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Elaine Tuite

4 April 2019

Jason is one in a million, he knows his stuff. Iv been going to him nearly 2 years. Really f****ing pushes you to your max but knows your limits. Has a laugh with you while your busting your balls in a pool of sweat hands down the best More...


John Gorman

4 April 2019

Highly recommended! I seen amazing results from the personal trainer. Very reasonable price and has very good knowledge for training and dietary advice.


Carmel Dunne

4 April 2019

Fantastic trainer! I've been training with Jason for 18 months and have seen a huge improvement in my strength and fitness. I had Jason to thank when I reached the summit of Kilimanjaro with ease. He went above and beyond with my training for that adventure. Workouts are always challenging and always great fun! More...


Sophie Williams

4 April 2019

Jason is life changing for your physical and just as importantly, your mental health. Every session is new and challenging and my body is becoming what I've always wanted. I couldn't recommend Jason enough to anyone in any stage of their fitness/nutritional journey. More...


Carmel McCormack

4 April 2019

I been going to Jason since August 2018, he is amazing on how he gets you to work out to the max without realizing it.. even on days that I tire or stressed out , he still can get the best out of me.. No 2 days are ever repeated which is what I need as I get bore too easily or give up if I can’t I now at my strongest and fitness levels are high which I never got before. He even supports me on days I not in the gym. Personal Trainer is what he really is compare to others, as he gives you the full attention More...


Miriam Kavanagh

4 September 2018

Personal trainer with a difference! Jason will make you feel like you can do anything during his workouts. He is approachable and friendly and knows intuitively how to get the best out of you. I actually enjoy my time in the gym with him & I never thought I'd EVER say that! More...


laura duffy

4 September 2017

I have been training with Jason for over two years and can highly recommend him. He is very motivational and always provides brilliant information on nutrition as well as excellent training plans.


Paul Cooke

4 September 2017

Did a 12 week program with Jason. Found his knowledge of exercises and routines fantastic. He was always quick to reply to any questions and make sure I understood what I was to do as well as perfecting my technique. Would highly recommend him to anyone. More...


Carol Heaney

4 September 2017

Jason is very good at what he does. Excellent on nutrition and diet and has great knowledge on it. Helped me to improve my fitness level and strength too. Highly recommend Jason as a personal trainer friendly and chilled out guy ☺️ More...