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Monterey Park, California, Los Angeles

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RC Marketing

Monterey Park, California, Los Angeles


We are a digital marketing & media agency.We are committed to meeting your company’s needs.
The people of the industry expect advances and initiatives in the field of graphic design, digital marketing and branding. You may be wondering, how will these changes affect my small business or entrepreneurship?



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Content: It is important to note that the content of a website must be easy to find.

Appearance: The idea is that visitors return constantly to the site and stay at a certain time, however this will not happen if the website is displayed unattended or not physically attracted to continue exploring it.

Functionality: that the website works properly as well as for a person with average capacity and experience, as for someone with advanced knowledge.

Structure: that the website has a logical flow, with a header, followed by a navigation bar, then the content with the aforementioned lateral navigation and finally a footer.

1- Do you have an idea about your Marketing or Advertising project?
2- What do you want to win with that idea?
3- Can you describe your idea?
4- What is your vision of this project ...?

- Preparation: It would be the collection of information to define the project and the use of acquired knowledge.
- Incubation: Where all ideas circulate.
- Lighting: The best design for the project is found.
- Verification: Once the creative act is finished, the idea is elaborated taking into account the objectivity and realism of it. It is elaborated and applied.

the idea
the plan
the materials
the decision

- see how ideas become art ...
- work with people ...

I feel that I have the skills to learn from others and teach my art ...

for my career and experience ... I have specialized in Wix technology, Google and Facebook, to be able to provide you all high quality jobs and to collaborate with the economic growth of your profits.


Thousands of templates for all types of companies ... Apps for restaurant orders, reservations, appointments, etc.

SMS - Email Marketing - Social Networks - Content - SEO

Logos - Cover - Brochure - Flyer - Business Stationery - Advertising Campaigns - Banners - MOPI - Print Advertising & Online, among other services