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We offer the following marketing services

We offer a range of fixed price websites packages suitable for all budgets, or we can develop a ‘tailor-made’ solution for those requiring specific bespoke functionality.

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8 April 2020

Very helpful clear and straightforward advice, good support on a one to one basis.
I am not going ahead at present due to the unusual economic climate, but will put them on file for future reference.

Thank you George - Very good to hear that. We look forward to catching-up in better times - All the best - John

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All of our websites are responsive, so they will look great on mobile devices. This is now essential in a world where many different devices are used to access the internet. An easy and enjoyable experience for visitors, with good navigation and great and relevant content for the search engines is also a must.

Vital questions we would ask are:
1) Do you want to manage the website yourself, or did you want us to manage the website?
2) Do you have your brand already designed (logo and colour scheme)?
3) Do you want to take credit cards or create a transactional e-commerce website?
4) Do you have an idea fo the budget for the project?
5) What is your timescale for the project?
6) How many of the services we offer do you think your would need?
7) What are you wanting to achieve with the project - end result?

For website design the process we would implement would be set in motion once we have answers to the six basic questions about the project we would put into action the following process:

1) We would, usually, meet with a potential client first, or have a chat on the phone about the project, and follow this up in writing via email.
2) We would then issue an online proposal which would have all the details we had discussed and costings for the project laid out.
3) This online proposal would be able to be digitally signed to commence the process.
4) Once signed it would trigger the invoice for payment and, once paid, the job would be booked into our schedule and a date would be set for the start of the project.
5) An email is then generated with a link to an online content gathering system which would allow the client to input all their content for the project.
6) Once we have all the content we would present a home page design for approval before moving on to the rest of the website.

There would be different criteria and process for managing social media and video etc and but the process would always start with a conversation.

The Text for every page.
The images for the website - We can provide imagery for a small fee, if necessary.

Meeting new people and helping them achieve their business goals.

Wanting to live in a beautiful part of the country.

Offering a quality service in addition to a genuine personal touch is incredibly important to us. We not only like to get to know our clients’ businesses but also want to understand the personalities behind the business. Feedback from clients has often been that not only do we really ‘get’ their business but we are approachable and don’t blind people with science. We like to think (and it has been said) that we become part of our client’s team.

It is important to us to offer value for money, and that means high standards at sensible prices. An honest, practical approach has served us well and we will continue to offer a great service without compromise. You can have peace of mind that we are a reliable and steady company with the experience, skills and knowledge to take your project forward.