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Ranch Hand Rescue Counseling Center

Argyle, Texas

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Ranch Hand Rescue Counseling Center

Argyle, Texas


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Julie Wilburn Stephens

13 September 2019

Amazing people doing amazing work ❤️


Tonya Hargrove Craddock

20 August 2019

I love how they save animals to save people! This place is full of big hearts!


Brenda David Johnson

23 July 2019

Our great Western kettle corn Co. Donated money five star place ranch hand rescue


Daniel Patton

9 July 2019

Great atmosphere, great people


Kerry Mays

27 June 2019

What an amazing organization! This place truly touches the lives of so many, from furry friends on four legs that have been rescued to those on two legs that seek to be rescued. It is a well run and maintained establishment that shares so much love! More...


Wendy Preissler Rivera

14 May 2019

If you ever wanted to donate to an organization- this is the organization you should donate too! Not only do they help animals surrendered by law enforcement, but they rehabilitate the animals to be either adopted out or trained to support the human support part of their program. They help people who have been sexually abused/ sex trafficking and veterans who suffer from PTSD- this place helps animals and the animals help the people. Great place with the nicest people and certified counselors - that are dedicated to helping both animals and people. We adopted Two fur babies from them- as the momma dog was a very special case of being thrown out of a moving car with 8 precious babies in her belly! Please donate to this business to keep their wonderful cause going- this is the type of organization that makes a difference to our local friends and families! More...


Michael Camp

28 January 2019

The people at Ranch Hands Rescue are amazing. They never stop trying to help the most vulnerable of us, and no matter how many they help, it's never enough.Real superheroes do exist.


William Louis Rodgers

13 January 2019

Good people in northern, Texas trying hard to make the world a better place.


Donnie J Neill

10 January 2019

A place to find a repurposed life !!!


Heather Harper

29 November 2018

Perfect place and loving staff!!!


Maria Elena Infantino

30 October 2018

This is the place to heal with love and the force of nature and fun loving animals that warm your heart!


Allison Sartin

31 August 2018

In a class of its own. Incomparable


Kris Duncan

14 August 2018

These folks are beyond amazing.


Scott Simpson

28 May 2018

Wonderful place to heal.


Taylor Edwards

28 May 2018

Such a peaceful place! I always feel safe and welcomed when I am here! Visiting with all the animals is always the highlight of the day!


Becky G

28 May 2018

Amazing counselors and the animals are all ADORABLE!


Sante Center for Healing

28 May 2018

It's been an honor to partner with Ranch Hand Rescue. Equine therapy and the services they provide have been an asset to the healing of our patients. Keep up the great work Ranch Hand Rescue! We look forward to many years of continued partnership. More...


Melissa Golden

28 May 2018

I had to go there for work, I'm in the Vet Field, the staff members are very nice and helpful and the animals are awesome! These guys need your help and donations are welcomed I'm sure! Chris is a great guy and this is a place that I would go back to just to help out and visit with the animals and the staff. They help people out in so many ways. More...


Ethel Strother

20 April 2018

Such a great organization! So blessed by their work and what they for for people and the animals!


James Winkler

31 March 2018

These are the most wonderfully caring people I have ever met. These animals are so loved even if only for a short time. I think everyone at ranch hand gets way more than they give when it comes to these animals. My heart and prayers are with you all. More...


Suzette Merket

20 October 2017

It’s a wonderful place of healing. All the animals have a story of abuse and/or neglect and are used in helping to heal people. It is beautiful, clean and a truly special place. More...


Robert Davenport

11 October 2017

Myself and my wife Cheryl visited the facility through HOG for Paws Ride last Saturday. What a awesome facility and staff and all they do family's and veterans. The staff gave us a facility tour of the Horse's Sheep, goats and many other abuse animals. What an fantastic facility. That not help abuse animals help abused people young and old no matter who, What a great program right here in Denton county... More...


Stephanie Jackson

17 September 2017

Love RHR and love that they help people and animals, Bob Williams is Amazing. Love the vision and will continue to send you money monthly!


Mary Buron

14 September 2017

I love this place! They need volunteers,donations, help in anyway u can. It takes an army but if your are passionate about this it can be done!!!!!!!!


Sherri Switras Bono

15 July 2017

Amazing Organization. Been supporting them for years. They help many kids. Donate. They deserve it!


