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Becki Wyatt

9 August 2019

Great experience, amazing trainers!!!!


Mona Leigh Bernhardt

18 July 2019

Awesome atmosphere! Great Staff!


Rob Holden

26 June 2019

Outstanding operation. Great management and team. A no brainer for any kid who wants to up their game.


J F.

20 June 2019

My girls have been using this gym for over a year.  Amazing staff.  As a parent I'm happy that my teens have a place to go to get a serious workout that isn't one of the big box gyms.  Training is taking them to the next level and keeping them ready in the off season.  Only wish they had morning sessions during the summer so my teens could coordinate it with their work schedules.  I have recommended this to many families. More...


Jason Worthen

6 June 2019

Great instructors, great atmosphere and nice facilities.


Krista Norris McGee

18 May 2019

Excellent owner & trainers!!


Terri Lynn

18 April 2019

Great facility and people


Sunny Hammerly

12 April 2019

My 2 sons have been going to Redline for about 6 months now. The work outs have helped them both advance in their favorite sport, Basketball. The work outs are always challenging and different and push them to push themselves. We have been very happy with the entire experience so far and plan to stay members for a while. More...


Thomas John Skillen

4 April 2019

Top notch program! Sean and Mario are top of the line! Whatever your child is into they got the answer. My son and daughter both train at redline and just the short amount of time I signed them up, I see a difference on all levels...strength, speed and knowledge. Most importantly, work ethic! It’s not easy but the staff makes it an enjoyable atmosphere for the young athletes to keep pushing. Highly recommend Redline! More...


Deidre Milligan

27 March 2019

Great Facility, and the staff is wonderful! My son enjoys his workouts and he’s gaining so much strength and knowledge! So happy we chose Redline!


Barbara Darst

19 March 2019

Great place! Staff are helpful and friendly. My daughter feels comfortable and they work with her as well as help her reach goals.


Aimee Russo Doneyhue

14 March 2019

My son LOVES Redline. He gets a great workout and can train for multiple sports!


Dean W.

13 February 2019

This place is amazing the staff is very friendly and the coaches are amazing. For example, I hurt my shoulder very badly and the staff was very understanding.


Colleen McCreary Parrish

30 January 2019

Highly recommend. Coaches/staff are wonderful. Kids have fun while training hard!!!


Casey DeHart

11 January 2019

This place is run very well and is catered to the kids of tomorrow. My son Andrew is 9 and he loves going. I would recommend this place to any young athlete out there trying to get an edge in his or her sport


Dawn Atkins Cooke

29 December 2018

Great facility great staff! New business with great focus on getting athletes to their goals and best performance properly!


John Buford

21 November 2018

A great new way to help youth athletes succeed. Exceptional expertise in the owners. Highly recommend.


Angela Young-Napier

9 November 2018

Mario and Sean are amazing! Passionate about wanting to help athletes and very personable! Have a feeling the next year will be AMAZING!


Billie Key

23 August 2018

They develop kids in a positive but challenging way. All about personal growth. Love the agility and core training that comes with each session! They will guide and teach your child how to be “fast”! Not as easy as many believe! Highly recommend and stay in it for the long haul! Thanks Team RL. Super friendly and care about each individuals personal development. More...


Courtney Eaton Turner

23 August 2018

We went to check out Redline last April and weren't super impressed. I never even sent the kids in for the free trial week. On a whim, we went back in July and found that the management had changed and it was a totally different atmosphere. Kids did the free week and I determined that it was just what they needed to increase their agility and overall fitness level. We were super impressed with the new manager, Dan, and it seemed that the entire environment had been energized and changed under his philosophy. I have recommended Redline to several friends already and I'm not sure what my kids would do without Dan's encouragement and mentorship. He's amazing with kids and truly cares. He's the reason why we are at Redline. In just one month, I've seen improvement in my kids' fitness levels and attitudes. More...


Taryn Meyer

18 May 2018

My son has been working with the coaches at RedLine since December 2017 and we absolutely love it. Not only is it clear he’s growing in strength and agility; but he’s also got some great examples of character coaching him as well. My friends hear me talk about this place all the time and if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, this place is the best and I’m SO glad we decided to sign up and take full advantage of everything RedLine has to offer. More...


Sadia C.

24 April 2018

Love this place - it's a great facility for kids. Trainers are great, they run a tight ship and really get the kids engaged and motivated. Looking forward to seeing the long term results. More...


Jennifer K Smith

25 February 2018

The coaches and staff are constantly driving our girl’s on 05 Texas Glory STX to get stronger and better, mentally and physically. Great place!


Stephanie Mulford Scarberry

7 February 2018

Both of my kids love coming to Redline! The coaches here are truly amazing! From the speed and agility training to showing my daughter how to properly run and breaking down her stance. Thank you Redline for all you do!


