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Jeff Trippett

11 August 2019

Had a great time dining with my wife on date night.


Deborah Lowery

6 July 2019

Food was very fresh & presentation was great


Dd H.

3 May 2019

Okay - so I tried this Red Lobster again this week and MUCH better! Ordered their daily special and selected the salmon... excellent!  I selected safe sides (broccoli and a baked potato), salad, soup and all were quite good.  Nice service too! More...


Kenyon Davis

30 April 2019

Great service and very clean. I recommend the catfish dinner.


KIm S.

20 April 2019

Our group had a variety of items, which rated 4 stars.  Our server, April, was exceptional, and is the primary reason for the 5 stars.  She was attentive, accommodating and just a pleasure.   She provided excellent service and managed the specific requests of our large party flawlessly. More...


Kirsten M.

3 March 2019

Best Red Lobster experience ever! Our server Mike was training a man named Josh and they were both friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. They really made our dinner awesome. The food was so good (get the ultimate feast, you won't regret it!) and they kept the cheesy biscuits coming which was amazing. We will definitely be back! More...


Lucie Soucy

24 February 2019

great food and great time


Raye L.

16 February 2019

I have been craving lobster the whole month and as soon as I went in and realize it was lobster fest I literally ordered the biggest plate that I had the most lobster on it! The service was good and my waiter was absolutely amazing. The food was hot and the biscuits and drinks continued to come. One thing I can say about red lobster is the strawberry lemonade is amazing and this location was the same! I got the lobster lovers dream platter and it was great! More...


Natheer Ghazal

12 February 2019



Zipporah E.

11 November 2018

I order off of doordash or Uber eats. I have to say I have not gone into the actual restaurant but I order the same thing every single time - coconut shrimp. It's the way to my heart. The food is always cold when it gets to me though but I warm it up and munch munch munch! More...


Joe Sammons

17 October 2018

liz offered exceptional service.


Smile M.

14 October 2018

Haven't been in years was in the mod for some shrimp. Very quiet on a football sunday. There was no wait and my.waitress was prompt


Dave Mason

15 September 2018

Don’t go on Friday night if you don’t have two hours. We got there at 7:00 PM and were promptly seated, but were still there at 9:00 PM. Service was good and food was okay. There are too many great choices to settle for average food. More...


Jamie Patterson

15 September 2018

Great customer service by our waitress. Friendly and very attentive


Gene Witek

29 August 2018

Got the endless shrimp, it’s now an early dinner special. 12pm-6pm . It’s advertised, but had to ask about . Service and food was great.


Tilanka D.

8 July 2018

Excellent place for lobsters. Place was crowded coz of a sunday. But we were able to get a place quickly. Staff was excellent. Friendly and helpful. Specially our hostess helped us to choose the food. Enjoyed the atmosphere and the service. Great place. More...


Sedara B.

29 June 2018

Got to enjoy a mother -son date with my 11 year old. Our waitress, Shardavia, was absolutely wonderful. We were never without a drink and had extra yummy cheddar bay biscuits!  Those of course are the perfect melt in your mouth experience. I love getting their crab legs and enjoyed showing my on how to almost always pull out large chunks of crab. He usually makes a huge mess but didn't tonight. If I had to find something to pick in, the steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes were not the best. But that is truly trying to find a problem.  I will definitely come back next time we visit the ATL. More...


Linda L.

9 June 2018

This time i love eating there i had almost   year from my last time at red lobster and we like it a lot!! we ordered lobster  artichoke dip was delicious caesar salad was good too , we have cocktails the peach margaritas , and sams adams beer we order 2 courses main dishes delicious everything was hot on point this time .. !!


Nithinsha S.

25 March 2018

Wait  after finishing our appetizers to main course was over 30 mins. It spoiled our mood and appetite. I could hear the same complaints even from adjacent tables.However the manger was nice enough to apologize for the delay which was a bit  welcoming.Food was tasty but on the pricier side $$!Expect a delay in your service on weekends :-( More...


Brittany M.

16 March 2018

Great food and amazing service and the best chocolate cake I've ever had and not to expensive


Lisa Lopez

23 February 2018

The server who attended us was wonderful. The only issue I had was the bad smell as soon as we walked in. The bathroom is right there as soon as you walk in and the smell was just awful.


