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Are you struggling to find people to do an ad-hoc task or cover a part-time role at short notice?
Don’t let that role go unfilled, register with RedWigWam and we’ll match it to the right people from the thousands looking for flexible work who have registered with us.

RedWigWam Reviews

RedWigWam Reviews

Review of RedWigWam by ross faulkner
5 05/07/2019 ross faulkner

love the website great for quick work that I need, can't wait to carry on working!

Review of RedWigWam by LD
5 05/07/2019 LD

Great company to work for. Interesting Jobs. Pay quickly and accurately.

Review of RedWigWam by Dale Bellamy
5 26/03/2019 Dale Bellamy

Very good company to work for. Instructions always clear. The only thing i'd recommend to improve is have more real life mystery shopping jobs and less online shopping ones as I don't do food shopping online.

Review of RedWigWam by Kel Mat
5 26/02/2019 Kel Mat

I have just started a new quite a regular job through RedWigWam and I love it! I would not have got this opportunity without RedWigWam so thank you!!!!!

Review of RedWigWam by Klaudia Kraczkowska
5 30/01/2019 Klaudia Kraczkowska

As always great to work with and professional. Good communication.

Review of RedWigWam by Michelle Bennett
1 23/01/2019 Michelle Bennett

Very disappointed! I couldn't get through the facial recognition process. I tried it on my phone and two different laptops, reached out to support and they told me to just keep trying and to keep doing the things I was already doing. I informed that I also didn't have a drivers license and was not instructed on what to do otherwise and when applying with a birth certificate, that is a required field. Support not at all helpful and disappointed I couldn't do this in my town.

Review of RedWigWam by Jo Reeder
5 10/10/2018 Jo Reeder

Redwigwam I would always give 5*. They are always there ready to help. They are kind, courteous and polite.
If ever I have a problem on site I know I can contact them via ‘Live chat’ there and then.
They are also great at getting back to me via email if I have any questions.
Payment is always quick.
Yes, I love working for them because of their great service.

Thank you Redwigwam


Review of RedWigWam by Paul Whiteley
5 Paul Whiteley

Great way to earn a bit of extra cash & the speed of payment from completion of your timesheet is second to none.......I have known Red Wigwam pay next day quite regularly.....

Opportunities are often fun & generally quite varied....sometimes the secret shopping can be repetitive especially if the product on offer is not for you.....but even then friends & families can benefit

If there is one negative it can be that job opportunities can fall outside your specified travelling times, but there is no obligation to apply for any of these opportunities

Review of RedWigWam by Ro Ho
5 Ro Ho

Red Wigwam are a great outfit to be involved with. The idea of recruiting on an hour by hour or job by job basis lends itself to those who need a bit of extra income. The support staff are great. Would recommend just registering and seeing what comes up - there are some interesting opportunities! I've enjoyed all my work through this company and hope there is more to come.

Review of RedWigWam by Joanne Mcavoy'reeder
5 Joanne Mcavoy'reeder

This is a great company to work with. They always reply very quickly to any questions you may have. They pay really quick and the jobs are fun and easy. I am a mystery shopper and with other companies there is so much paperwork to fill out. With this one, I was actually shocked with how little paperwork is involved! The pay is good too compared with what you really have to do. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Review of RedWigWam by Jo Hunt
5 Jo Hunt

Pay is very good, not as much paperwork to do, had a problem with first pay but was paid the next day after communicating with them. So I gave 5 stars as this proves they sort out problems and do not leave them for ages like other company's. Pay is also very quick after completing job�

Review of RedWigWam by Ryan Griffin
5 Ryan Griffin

Had first job with them today. Really friendly employers who are willing to help and make you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Review of RedWigWam by Colin Page
5 Colin Page

Really good company to work for. Jobs are usually straightforward and the briefs for tasks are good.
Good communication and quick to respond to any query
A good variety of work and tasks can fit in with other work.
Would recommend Wigwam to anyone

Review of RedWigWam by Mike Burns
5 Mike Burns

'Having worked as a Mystery Shopper and Auditor for over 10 years and covering some of the most remote parts of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, a large part of my time is spend on administration and logistical co-ordination of finding work in these locations, for different companies, to make each trip more viable. Customers of businesses in these areas deserve to same level of service as those people in the towns and cities, so I see the work as being vitally important to help companies ensure their strategy and customer focus is met, regardless of where in the UK they are based.

