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•REDSCAR is an award-winning, inventive and refreshing film production team based in the Midlands, creating unique and exciting commercial film. With a strong background in all areas of film production we're able to transfer our story telling skills to your project to give a dynamic and professional package inclusive of video and design.


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18 May 2017

RedScar have provided us with great video content for both our web development business (Unumbox Ltd) and our clients. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a promo video to promote their services. The filming team are great at making people feel relaxed in-front of a camera and the editing is always superb. The quality of their productions have always been of the highest class and rarely require amendments. Do not hesitate, Get in touch with them today... You will be completely satisfied with their services. More...

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My love for filmmaking comes from a deep desire to tell stories and helping others tell their story through the powerful medium of moving image. With a narrative filmmaking background, I set up •REDSCAR in 2011 to use my skills, and now our collective skills as our team has grown, to create high impact promotional video content for businesses and individuals all over the world. I love people, I love cameras, and I love stories.

Never one to be told what to do, I set up •REDSCAR to 1) provide unique video content for businesses and individuals, and 2) to create my own lifestyle and future through dedication to using video to tell stories and messages of all kinds. Five years on (in 2016) and I'd not have it any other way!

Our USP is high-impact short form promotional content. Although we can offer many video solutions, we aren't a jack of all trades and we thrive on producing regular video content for clients all over the UK!



81% of senior execs use video in their marketing - don’t be left behind!

This beauty is 6x more effective than print and online content alone.

Highlights, online streaming, live edit - you pick, we plan.

We love stories; let us capture yours.

From a single camera vox-pop to multi-cam group discussion.