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Here at Reebas Retreat we understand that it can be a difficult decision finding the right person to look after your pooch while you’re away from home.

That’s why we have the highest standards for our guests and they are treated more like family.


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kate dowling

27 July 2019

Brilliant at looking after dogs and understanding their individual needs.


Sharon M.

11 July 2019

Chloe H saysThey loved there stay and came home very tried & happy! They can't wait to come back. Thank you so much for looking after them while we were away, we wouldn't trust anyone else with our pups except you!  xx


Anna Wright

6 March 2019

Dodger loves his weekends away at Doggy Digs! Debbie is so passionate about dogs and you can see this with the care and attention she gives to each of them. Because we use Doggy Digs for home boarding care, Dodger spends time with the whole family who are also big dog lovers. The dogs are treated like one of their own so we can relax on our weekends away knowing our boy is not only well cared for, but having fun too. More...


Diane L Francis

5 March 2019

Reuben loves his days at Doggy Digs. Debbie and her family treat all the dogs as one of their own and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service provided

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I love the looks on their faces when you go out for a muddy walk and they discover new smells and sights

With four dogs of my own, I love seeing them interact and have fun with other dogs.

I recommend you visit us and make up your own mind as we have a wonderful facility and lots of love to give.


Our fantastic home is open to your pooches for day care, where they socialise, excerise and have adventures! Our day care starts from 9am (earlier for collections) and finishes at 3pm

Dog walking! The muddier the better so be prepared for sleepy dogs.

Half day day care is available if you only need your pooch watched for a certain time

Over amazing Reebas Retreat lounge offers comfort at night for sleepovers, no cages in sight and fun days of play with walks in the woods.

Collection is free within a 4 mile radius, out of this there is a small fee