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- PC Repair
- Laptop Repair
- Laptop Screen Replacement
- Mac Repair
- Console Repair
- Netbook Repair
- Laptop Power Socket Replacement
- Technical Support
- Hardware Upgrades
- PC Health Check
- Virus Removal


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Lorraine Ann Wright

27 May 2019

They are very helpful and always friendly approach towards the customers.definitely recommend it.



10 August 2018

needed a new hard drive, got it back to me same day



17 January 2012

Broke the mains on my laptop. took it into this shop and i had it back working an hour later.


I like investigating problems and helping people. I've been fixing computers and other electronics for fifteen years and I have helped lots of people with lots of problems from stuff like removing viruses or changing power supplies to getting a factories computer controlled CNC lathe back online or travelling by speedboat to repair the PC that provided seafloor mapping information to the divers laying the power cables for the offshore wind farm.

I enjoy this kind of technical problem solving work and going solo has allowed my more time to spend with my daughter who also likes to fix (break) things.

I am friendly, hard working and dependable. I keep the customer informed of whats going on, what the chances of success are and what the cost will be throughout the process