Red Wigwam has been instrumental over recent months and is an idea I wish had appeared years ago. With more comapnies approaching Redwigwam for assistance, I now spend less of my time searching out work, with Redwigwam co-ordinating job batches for me and understanding geographical challenges that jobs may bring. For me, having scheduled batches of work offered which may consist of a few different companies saves me time but allows me greater reach of companies. My administration level has gone down as I deal with one company and not several, whilst I now spend less time hunting for assignments across multiple companies.

The team at Redwigwam have been fantastic and really engaging in a two way process with the people of the ground. They took time to understand the challenges of the local environment and package work up in a realistic manner. Communication is speedy and the team are always happy to help with any queries. It's almost like having my own Personal Assistant helping me with my work and organising my time, allowing me to focus on performing the assignments and less time trying to find them. This level of facilitation is a welcome addition to the market place, which as well as making my life easier is also helping companies meet their SLA's by clearing off more of the tricky work. It's nothing but a Win-Win situation

Review of RedWigWam by Linda McGregor
5 Linda McGregor

Quick and easy visits, with good fees. Good little fillers if you're passing anyway..

Review of RedWigWam by Emma Drew
5 Emma Drew

I love mystery shopping, and Red Wigwam make it really easy! Not only are there plenty of varied jobs, the instructions are clear and the payment is very reasonable. Red Wigwam have also gone the extra mile for me, sending me flowers as a thank you for sending them lots of new members. I love working with them and will continue to do so.

Review of RedWigWam by Stephen B Tiley
5 Stephen B Tiley

Occasional work as and when you want- typically promoting products in supermarkets or mystery shopping exercises. All on-line processing - camera phone essential. Very efficient and quick payment. Highly recommended for flexible quick assignments that you choose to do in your own time. Transport useful as some jobs can be a few miles away. All in all a great experience.

Review of RedWigWam by Caroline Kemmett
5 Caroline Kemmett

I've done lots of jobs with them and had no problems. It's a very flexible way to work and really suits my circumstances. Staff are very helpful.

Review of RedWigWam by Ann White
5 Ann White

This is a great company to work for. Interesting, well explained jobs often with a product to try at the end of it , fab staff who are on hand just about at the drop of a hat and paid the next day. I've done a fair amount work for them over the last few years and not had ONE single problem. Just excellent. Oh and a bonus ......reports don't waffle just straight forward and easy.

Review of RedWigWam by Lorena DN
5 Lorena DN

Would really recommend Red Wigwam to anyone looking for a little bit of extra money! Flexible and enjoyable work. I love the mystery shopping and merchandising jobs both for the very quick payment and for the free food I enjoy for dinner! All the members of the staff are amazing, so accommodating and really look at jobs that suit you. Definitely the best agency I have been with.

Review of RedWigWam by Mudassar Yaqub
5 Mudassar Yaqub

This is a great company to work with. They always reply very quickly to any questions you may have. They pay really quick and the jobs are fun and easy. I am a mystery shopper and with other companies, there is so much paperwork to fill out. With this one, I was actually shocked with how little paperwork is involved! The pay is good too compared to what you really have to do. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Review of RedWigWam by Sally Stevens
4 Sally Stevens

Pays for my petrol money to places I’m likely to be visiting anyway. A few technical issues still need to be sorted. Looking forward to the introduction of SMS alerts for jobs.

Review of RedWigWam by Louise Morris
5 Louise Morris

Good company to work for helpful and understanding cant wait to be back on my feet and helping u lot out again x.

