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Hal Sautter

23 April 2019

Had therapy on my neck stenosis and the results were fantastic. Complete mobility and no pain! I now attend the fitness center on a daily basis and my balance, endurance and strength are better than ever!


Carmen Schoenmaker

19 February 2019

the staff is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.


Peggy Wattling

14 November 2018

I’ve made more progress in the past few weeks at Apex, than I did in months with another therapist. The approach is just so different. Mark M. is happy to answer questions and has taught me new approaches for at home exercises. Thanks Apex! More...


Don Korth

23 May 2018

Clean and friendly


David Young

19 May 2018

Andy is the best, always willing to help local athletes!


Jessica Folsom

17 May 2018

Christy Frazier was amazing with my 7 year old daughter. She is back doing the things she loves without any pain! We are so thankful for her exceptional care.


Abbie Hyland

2 May 2018

Apex PT is a quality organization willing to give back to the community!


Nan Barnes

23 May 2017

I've had PT off and on for several years at APEX PT in Cheney, WA. The most extensive was Rehab Therapy after breaking both my right lower fibula and tibia and severely dislocating my ankle from a fall. Tracy was my therapist and was absolutely fantastic. She was able to wean me off the use of a cane, along with working with me on climbing and descending stairs. I was able to regain my balance and most of the normal use of my leg and ankle. Because of the great care and encouragement from Tracys and the entire staff at APEX, I won't go to anybody else for PT. Thank you for all your help! More...


Marsha Prescott

23 May 2017

Amazing care. Wonderful people. Everyone at Apex in Airway Heights has gone above and beyond to get me back to full functioning after my surgery. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Jenni Schuler

23 May 2017

Great! The physical therapists are knowledgeable and able to explain the process in a way that makes sense. Treatment went well and was helpful with my injury.


Pamela Jeanne Luders

23 November 2016

I've gone to other physical therapy offices, but APEX is the very best I've ever utilized. Bob Paull was very thorough during my first visit with him. I'm so looking forward to a speedy rotator cuff surgery recovery through this physical therapy company. More...


Darla Overman

19 October 2016

Great people that work there! I've been there a few times after injuries or surgery and they take their time with you to help get you better.


Elizabeth Alan

30 June 2016

So glad that Christy Frazier was my PT! She helped me so much and I'm so glad to have found a great place!


Danielle Brown

27 October 2015

Tracy is the first therapist that has ever been understanding, helpful, knowledgable, and patient with me. I have had to do PT for many years because of a genetic condition & many injuries, it was always a horrible cycle & always ended up with more pain; until I met her. I am so glad I found her & hope she stays around! I don't think she realizes how rare it is to find a therapist like her. Besides being professional & an excellent therapist she is truly a sincere & wonderful person. More...


JoAnne Nelson

18 November 2014

Apex in Cheney is wonderful. They have taken care of "owies" for me. And they also have fun classes! Amazing staff!


Jody Ladd

23 October 2014

Love my Apex girls Althea, Cindy and Kaylin all are the nicest, professional care givers I have met in my 55 years. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.


Karen Lynch

20 October 2014

Love them! Monte and team have seen me through multiple maladies/surgeries. Wouldn't go anywhere else.


Tamara Schultes

11 December 2013

Amy and her team are very knowledgeable, professional and caring. I highly recommend Apex Physical Therapy!


Jennifer Condon

8 December 2013

Amy and her team are amazing they are always there when we need them! Awesome sport physical therapy!


Shrek Skipworth

25 March 2013

Amy has put me back together more times than I care to remember.... Apex does a great job.... I will be back soon (ankle surgery) to have Amy fix me again.

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