Moni Padilla

20 February 2018

Service was great food was excellent waitress was really nice and on top great service


Jeri Davis Lemons

21 January 2018

Me And My Husband Enjoyed Red Lobster And I Know Everything Was Crazy Yesterday 1.19.2018....My Husband Said No Sour Cream On His Baked Potato And They Always Forgot Cheese And Butter, He Did Not Get That Upset.....But They Gladly Changed It ....Thanks For The Extra Garlic Cheese Biscuits 2 Go Home With....Hmmmm So Good Red Lobster Roswell Ga.....Thanks Alot More...


Hal Cathey

30 October 2017

Here for my niece's birthday! Service was good, the meals good but since it was Sunday our drinks were late getting to us, had to wait for 12:30! The margaritas were strong!!


Mar G.

7 October 2017

To die for is their Garlic Biscuits !! This alone is enough reasons to visit Red Lobster.  The atmosphere is family friendly, casual and relaxed.  Enjoy a seafood heaven meal from a Clam Chowder to everything in between a Grouper to a Lobster.  We had the Coconut Shrimp to start with then the Lobster Tail; and the Steak and Shrimp with Dirty Rice. More...


Antoine Hodge

8 September 2017

Was a slow night.. so our waiter was very attentive. Was in for endless shrimp so can't complain.


Robert Bagwell

26 June 2017

First time at this one it was awesome. Food was excellent just like in Douglasville where I normally go


Zosia Bornowska-Dering

25 April 2017

Was really great my family love Red Lobster we just enjoy spend time together so much fun we can't complain great service thanks again


Star Fuentes

8 April 2017

Antonia was attentive and an amazing waitress, it was service with a smile from beginning to end. The food was delightful and done right including my crab legs. I will be returning to this Red Lobster at this location for sure. Thank you Antonia. More...


Jay Kumar

13 March 2017

Red lobster and Olive Garden both are my favorite restaurant but I was disappointed by my lobster because they were dry normally they are moisture and tender


Angelo Malleo

8 March 2017

The food was very good it is always good and the service excellent


Gabriela Bazarte

14 February 2017

Muy rico y el trato de los meseros. Con una muy buena actitud! No paso el tiempo alli y alli me queria quedar. En verdad quede muy satisfecha gracias.


John Carmichael

5 February 2017

I loved spending time with the people that means the most to me. Im very blessed and thankful


Paula Camac

26 January 2017

This week is our 4yr anniversary we like seafood so much we took some home.


Liv J.

10 January 2017

Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant. It is simply beautiful, the staff were amazing, the shrimp was delicious. Totally awesome restaurant.


Josh Trainer

14 November 2016

Good food. Great service. I wouldn't expect anything less!


Kia C.

31 October 2016

We came here for dinner and I was very pleased with their service . Our server , Damien , was very prompt and efficient . Though his section was busy he saw us shortly after we were seated and us biscuits and drinks immediately. The store manager , Charles, was pleasant as well. He brought the food out to us and made sure we had everything we needed. Both my bf and I ordered the Ultimate Feasts . They wee on point ! I definitely appreciate the service we received tonight . No matter how much fine dining I do, Red Lobster never gets old :). More...


Esther K.

22 October 2016

We don't come to Red Lobster very often but when they have the AYCE shrimp promo, you will find us there.  This Roswell location has been here forever.  I remember as a kid always passing by this location and coming for dinner on special occasions with the family.  Came here on a Tuesday night and really had a wonderful experience.  Our server, Taquasia H., was awesome!!  She really made sure we were well taken care of from the minute we sat dine until we left.  It really made my visit more enjoyable.  She was helpful when asking any questions about the shrimp promo options and made sure that we were filled on drink refills to our entrees.  This promo had the original shrimp scampi (our fav), shrimp pasta, Korean BBQ shrimp (very good flavor), and Parmesan black peppered breaded shrimp.  I think my least favorite was the Parmesan one.  Our salads that came out in the beginning of our meal was fresh and loaded with vegetables.  The large side veggie options are great too.  I feel they have a bigger variety to choose from.  Of course their famous signature cheddar biscuits were on point!  They always came out fluffy and hot.  So good! More...


Denise M.

6 October 2016

Everyone knows Red Lobster. This particular Red Lobster in Roswell is an excellent one.  I was most recently here last night and the food was DELICIOUS as always.  What's great about this location is that their food is consistently delicious, it never changes.  Service was a bit slow, especially waiting for the check (I had to end up asking for it), but our server was friendly and responsive during the meal itself. If you are a Red Lobster fan, I highly recommend this location for your seafood fix. More...