Layne Carrell

10 December 2017

The trainers here are amazing! Hands down best place for your child to obtain the "edge" they need for competitive sports. And as a plus, you can get some incredible fitness training at the same time with adult classes including fit camp and boxing! BOOM � More...


Kynisha Melancon

3 July 2017

The coaches at red line are truly original....my daughter loves working with all the coaches and have a great relationship with the coaches. I love how they just the workout routines to fit her needs for her current sport. The coaches are always in time with how she is doing in her sport to ensure that she staying up to par and that no adjustments need go be made to her workout routine. I really love how effective and efficient they are. More...


Suzanne Ogletree Sidari

23 June 2017

My 14-year-old goes 3 to 4 times a week and really enjoys the trainers, making friends and the work out.


David J.

6 June 2017

If you want top level training for your young athlete, Redline is the place to go.  I really like the focus on training the athlete first, then working on the sport specific skills.  The coaches really know their stuff too - your kid will get more out of one  training session with a great coach than a whole season with a house league coach.  Whether your kid wants to be an All Star, play in High School, or dreams even bigger, Redline will help them get better. More...


Sarah Thow

6 May 2017

Both my daughter and I attend RedLine and it is the best place for training. When my daughter started she was the first fencer there and they went out the way to learn the sport and come up with a training plan that suits her sport. Coach Dustin rocks! I personally love FitCamp for me. Coach Kelly really keeps me motivated to do my best and "Train with the Pros" Come on by and see us there!! More...


Jared Veilleux

4 April 2017

Great facility, great trainers, kids love training here.


Christopher Stone

17 March 2017

RedLine Athletics has made our softball team stronger, faster and spirited. Kelly, Dustin and the team push our girls to bring out their full potential. Thank you from the SMGSL 10U Texas Edge. More...


David Canola

16 March 2017

The best way to raise the bar with student athletes! Highly recommend it!


Dana Green

5 February 2017

Third trip to RedLine and another awesome experience. Trainers are great. Kids are well supervised and engaged.


Martha Sharrock

2 February 2017

RedLine has my son excited about working out. Building his self esteem and confidence. The workouts are one part, but the other is the people- the trainers and their relationship and engagement with the kids is the difference maker!


Marc C.

4 January 2017

I have been a professional youth coach for a while, and that has made me a bit leary of "kids' fitness" establishments. All of my fears were allayed after one trip to Redline. It is a totally professionally run establishment that has helped to build my daughter's overall athletic ability while simultaneously augmenting her sedulous work ethic. The workouts here are no joke and I can't imagine the long term benefits that such remarkable training will convey to my kid. No matter what your child's sport, Redline has the staff to bolster his or her ability. Sure, it ain't cheap, but to my mind there is no better money spent than in helping to instill a salubrious lifestyle and a relentless work ethic in my kid. Well done Redline! More...


Rick James

25 December 2016

Great gym geared to general athletic training for youth athletes of all ages and sports from competitive football to ballet. Also grade 4 adults wanting to drop some weight, get in shape, or just improve their athleticism. Trained and skills coach who do an excellent job of maintaining a positive encouraging atmosphere. The monthly rates for also very attractive. My son really enjoys working out here. More...


Siobhan Burns

9 December 2016

Kelly is an awesome coach to work with. She is so positive and energetic and has this ability to keep pushing you in a way that makes it fun. Love it!


Trish H.

26 July 2016

Very excited to see a gym that focuses on getting our kids moving.  The coaches are great with the kids and they are having a blast while getting in some solid training!  Specialty training in Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Parkour...First week is free, go try it out...what do you have to lose?!? More...


Tricia Causey Howerton

26 July 2016

FINALLY!!! My kids are excited about exerciset! Thank you RedLine for creating a spark of enthusiasm for movement!


Aurora Valencia

6 June 2016

All 3 of my kids workout at RedLine 5-6 days weekly, they LOVE it!! The staff is very knowledgeable and great with kids of all ages. My girls Aiyana 16 and Adrienne 8 both train to enhance their softball skills and Quentin 7 does it all!! I encourage everyone to bring their athlete to train like the Pro's. More...


Jessie Brianne Whatley

28 May 2016

My son is 9 and absolutely loves it here. We go about 5 days a week. The coaches are so great with the kids. They are really positive and push the kids in a way that makes it fun. We've seen a big difference in my son's speed, agility, and over all stamina in just a months time. More...


Elizabeth Covino

27 April 2016

Best staff and trainers, shout out to Lindsey Ottavio


April Nosek

16 March 2016

This place is amazing!! My daughter has so much fun here. Great skills and technique. Love it b


Jessica Parton

15 February 2016

We LOVE this place! They push Danielle to her limits, and then a little more!



14 April 2008

Redline is the best athletic training facility in orange county. I have so much fun when im there. The trainers care so much about their clients. They have so much passion for what they do. They definitely care about my success not only in athletics, but also my growth in character. There are so many places out there that just want to make a profit. The Redline staff strives to enrich their clients lives and well being. More...

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