Angel Halberg Morris

20 June 2017

Any person involved with animal rescue and folks that are challenged are tops in my book. I look forward to working on the November soiree!


Jen Down

28 May 2017

What a beautiful place! You can tell that much thought is put into the care of the critters here.


Kelli Kegg

16 May 2017

Accidentally when I was on the page before I hit the 1. Been trying to change it over and over. Hopefully this changes it.


Ben Barnett III

16 May 2017

I have had firsthand experience with RHR. Bob and his full staff of highly skilled counselors are feverishly devoted to the well being of the animals they rescue and the children and veterans they counsel. The program they have for this are like no other in their field. They have an amazing success rate of helping in what can seem like a hopeless situation. Keep up the good fight and hard work RHR! More...


Rita Alvarenga

12 May 2017

I enjoyed the experience and atmosphere. This is a place where you can receive counseling through caring for animals that has been abused or neglected. I enjoyed getting to know the animals there. I felt emotional because of their different stories and backgrounds. More...


Vanessa Lynn Bailey

4 March 2017

Ranch Hand Rescue is an awesome place where kids, families, veterans can get healing through counseling and by spending time with animals. As an LPC-I, I would love to be a part of the Ranch Hand Rescue Team! I love working with children and animals. I am currently an LPC-I at a private practice and have an LPC Supervisor. I would like to find a second placement to make a difference in children's lives through animal therapy and counseling. I also love that Ranch Hand Rescue, rescues animals and takes them to hospitals to get physical healing. Every animal is important and deserves a chance at having a great life. I have four dogs that provide comfort and healing daily. I would love to make a difference and be a part of the Ranch Hand Rescue Team! More...


Susan McCauley

16 December 2016

Absolutely one of the finest sanctuaries and helping organizations for humans and animals in the USA ...


Shellie Cobb

4 November 2016

At RHR, the "healing connection" begins the moment you look into the face of a rescued animal. Hope, strength & compassion immediately fill ones soul after learning of each animals unpleasant "life journey" prior to their arrival @ RHR. It is on the ranch where "people help the animals & the animals help the people" in their recovery. Life is short, make it count. Help yourself by helping others. Compassion is contagious. Start the "ripple effect" to make this world a little more peaceful. Reach out to others & help out whenever you can. Thanks Bob for allowing my family to help out! We are all more blessed in doing so. XOXO More...


Larry Bockman

4 November 2016

We have adopted and fostered several horses from RHR. I can tell you this.....NO ONE, I mean NO ONE cares more about abused animals than Bob Williams. I will never forget the night Bob brought a one-eyed horse named Jack to us. Bob arrived at 11:00 pm in terrible pain. He had just broken his color bone two hours before that. He unloaded Jack in the pen, took off the halter, hugged his neck and said "I love you Jack, you are safe now!" Bob and I stood their crying! More...


Brent Elmore

18 October 2016

I have heard from several of my friends that ranch hand rescue treated there horses as if they were actually people. I have the most respect for this organization that is based on love, not money. Thank you, guys!


Lindy James Fisher

8 October 2016

Ranch Hand Rescue is the most rewarding non-profit organizations I've had the pleasure serving with for the past seven years. These people are the real deal and 100% of your donations go directly to helping care for abused horses and other animals. RHR has created their niche by taking in children and veterans that have suffered from severe trauma. They have the best certified psychologist and counsellors who have played a vital role in helping these victims by "hands on" therapy with the horses who have been abused. There is an immediate connection between the horses and the victims that one can only describe as divine intervention. The staff at RHR works 24/7 to ensure that the animals are receiving the best medical care in the country. This organization is not frivolous by any means and at times works on minimal sources but yet provides the best care for the patient and animals. The work they do continues to grow as the need continues to grow for healing for the patients as well as the animals. They are truly following their passion to help make the world a better place. More...


Christi Barksdale-Fagerstone

29 September 2016

I have worked with RHR on a number of occasions, and we have adopted two of their horses. They are extremely diligent, caring and helpful. Totally trustworthy! A truly wonderful rescue group. More...


Bonnie Mansell Lacombe

27 May 2016

I love the time I get to do some volunteer work here.


Deb Cole

2 January 2016

Amazing group who will do all they can to help animals and folks~~~


Sally Pool

4 July 2015

Can't wait to see Miracle a month from now. Welcome to your new life sweet boy.