Juan Carlos Diaz

3 October 2016

Excellent food and service, we will comeback soon, enjoy the time over there


Giovana GlezAc

3 October 2016

The service was good and the food too. We'll be back


Danitra G.

17 September 2016

Service is always---and I mean always excellent.  From the moment we step foot through the door, we are greeted properly, attentively waited and checked on and the food has never been less than A1.


Javier Sanjuan

7 September 2016

Es un buen restaurante te atienden en español y su comida es excelente les doy un 10


Lily C.

31 August 2016

This is our first time to eat there and we like the food. We ordered lobster and snow crab leg for our dinner and artichoke dip for our appetizer. Actually, it's a bit too much food that we're order (for 2 persons), because from each main course we got salad and some biscuits on the table, and the service is also fast. When we went there the restaurant wasn't that busy. In fact, the price is a bit pricy, but hey it's a lobster!!! We definitely will come back... More...


Claire S.

17 August 2016

David and I went to eat here because it was right next to the LaQuinta Inn that we were staying at on a business trip.  We went on a slow weekday evening around 8:30 pm and were seated quickly,practically the only people in the place.  I had a gift card so money was no issue so we ordered what we really wanted.  And, I really wanted a lobster tail because I haven't had one in a long time.  This was the single best lobster tail I have ever had.  It was cooked perfectly, came easily out of the shell and was not overcooked to the point where it is rubbery like I have had before at other Red Lobster locations.  Our waiter was excellent, his name was Anthony, and he was great and I gave him an $11 tip.  David is a VERY finicky eater and he ate all but three (of 12) of his very big fried butterfly shrimp, most I've seen him eat in a while and it made me happy.  Mixed drinks were delicious and because I didn't have to drive, just had to walk back to our hotel, I had a delicious Mojito.  Very clean, attractive and easy located restaurant. More...


Merly Perez

19 June 2016

Buen servicio comida exelente trato guaa un amviente familiar telo recomiendo al 100


Randolph W.

4 June 2016

I read somewhere recently that the Millennials love them some Red Lobster.  Even though I am a Generation X (who comes up with these names?), I guess I am a Millennial in heart and stomach, cause guess who loves the Red Lobster?  I do.  I grew up in Fairfax Virginia in 70's and 80's and the Red Lobster was really the only good seafood option in town.  My buddy Chris and I would go there for the endless bowls of shrimp to see who could eat the most without doing a Mr. Creosote scene from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about - look it up or as my kids say "search up" - which drives me nuts- on YouTube).  Glad the younger peeps appreciate the Big Red.  Food is good (my kids love it) and the service is excellent.  I could do without the crack / brothel hotels nearby but you can't have everything in life.  Now, just one more wafer thin mint?  Ok, shove it in. More...


Dave Brown

20 May 2016

Very nice red lobster. Good food great service. Very clean


Andre J.

8 May 2016

We come here very often because the food is so good. Sometimes they might have a waiter or two who don't do very well but for the most part, they have good customer service. They have great deals, great food, and a nice ambiance. I recommend this location! More...


Sergio Lebeau

18 March 2016

El lugar es elegante, el servicio atento y la comida bastante buena.


Glenda B.

29 February 2016

This is my second time visiting this location. We went on a busy Friday night. The wait time was not bad. The restaurant was full which was a good thing in my opinion. Our server was Igor. Igor is the best. He was quick to take our drink and appetizer orders. He brought us biscuit and our drinks pretty fast. The food order didn't take long either which was surprising considering how packed the place was that night.I don't know what other reviewers are talking about but this is Red Lobster. You know what to expect when you go to Red Lobster. I was thrilled they had a lot of new menu items and Lobster Fest was going on at the time. I ordered the Lobster Lover's Dream and a glass of Jam Jar wine which I was pleased to see that they have on the drink list now. The two lobster tails were delicious. Tender not over cooked. I was happy to have the asparagus and new menu item String Beans with Fire Roasted Tomatoes. Delicious. I was so full I couldn't even think about the dessert menu. All in all it was a great time and great service. More...


Meher Alvi

11 December 2015

Delicious sea food, good entertainment, good service.


Terry J.

7 November 2015

Visited on a Saturday around 3pm and it was pretty slow inside. Shocked that we had a wait and the service was slow.  The maple glazed chicken had no maple glaze. The biscuits are as awesome as they have been. The Seaside Shrimp Trio is filling and delicious. More...


Ashbeezy B.

