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Ravensmoor Healthcare and Tarot


2 hires on Bark


Ravensmoor Healthcare is a family run team that is delighted to provide high quality holistic therapies and treatments from a fully qualified therapist.
There are too many unqualified, unprofessional and ill equipped people offering a poor standard of holistic healthcare.


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8 June 2018

From the moment I arrived I felt relaxed. The welcome made me feel special and Emma is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. After the treatment, the aches and muscle tightness had completely gone. I felt like a new woman and now use Ravensmoor frequently. More...

21 January 2017

I had crystal Reiki therapy with Emma and wasn't expecting a great deal to happen as I had been to other therapist's before to no affect, I came away with a friend. Emma made me feel really relaxed and my hip pain felt better with the treatment than all the pain killers i had been taking for years. Would recommend Emma to anyone and i will be having more treatments. More...

19 December 2016

I had crystal reiki and although slightly sceptical when I went in I am a regular client. The therapist was considerate, unhurried and genuinely cares about people. The treatment itself was relaxing and helped me enormously. Would recommend to anyone. More...

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I love the fact that I can make a real difference in peoples lives. Freeing them from pain, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, relieving people from problems they have sometimes suffered from all their lives without realising there was a cure.

I was inspired to start Ravensmoor Healthcare when I realised it was the best way to create a business to really give people the care that could transform the quality of their life.
This is a great treatment for people who wish to address many different problems such as aches and pains, work or personal stress and depression in a natural way, without the use of drugs and possible side effects, but also it works equally as well as a complimentary therapy for people from all ages and walks of life.

* Experienced and fully qualified therapist.
* I always provide a personalised treatment plan for each individual person.
* I can care for each person I treat in an empathetic, but professional way, meeting their needs.
* Competitive rates for treatment packages.



Reiki Distant Healing Can't find anything to help? Pain or stress getting you down? You keep taking the tablets, or struggling through but don't know how to keep going? Distance Reiki can help you. Ravensmoor Healthcare offers low priced distant healing which can work just as well as traditional hands-on healing. In fact some people prefer it. Distant healing sessions are also a beautiful gift to give to someone who is abroad and feeling stressed or out of sorts. Discounts available for regular treatments. Reiki Healing Back pain? Stress at home or work? Pulled muscles to mental health. All these difficulties that are thrown in our path can be swept away fully, or at least to a manageable degree with the help of Reiki. An ancient healing technique, using energy that flows freely through us and the world can become blocked or stagnate. Reiki uses this energy to heal and balance the body which in turn heals our body, mind and emotional well being. Prices are charged per hour. Reiki training Full and comprehensive training in traditional Usui Reiki. Level 1, 2 and 3 which is master/teacher level. With full support and back up throughout your modular training which is at your own pace. Not fast tracked into a two day course, or a pdf sent to your PC and you're left on your own. Full support and guidance all the way through. This is priced for each level Reiki Attunement. Full Reiki attunement. Either hands on in my therapy rooms in the beautiful village of Rangemore in the middle of the national forest. Or personal distant attunement with a follow up call after the attunement. You must prove you have been taught by a reputable teacher but been unable for whatever reason to have received an attunement. With both you receive a certificate and lineage right back to Mikao Usui.

Ravensmoor Tarot is a new addition to Ravensmoor. Tarot is not just "fortune telling" or "seeing the future", it is taking control of your path. Seeing clearly what influences the thought processes that govern you, that cause you to take the paths you take the decisions you make. Helping you decide your own road map. Helping to show where these paths lead, advising a change in direction if necessary. Giving you insight, advice and control.