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Kara Alexander

21 May 2019

The best gym in Bend! They have incredible equipment, great staff, killer recovery lounge, and the best part... they have an infrared sauna. Really excited I found this gym.


Cameron Ferguson

14 May 2019

Full service and self service fitness and physical therapy.


Victor Marquez

29 March 2019

Friendly people they care about your needs And your aches and pains


Jill Peterson

28 January 2019

Such a great place for run recovery, fitness, and help when recovering from an injury. Such an amazing resource for runners in Bend. I absolutely love this place.


Nicholas Roubal

28 May 2018

I went to Recharge first as a patient in 2014, after I injured my lower back and needed physical therapy. I was so impressed by the holistic recovery that was promoted at the center that I decided to continue going after my PT had completed, as a member of the gym. All of the trainers are rock solid and the facilities promote both training and recovery, which I feel is essential to a fitness center. If you want to focus on form and function, Recharge is the place to go! More...


Karin Morris

28 May 2018

Almine is great at accupuncture


Sarah Lea Davidson

28 May 2018

The staff are amazing and very helpful. If you are travelling and are looking for a gym to recover or exercise this is the place.


Milly Dole

28 May 2017

Great place to recover, relax, and exercise!

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