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Right now you are feeling abandoned, hurt, shocked and scared, or maybe just complete overwhelm by how you have reached the point where your marriage has ended and the next step is divorce.

Or maybe your relationship hangs in the balance and you need the help to see whether to stay together or separate.


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13 July 2019

Can’t speak highly enough of Rebecca and her style. From the very first time we spoke it has been a very comfortable experience. She has massively helped me come through a very difficult time. Absolutely delighted to have found her and will continue to use her services. More...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Marie Hawkins

20 March 2019

Rebecca is totally amazing and has provided the support I needed to tackle my anxiety head on Yes it took time ⏰ but it was worth every penny. Thanks to Rebecca’s amazing support I have come out the other side and my anxiety is a distant memory I highly recommend Rebecca, she is truly a blessing More...


Sílvia Ribeiro

30 November 2018

Rebecca helped to safely deliver my daughter Alice and for that I am eternally grateful. We did 1:1 sessions towards the end of my second pregnancy. She helped me process a previous difficult experience and we worked on relaxation and grounding techniques. I used most of it when the time came and achieved a natural “relaxing” labour that I am very proud off! More...


Zoe Davis

13 November 2018

Rebecca is utterly amazing. She has helped me through such a tough time in my life. I cannot recommend her enough. Xx


Catherine Louise Dangerfield

21 August 2018

Just completed my Reiki 1 with Becca, & Sue. Relaxing, & good fun, in a Reiki sort of way. Becca's treatments are excellent. So glad Becca opened my mind & experience to Reiki self healing. ��� More...


Marie Davies

21 August 2018

Becca is superb at making you see through areas of difficulty and helping you rebalance your life. She's friendly, confident, professional and has great healing hands! If you haven't tried her services, you really should. More...


Robyn Sayers

21 August 2018

Had the most relaxing and wonderful weekend at the balance retreat - cannot thank Becca enough for her hospitality and the effort she put into making the weekend so great. X


Sue Clarke

21 August 2018

Having been in a very dark place in my life , a friend of mine suggested that maybe Reiki would help and gave me the name of Becca . Like anything new there is always a feeling of apprehension . There was no need .... Becca was the most welcoming person and immediately made you feel comfortable and calm . Now a few months on I'm feeling all the benefits that reiki provides . I would recommend anyone to try it out with this lovely lady . More...


Rebecca Powis-Jones

21 August 2018

Becca is one of the warmest and kindest humans I've ever met. She has a unique ability to make you feel very comfortable during treatment right from the off. I have experienced her treatments myself and had many friends feedback how very happy they too have been following treatment with Becca. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her! More...


Katrina Filer

21 August 2018

Becca is absolutely brilliant at what she does and a particularly nice and caring person too. I don't claim to fully understand how it all works but can definitely speak for the results! I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Becca and she will make you feel totally at ease as soon as you meet her. More...


Sam Brooke

21 August 2018

What a lovely kind hearted woman Becca is...this was my first reiki experience and she put me completely at ease!!!! A truly enjoyable experience which I look forward to repeating in the not too distant future....I found it very insightful as well brought light to true facts!!!! Thank you keep the good work up!! X More...


Tamara Spurway

21 August 2018

Becca helped me understand parts of my mind and body that I'd ignored for a long time. Sounds deep doesn't it? but it wasn't! It was refreshing and thought provoking. She helped me look at things differently whilst helping me switch off for 20mins while I lay peacefully. I've already block booked more sessions. I think Becca will help me become calmer and realise I'm actually on the right path. Whether you're happy or sad Becca can help yo find the positive or just give you an hour to vent!! More...


Liz Stout

21 August 2018

Becca is a wonderful, warm, welcoming and friendly person. She is extremely knowledgable and so helpful whilst always being so easy to talk to.
She has helped me a lot with my step children and my struggles after I had my own children.
I can’t recommend her enough!


Joanne Abraham

21 August 2018

Becca is a warm, gentle, totally approachable and immensely gifted woman. Our paths crossed last year and through her guidance, listening and reiki sessions she has helped me remember 'me' and has given me tools on how to focus on my important stuff and not stress about the rest. I can not recommend her highly enough and I whole heartedly believe that everyone needs a bit of 'Becca' in their lives. X More...

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I absolutely love what I do, every client is different and needs a different approach and because I have been a coach for a long time I have lots of skills, tips and tricks that I love to share with my clients.
My favourite part is watching someone who was maybe stuck or struggling discover what they actually have inside them and see that flourish!

What the hell do I do next? It was a question I asked myself a hundred times a day once I had made the decision to leave my marriage.

Many things flashed before my mind - child, money, work, ME.

I had great family and some good friends but I was still very lost and emotional, yet in possibly one of the worst times of my life I needed to make life changing decisions about my future.

It wasn’t easy. In fact at times it was almost unbearable, Police were involved, solicitors, mediators, the works. It was heart breaking, and complicated and I felt like I was poking around in the dark a lot of the time, but I came out the other side still in one piece, feeling positive and strengthened by what I had been through with the help of a coach.

It wasn't just during the divorce that I needed a coach...I mean what did the life of a single lady look like? I had a toddler, a house and a business and again I was lost, whilst stronger and more resilient than ever before I wanted a new chapter to start and working with my Coach my life changed.

I am an NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and have a diploma in counselling. From 2006 I grew a coaching and healing business based in Bristol and then decided to niche into Divorce Coaching as there wasn’t anything like that available in my area.

And here I am.

I am honest, calm and experienced, I have a genuine love for people and really want my clients to find the best in themselves. I provide a warm comfortable and private space for you to rediscover who you are again.