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Harwood Road, Stockport

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Harwood Road, Stockport



Re-activ8 is Manchester’s leading Corrective & High-Performance Holistic Health Practice, owned and operated by Katie De-Mouilpied, Olympic Master Trainer at the 2008 Beijing games.
I base my exercise programmes on the training and teachings of the world-renowned C.


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Clare Bullock

3 April 2019

Katie has helped improve my back slowly, after a car accident left me struggling with pain every day. Without her weekly appointment I would have continuous pain that would prevent me from getting on with daily activities. She's great at what she does and I highly recommend you try it instead of Physiotherapy More...


Richard Brindley

3 January 2019

5star service that I would recommend to anyone with an injury or recurring problem. Katie was great with my shoulder injury and through a combination of her initial assessment, targeted massage and being taught some specific stretches that I could do quickly at home my problem went away after a small number of sessions. This experience differs considerably from another physio in didsbury which made my problem at the time worse and was very much focused on paid treatment and getting me to come back again and again. The key thing I found with Katie was she explained and justified everything and has given me the tools to solve as much as I can myself and hopefully not need paid treatment again which is very admirable. More...


Karl Hofton

2 June 2018

Katie is an outstanding therapist. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

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I design personal programmes designed to put you back in control of your life; enabling you to restore balance and have more time, energy, money, intimacy, and fun.
My holistic approach ensures optimal health is achieved from within.
Many clients come to Re-activ8 having been failed by conventional medical practices.
During our sessions, you will clear away physical and emotional clutter, define your priorities, set goals, and begin to take the steps required to reach them.

Optimal health and vitality begins with these six foundational principles;

Thoughts. Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies
Breathing. Focusing your attention on deep healthy breathing reduces stress
Hydration. For optimal health drink .033 L of water for every kg of your body weight daily
Nutrition. Eat high-quality organic food that is right for your biochemical individuality
Sleep. Getting to bed before 10.30pm every night will promote optimal health
Exercise and movement. Exercise regularly and include energy building exercises for vitality

I pride myself on helping others take control of their lives both mentally and physically, and have helped many people get up and running on the road to personal fitness.
As a C.H.E.K Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Sports Therapist and NLP Practitioner, I adopt a multi faceted approach to assist my clients in achieving their goals and realising their true potential. I place emphasis on achieving whole system, integrated health. I like to combine knowledge, experience and creativity to educate, motivate and rehabilitate my clients whilst ensuring their training is both effective and enjoyable.

Re-activ8 grew out of my lifelong passion for sport.

I have participated in sport at a high level from an early age; representing England in Track & Field Athletics, and playing football for Manchester United Ladies and then Manchester City Ladies before succumbing to injury in 2003. I still play football at a less competitive level in The Greater Manchester Women’s Football League.

With my experience, I can help you make healthy, realistic, sustainable lifestyle choices without the fads, quick fixes and gimmicks - to help you improve your health for now, and for the long-term.