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McKenzie Burney

29 May 2015

Ralph was an amazing trainer and in my opinion the best in the business. We sat down and set the goals I wanted to achieve on our first consultation and he gave me a personalized overview of what it would take to meet my goals in a timely matter. The workouts were challenging at first but he encouraged me along the way. I can see the results and definitely feel them as well. I recommend Ralph to anybody wanting to get in shape or just maintain the shape they are in, he is a wonderful trainer and a great motivator. More...


Maggie Moon

29 May 2015

I do group training with the girls I work with. Ralph is an excellent trainer. We have fun the whole time, but work hard, too. I have bad knees, and whenever an exercise comes up that wouldn't be good for me, he's able to alter it so I can still participate. More...


Gabe Sappenfield

29 May 2015

I workout with Ralph 3 times a week with some of my coworkers. I love working out with him! He always makes us feel comfortable while still pushing us to be the best we can be. I would strongly recommend Ralph to anyone looking for a personal trainer in Amarillo. More...


paula fate

29 May 2015

Ralph is a co-worker of mine and Ralph is great at what he does. He is always on top of things, not only with his clients but with the business that he provides to people. Clients always come into the gym motivated to work out with him. After every training session clients leave satisfied and I always here comments like "That was hard but it was fun." or "I have never had a workout like that!" I watched him train a group of cadets and every single one of them walked out with a "wow" expression and tone. He puts himself out there in a positive light and loves what he does. It makes him a better person and you can tell that he believes in that. It is safe to say that the sky is the limit for what he can continue to do! More...


Drew Belle Elsey

5 August 2014

I've been training with Ralph since February of this year, and my strength, endurance and confidence have greatly improved. I have lost several pounds and inches, and built muscle.

With Ralph, you go at your own pace, yet he is always pushing you to "overachieve." I highly recommend Ralph as a personal trainer in Amarillo, Texas.

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