William Bono

29 May 2015

What a heavenly place. The love a care for the mistreated is unmatched anywhere. I have adopted 2 animals and can't wait to adopt more. The work Bob and Marty devote themselves to is just unimaginable to most. God bless and God speed. More...


Pam Egan

24 May 2015

Ranch Hand Rescue has saved horses that most would have given up on and the horses they saved have gone on to live long and happy lives and hrkp many people. The passion that is shown to these animals is beyond words! The people and children they help in their counseling program is just amazing. The Love and compassion for the animals and people, especially children is inspirational. My only wish is that more people knew about Ranch Hand Rescue and would donate to give them a better opportunity to do more to help these poor animals and the kids they serve. I love to donate monthly and have remembered RANCH Hand Rescue in my will. I love this organization! More...


Do Castellon

9 May 2015

Love this place.Love all of them they stole my heart, its a previous to take care of these amazing animals, every day again.


Melody Nance

30 April 2015

I Love this place. The counseling therapy is AWESOME. The whole RHR family is amazing. They truly love the animals and it's such a fun friendly place.


Lexi Busack

23 April 2015

I think what you all do at Ranch Hand Rescue is nothing short of miracles. I only wish I lived closer so that I could visit and see in person how much you change not just animals lives but humans too.


Lori DeSimon

19 March 2015

Amazing...Awesome.....Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have a job there =0)


Johnnie Yellock II

28 February 2015

What an awesome facility and powerful heartfelt initiative! Great things to come


Sheree Kiser

7 February 2015

I want to move to Texas and become a volunteer. This is a wonderful organization.


Eren Turner

3 November 2014

Such an incredible organization that does so much for hurting animals and people. They truly heal through love, care, and compassion.


Keyo Curry

20 June 2014

:) Angels helping furry friends


Lesley Aderholt

13 June 2014

Thank you.


Judith Foster-Guertin

10 June 2014



Kathy Gers Willis

10 June 2014

I think they are a peice of Heaven on Earth!


Katherine Piersol

10 June 2014

All I can say is BLESS YOU,an all who help in rescuing these Horses...it breaks my heart to know how ignorant,selfless,idiot's,these people are..sorry had to say.......BLESS YOU ALL More...


Tammy Wood

4 May 2014

I've fed the homeless, traveled across the world for missions and other charities but this is the best one close to home helping both animals and humanity. ~ Blessings ~


Kim Ward

21 April 2014

Ranch Hand Rescue is the most caring group of people, I have been involved with them for a few years now and have seen many amazing things with all of these animals. I would recommend this organization to anyone who wants to volunteer or make a donation, it would be time or money well spent to help the animals that everyone else gave up on. More...


Lula Smith-Manderscheid

19 April 2014

I am glad you guys are there for Spirit and the others.


Lee Macyna

18 April 2014

There are angels on this planet...Bob and crew..yep..they be angels.


David Bartlett

16 April 2014

This is an amazing organization and it deserves to be supported by everyone. They are doing stellar work that is one of a kind and revolutionary. Their cutting edge research has created never before seen advances in animal and human rehabilitation alike. I support them! More...


Sharron Benson

9 April 2014

Definitely a God-send.


Joe Donovan

5 April 2014

You guys are amazing! What you do is so kind and loving. It pleases God no doubt! Wish more people would follow your footsteps.


Steve Tryling

1 April 2014

So grateful for the work you do and the positive results we seen in our patients who attend equine therapy. God Bless.


Debi Saylor Eaves

30 January 2014

These folks are doing amazing things -- for animals AND people!!


Linda Rogers Woods

31 December 2013

Awesome people (especially Bob) with a big heart for the animals that most would turn a blind eye to. God bless them in the work they do.


Emma Cook

11 December 2013

AWESOME! They safe horses lifes! I LOVE horses! I hate to see them die!


Allison Mackey Watson

12 November 2013

Awesome organization. Love the kindness and love of these people!


Kate Arnold Slaughter

20 September 2013

Great people and great organization!


Ramona L Foxworth

8 September 2013

Hey are awesome !


Katie Moran Gustafson

24 August 2013

RHR restores my faith in humanity. I am blown away by the great lengths these amazing people go through to give these physically and emotionally hurting animals what they so greatly deserve. Thank you God for Ranch Hand Rescue!! More...

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