3 November 2015

This is my favorite location! We went during a down time because our videographer was running late. I had not been out this far in a while. However it was a blessing that I stopped. The service here exceeded expectations. I had more than my share of cheddar biscuits & my coconut shrimp was phenomenal! If ever in Roswell, do your tummy a favor by stopping by! More...


Anita Lewis Hughes

5 October 2015

So yummy I had to get the sampler platter b/c I couldn't decide what to get.


Marcia G.

22 September 2015

Service was outstanding! All you can eat shrimp was perfect! Salad was fresh. Best Red Lobster ever!  Brittany was our server, she was awesome!


Kimberly O'Neal

29 August 2015

Food and service was great. Fast service and a friendly staff.


Jennifer S.

26 June 2015

Quick, affordable seafood. Accurate in ordering, friendly service. Although the fried calamari was actually a plate of about 4 pieces calamari and the rest fried broccoli and fried red peppers....strange. Otherwise, typical chain seafood fare. I always get the snow crab legs and they didn't disappoint. The cheddar bay biscuits were hot and fresh. More...


Sara N.

28 November 2014

We recently visited this restaurant with family that lives in the area. My niece, Rachel, works here as a server. We had her best friend, Mikaela served our large party of nine with grace and ease. Irina also helped with drinks and food. All three gals are very knowledgable about the menu and have great serving skills. I noticed that the menu has changed as the restaurant chain has changed ownership. Wow, the menu is very extensive. So much so that I couldn't decide on a meal, I went with appetizers instead. Everything was brought out very hot and pretty quickly considering how many people were in our group.I would visit this Red Lobster again, the next time we are in Atlanta, even if I didn't have anyone related to me working there. It was clean and seemed to have enough staff for large groups. I noticed that the bathroom was out of paper towels and they filled them up right away. There were a lot of bigger groups being served when we were there. As it was a Sunday night, I was a little surprised. That probably means that you can go there any time and have great service.All in all a great experience! When you visit, make sure you tell Mikaela, Rachel and Irina that Sara sent you. ;) More...


Alex M.

15 November 2014

Cheddar biscuits. That's enough said if you have ever ate at red lobster. Decide to be social with some co-workers and join them for lunch. We were in a time constraint, so the bartender was super co with taking 5 orders and making them a top priority. The food was decent as I'm not a red lobster fan. I do like the biscuits. The service is really really good check the bar for Peter he will take good care of you More...


Keith H.

22 June 2014

Great meal with the wife and daughter.  Pretty impressive for a Sunday night.  Great service and meals. Pleasantly surprised. I would come back.  Server was attentive and friendly.  I think that the cheddar bay biscuits will be banned one day because they are so good. More...


Jamie H.

22 February 2014

Everytime we go here we get great service and the food is awesome. This is by far my fav Red Lobster. The servers are so knowlegable about the fish and are very friendly. They also have a 4 course meal that comes with soup salad entree and dessert for 15.99$. What a deal!! More...


Renee K.

30 January 2014

After spending 8 hours in the car Tuesday evening, I had enough. Like the hundreds of others, I decided to park my car and walk home. Thankfully, there were parking spots left at this Red Lobster. My husband and I walked back yesterday to see if my car could make it home. On the way there, we saw someone with a Red Lobster take-out bag. My thought process - they're open!? Since we left my car there last night and contributed to the whole parking fiasco there, we thought Red Lobster deserved our patronage - a thank-you-for-letting-me-park-my-car-because-Holcomb-Bridge-was-a-complete-mess-of-drivers type of thing. And since we walked all the way there is the freezing cold and ice, we felt we deserved some hot food.First off, the place was virtually empty. Maybe five other parties or 2-3 people. I'm assuming most people didn't know they were open. For what I saw, only three people were working the front - the manager, a server and a busser. I don't know how many cooks were in the back. The manager seated us right away - well away from the door.  Even though the place wasn't busy, it was only him and one other guy working the whole place. We ordered water with lemon (walking in snow is exhausting!), and we got them promptly. When he brought the drinks we ordered two lunch specials - both clam chowder with grilled shrimp salad. And then all of a sudden, the infamous hot, warm cheese biscuits arrived! Being understaffed and partially open, I wasn't expecting the full menu to be served, yet alone the full dining experience. And they were fresh from the oven, hot, crispy on the outside and basically falling apart on the inside. Still packed with cheese and butter flavor, too. We were so excited for warm food!Not sure if service was speedy because lack of customers or it's their normal pace, but our food got to us in about five minutes. And, oh mah gawd, the chowder! Served in a bread bowl and literally overflowing on the side, the clam chowder was heaven sent. Piping hot and perfect for the cold weather outside, this chowder was the chunky-soupy-wonderfully-flavored thing my soul needed. Two crispy, buttered and garlic flavored pieces of bread arrived with out soup - perfect for tearing apart and dipping. And despite my reservations, a cold salad was a good idea, too. The carb-heavy soup and bread bowl complemented the salad nicely. The perfect balance of croutons, red onion, diced tomatoes and dressing, this salad was the brightest thing I've seen in 48 hours. And since both portions were larger than we expected, we had to take our leftovers home - yay for dinner! This place gets 5 stars because the manager, Mr. Murray, wasn't supposed to open yesterday, but he got there at 9:30am and thought he would open for a few hours to feed people. They didn't take people in last night, but he tried to feed as many people as possible under the circumstances. Despite the lack of staff, he was attentive, really friendly, efficient and quick. Our food was great, on-point and exactly what we wanted. And for that, we will definitely be back. More...


