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Random Harvest Market and Community Space

Copake Lake


Random Harvest Market and Community Space

Copake Lake


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Andrea N George Gonzalez

3 October 2019

I can’t thank and acknowledge the staff at Random Harvest enough for their honesty!! My husband and I left something very valuable to us in the store and it was returned from our guardian angel!! Thank you ANON for your honesty!! #believeinangels More...


Valerie Maddocks

13 May 2019

Great people, awesome food selection, essential oil products, pottery and candles. Lovely atmosphere for coffee and company, and wifi included!!


Suzanne Levesque

5 May 2019

We love having our products there. They are great people to work with. They did a fabulous job with the space! Great atmosphere! Plus we sell a lot of meals to go from that location. More...


Erica Nance

7 April 2019

Kale paneer. Life changing. Thank you.


Ed F.

30 March 2019

This is a wonderful large soothing structure with a porch and a parking lot about halfway between the very cool Hudson New York and Great Barrington Massachusetts on Rt.23. Perhaps arund 8 miles or so from each. A quick and worthwhile little trip. I wish it opened earlier than 11 am but with that little critiique out of the way let me encourage you to visit for the local produce, creative prepared dishes, gift items. There is good coffee and Wifi but no espresso. They don't seem to mind if you linger with your iPad or newspaper. I've had their tasty turkey meatballs mixed with a local made cheese. They told me to heat it but I wanted to savor those cheese chunks so I disobyed and was rewarded with bursts of flavor. You can heat items at the provided microwave counter. This place has great local produce (meat, cheese, sausage and more) exuberance of the young female owners and a great atmosphere. More...


Kim Mack Formichella

23 March 2019

I can't say enough about Random Harvest! The idea is fabulous!! I love purchasing local produce that is in season. And, the Chef does a phenomenal job at preparing super delicious meals, from the soups to the chicken meatballs with kelp noodles, oh and the curried kale and paneer, YUM!! Such unique items and everything is so, so, so good!! I only wish I lived closer ;o( Can't wait to get back!!! More...


Andtew A.

10 March 2019

Our reborn and newest eatery.  We love having it nearby and salivate whenever we drive past.


Cathy Winter

12 January 2019

Good food to eat there, good food to bring home, and a beautiful, relaxing space to shop or to hang out with a meal, a hot drink and some friends.


Toby Butterfield

1 January 2019

Great designs and quality produce.