Review of RedWigWam by Jean Curle
5 Jean Curle

Never had a problem with Red Wigwam they are a great company the people are lovely and pay you the next day not like others waiting until the following month.

Review of RedWigWam by Niaomi Nim
3 Niaomi Nim

Redwigwam is a nice little earner on side. Approval is very fast and efficient with payment usually arriving within a few days. The major downsize is not having an app. Compiling the timesheets at the end of the day can be both time consuming and frustrating. Especially if you have multiple jobs with numerous receipts and photos to sift through. Data capture at the time of job would be most efficient and ideal. The email notifications can be annoying.. sometimes too frequent, or the jobs are not actually available after immediate login. The site is not very mobile friendly either. With the addition of having to enter an estimated date/time of completion, it slows the booking process on mobile as it doesn't display well. An app would change all this and give an overall better experience for the end user. Hoping for one soon as Redwigwam offers some of the best fees for the simplest jobs and often include a freebie :)

Review of RedWigWam by Amale Ijaz
1 Amale Ijaz

just now
Outrageous, frustrating, pushy and the most annoying website! First I don’t remember signing in, but kept receiving the most annoying & irrelevant emails from some “James”, tried to unsubscribe and page prompts me to login in order to unsubscribe, tried to sign in and turns out I don’t remember my password, so I reset my password and again tried to unsubscribe, but to my surprise and to add to the annoyance to this wesbite I get a message saying: you can’t unsubscribe from here but have to go to profile to do so, so I proceeded to do so and found the most annoying incomprehensible page so tried to find the unsubscribe button as the whole page is jumbled up and badly styled!!! Finally found it and clicked on unsubscribe, but guess what! It wasn’t enough because apparently unless you delete your account they will still send you confirmation emails. So I proceeded to delete my account and guess what apparently my password is wrong! That’s funny cause I just Literally reset it a minute ago and logged into the account to delete it but now I have to Re- log in to confirm. Why so complicated? This is ridiculous and unheard of in our day and age! Soooo pushy and useless!!!! Ridiculous

Review of RedWigWam by Maxie Roos Sofos
1 Maxie Roos Sofos

rubbish, trying to unsubscribe but it's making me register fully which I don't want to do. Get an unsubscribe link in emails which just takes me back to completing my profile. Rubbish and not GDPR compliant at all.


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RedWigWam Q&A

RedWigWam Q&A

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

We just need you to register with our website and complete the details about your business

What do you love most about your job?

We harness technology and use the power of people to make our recruitment better

What inspired you to start your own business?

In Lorna's, our Managing Director former business, she used a lot of temporary staff. If she is being completely honest, the experience wasn’t always a successful one – and she always thought it was something she could do better.
She was driven by never missing a sale or an opportunity to expand her business. And we don’t want you and your business to miss an opportunity either.
RedWigWam is a fully automated booking platform which is designed to make your life easier.
So we can continue to improve our matching process, we ask you to give us feedback by rating your worker as you approve their timesheets. This really helps us to keep providing the right staff for the jobs you need doing.
RedWigWam is a unique business model offering true workforce flexibility in a changing market, but we do need your help. As we only charge you a small margin, it’s really important you pay us on time so we can continue to provide you with flexible workers as and when you need them.
We think you’ll love using RedWigWam. If you do, please don’t keep us to yourself – tell your family, friends and work colleagues!
And if you don’t, please tell us so we can do something about it.

Why should our clients choose you?

We really value our workers, and ask you to treat them as one of your own.
If you like your worker so much you want to offer them a permanent role, please let us know and we’ll make it happen.
We’ve built up a large workforce with a vast array of skills who want to work flexibly.
We’re open 24/7, and currently fill 98% of all roles within 4 hours.
We hire all of our workers, verifying that they have the legal right to work in the UK and manage them until they reach your front door.
When they arrive at work, all you need to do is let them know what you need doing.
We encourage our workers to do the best job possible, and we aim to pay them within 24 hours of their timesheet being approved by you.

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