the best, I would recommend it to everyone! They really give you a great workout. Both Mary's and Lisa know how to push you and make you work hard. I feel fantastic when i finish and can really feel the difference in my life after only joining 8 weeks ago! I can now do things I could never believe I could do. The trainers have amazing personalities and are so friendly. They know exactly how to make ur workout an enjoyable and effective one! They have given me advice about healthy eating and motivate me to a stick to a healthy diet giving me advice on foods, snacks and treats I can eat. I have been to other gyms before but never felt so great. Thank you so much everyone at reform personal training and fitness!! I would give them more then 5 stars if I could!!!!!! More...


Sara O'Sirideain

6 October 2017

Great gym. Really enjoy training with the girls. They are all lovely and push you to get the best out of you. Can’t recommend it enough.


Aoife Oconnor

25 September 2017

2nd wk coming to reform and I have to say I absolutely love it.... Lisa is great for getting the best out of u ...the class are great and the girls are all lovely ur made feel so welcome..can't recommend this place highly enough More...


Michelle Oconnor

25 July 2017

Great class yday lisa is the best she really makes u work yr ass of I have pains in parts of. Me body I've never had be4 lol


Gemma Reddin

24 June 2017

Amazing classes and even better instructors! Mary especially really knows how to push you to get the best from your workout.. Couldn't be happier I joined here, the best form of exercise I've tried over the years! �� More...


Lorraine O' Brien

14 June 2017

The best classes I've ever done , the trainers and girls are very good and push you x


Michelle Morris

2 June 2017

Started in Reform a few weeks ago and absolutely love it Mary and Lisa are amazing and love doing PT and classes with them highly recommended Reform �


Tracey Whelan

3 May 2017

Best gym around would highly recommend it


Safia Sarhan

12 April 2017

My 1st time in the gym tonight was hard going but loved it lovely girls can't wait to get stuck into it now thanks very much xx


Rebecca Kavanagh

16 March 2017

Love the classes here. Mary and grace really put you through your paces and push you to get the best out of your workout. Every class of different and the girls make sure you are looked after �


Samantha Kearney

15 March 2017

Joined the girls in January and was overwhelmed by the welcome , I am recovering from a crash from last year so the girls mary and grace took this in to consideration and always have a well planned routine for me. Since joining I have loss a stone and gained confidence in myself doing my work out. I can't think of a better gym with lovely down to earth people providing a professional and reasonable service. Thanks for having me mary and grace x More...


Emma Richards ܤ

16 February 2017

Absolutely love coming here every week , Mary is amazing at what she does. You feel so comfortable here and all the girls are lovely , highly recommend ����


Tasha Geoghegan

6 January 2017

Absolutely love these classes the girls really push u to your limits but hard work pays off thanks for all the support girls


Kaitlyn Ayres

4 November 2016

She's the best around ����


Sandra Reidy

12 October 2016

First time attending, Mary was friendly and welcoming. Really looking forward to getting stuck in next wk.


Triona Cullen

27 September 2016

Absolutely love these classes was there 2 weeks an lost 2 an half inches from me waist.. Mary pushes ye to ur limits an makes u give ur 100%... classes are so intense an make it worth goin it as they change every day.. I highly recommend these classes as it's al girls comfortable friendly an we have a laugh doin wat most people hate.. If u wanna change ur life style I suggest gettin in touch wit Mary ��#idontsweatisparkle More...


Lynn Cunningham

25 September 2016

I started reform fitness about 8 weeks ago and I'm loving every bit of it, as well as fantastic work outs I'm also been educated in all the foods I'm eating. I'm loving this new clean living me and I won't be looking back � More...


Amy Shane

20 July 2016

Loving the classes. Really recommend them to anyone looking for classes such nice trainer's and great value


Samantha Maxwell Denton

20 May 2016

Great class this mornin I feel great Mary Denton PT slowly gettin my body back the way it was and when u put shorts on that didn't fit u and fit u no is a bonus . I always felt nervous even thinkin off the gym and it took me ages 2 start with Mary and now I'm like Wat was the big deal. Mary makes u feel welcome trains u 2 Wat ur body is able 4 and most off all makes it enjoyable. Thx Mary u will have me fit in no time. Girls that feel this way give it a go u won't look back More...


Paul Carroll

7 April 2016

Had a brilliant first day here. I know I'll be sore tomorrow. Looking forward to many more :-D very highly recommended @Mary denton


Trina Denton

8 February 2016

Had my first session tonight feeling the burn now will sleep like a baby tonight.. looking forward to tomorrow's session . Thanks to mary for your help and support im looking forward to changing myself ☺️ ️xx More...