Charlie Arellano

7 January 2014

The best.....


Rebecca R Rocca

18 December 2013

Excellent place..


Luciano Costa

14 December 2013

Shrimp Trio !


IsaandJaime Blanco

12 December 2013



Donna L.

11 October 2013

We stopped in as we had to be in the area and there are no Red Lobsters anywhere near us as we live an hour and a half away. We ordered 3 appetizers, they were great portions and very tasty. Plenty of food for the 2 of us. Our server, Jessie, was very amiable and efficient. We were very happy with our dining experience.Then when we got home, 4 hours later, I realized I'd left my Kindle tablet in the booth. I phoned and spoke to Tom who assured me that they would mail it to me, and I assured him I would reimburse them for postage and their time. You can't ask for better service than that. I really appreciate that kind of accomodation from the staff. More...


Taylor M.

26 May 2013

The service was exceptionally fine. My party and I had originally planned to go to  Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, but it was overwhelmingly packed, with a wait of about 2 hours. When we arrived at Red Lobster, we were immediately seated, and offered drinks and appetizers. Great sweet tea, and the appetizer was amazing. The price reasonable. The entrees are huge, so order the lunch portion if you aren't starving.These prices were exceptionally fine for the food we were served, and the service was even better. ID recommend this restaurant any day. More...


Nancy C.

17 January 2012

I never understand the reason why people rag on restaurants such as Red Lobster...I grew up going to Red Lobster as a kid, and this was one of those restaurants you went to when someone in the family celebrated a birthday or a special occasion, so fond memories of the name and food.I came in early January, and it was to try the special $15 deal (soup, salad, entree and dessert) per person. It is a superb deal! Usually restaurants have $15-$20 entrees, so getting more from just $15 is great! And really fills you up!I had the Bacon/Potato soup, so yummy and creamy - and Garden Salad, Coconut Shrimp with Baked Potato, yummy actual coconut taste, very crispy and potato came with all the sides/toppings! with Chocolate Brownie Cake/Ice Cream ala mode - also yummy warm, very rich taste, but was too full to finish everything! Took it home to have as a meal the next day at work :) Even got rolls!And the let's not forget the also yummy Red Lobster rolls. I have never figured out how to make them, and it is one of the most popular online recipe searches ever - they taste the same 10 years ago as they do today. Delicious.But the best thing at Red Lobster that day was not the food, it wasn't even the price...it was the service! I haven't had such attentive and happy service ever since I've been dining out! Our waitress, Fatima, was excellent - I mean just friendly as could be, on the dot timing, very helpful and just made you smile! I would definitely go back to Red Lobster just to get that kind of awesome service, and it's pretty amazing that customers don't all get to encounter her or we'd all be going back to Red Lobster.It really is customer service that makes or breaks a company - it's not the products, it's not the atmosphere, or even the price --- it's superb customer service! I just had to write and rave.As I left with my family into the bitter windy 30F weather, I realized I left my hat at the table. And guess what? Fatima remembered and brought it out to me! Wow :) More...


Kaden S.

7 June 2011

Best service I have ever had at a red lobster, princess was the name of our waitress.  Very friendly, fast, drinks always full, and bagged our food for us.


Daniel F.

25 December 2010

I love this chain and this particular location is my favorite. The fish is always the star of my dinner there and almost always it is great. I'd probably shy away from Salmon grilled on plank as well as regular grilled salmon. It's just never tasty enough and pretty dull overall. But tilapia, shrimp and other seafood is great. More...